Pentax K, Q, 645 lens roadmaps for 2013

Pentax updated their lens roadmaps for 2013. The K-mount roadmap now includes the recently announced 18-270mm f/3.5-5.6 and 560mm f/5.6. For 2013 the company plans to announce to following new lenses:
  • 12-28mm DA wide zoom lens
  • 24-38mm DA zoom limited lens
  • 120-380mm DA tele zoom lens
  • 18-85mm DA zoom lens
  • DA AF RC 1.4x teleconverter

The new Q-mount lens roadmap for 2013 includes:

  • Wide angle lens
  • Telephoto macro lens
  • Mount cap lens

The 2013 lens roadmap for Pentax 645 remains unchanged:

  • Wide zoom lens
  • Tele zoom lens
  • Standard zoom lens
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  • haha

    Good for nothing crap… even Sigma makes better lenses than Pentax nowadays

    • arn

      the typical comment from a guy who surely knows nothing about photography, maybe another geek who buy a d800-e to take picture of his cat and video game’s figurines.
      Have a brain dude ! It will change your life, for sure.

    • knap

      keep shooting your rebel.

    • porkchop

      I would have to say for the most part you are right, the optics in some of the Pentax glass would be better than Sigma. But Sigma is getting alot better. Pentax has a crap selection of lenses and Sigma hands down offers more than pentax does.

      • Michael

        Sigma has very good lenses, in term of selection and optics, but you better test your lenses well before buying it.

  • Mark

    They need to make a fast prime! A 75mm 2.0 would be huge for the portrait crowd. Contax had it right with the 80mm f2.

    • Mark

      I should say I meant for the 645D.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Pentax has always made some pretty fast medium format stuff. That is a standard lens on a 645.

        • Mark

          They have the 105mm 2.4 for the 67 which is devine. I just want an AF version for the 645. There is seriously nothing like the Zeiss 80mm 2.0 for Contax. Pentax could really make a move in the portrait crowed with a fast normal.

    • J

      But… but… they have a 77mm f1.8 Prime…

  • pooh

    The 24-38 is pretty weird.

    • heinz

      24-38 F2.8 would be great if not so big as 16-50/2.8.

    • I don’t think we know the actual focal lengths yet — on the map the bars ‘fade’ near the ends. My guess, range more like 20-40. Though I do have a cute little Pentax-M24-35/3.5 in my photo gear cabinet.

  • Guru

    Now this Limited is really weird; doesn’t make much sense on a apsc. Are we going FF?

  • Ron Hendriks

    For 645 the roadmap is different, but I didn’t got the time to find out why this changed:

    There was 645 A*600mm/f5.6 on special order on the previous roadmap.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Pentax is a dead brand.

    Why Pentaxians put up with Pentax is beyond me.

    Pentaxians are like battered women always hoping for change from Pentax that never comes. Instead, they are just given crap and expected to take it.

    That must be it, Pentaxians are from troubled homes!

    End the cycle! Stop the abuse!

    • New Low

      I do believe you have reached a new low here today.

    • Social Media Smart

      @What’s a Pentax?
      Yet another sap paid to sit in front of the computer to spew this nonsense. Be glad you are being paid, because if you weren’t, you need a life.

    • doru luchian

      The only person here who seem to be raped and abused is you!

    • Cynog

      Seems every time Pentax does something, this troll oozes out from under his rock. He must be worried about something to take the trouble to comment. Is he secretly jealous?

  • Where did you get those numbers for the APS-C lenses? They’re not on the ePhotozine page.

    • I think some people aren’t noticing that the bars on the roadmap fade near the edges and the actual ranges haven’t been finalized. My current forecast is 20-40 for the limited zoom, 12-30 on the wide zoom, 16-85 on the DA* extended range zoom, maybe 100-400 on the tele zoom.

      I’ll emphasize though that this is only my interpretation/best-guess. Claims like the one above look like someone else’s guess, and probably should have been noted as this rather than presented as fact. This isn’t the first time that Pentax has used approximate focal length ranges on their roadmaps.

      • Exactly! My interpretations are slightly different to yours, but it doesn’t matter cos Pentax are probably testing different versions and will decide on the ones that work best.

        Pentax have been doing the fuzzy lines for years, and the blog admin should’ve said that those values were guesses.

        • I seem to remember there was a publicized patent for a 12-35 zoom before — I imagine this to be an ancestor of the currently roadmapped DA wide zoom. The roadmap ‘bar’ rendering suggests it might not reach 35mm.

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