Sony RX1 sample images

Sony RX1, ISO 100, f/5.6, 2 sec.

Sony published more sample images taken with their new RX1 full frame compact camera ($2,798.00):

There is only one line of the Sony RX1 specifications that bothers me - the maximum shutter speed is "only" 1/2000 sec. The good news is that you can attach ND filters (49mm) to the Zeiss Sonnar 2/35 lens.

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  • Pity

    If they had made it with interchangeable lenses I’d consider it.

    • Samuel

      one step at a time

      • yea, somebody will buy it, smart people have time to wait.

        • MrGuyFawkes

          no…smart people don’t sit around and wait, they’re actually out taking photographs..

          • YUNOOOORX1

            +1 (with clap)

          • Ozbaz


          • +1

          • fjfjjj


          • preston

            Don’t be a dick. Obviously he’s implying that he can wait because he already has a camera to use. And if he doesn’t always need the newest and best then he’s not a gearhead. And photographers that aren’t gearheads actually go out and take photographs for fun.

        • jennykicks

          You must be new around here preston…this is Harold Ellis we’re talking….one of the biggest self proclaimed “PRO” and pixel peeper around here….judging by his previous posts on this site i doubted if he even has A camera..Ask around.

          • Camerageekslayer

            I concur. Harold Ellis is just a troll who has no idea what he’s talking about. Like Ken Rockwell with even less knowledge. I’ve been trying to shut him up for a while now over at Leica Runors where he spouts the most rediculous nonsense.

  • pooh

    While it’s “only” 1/2000s, the leaf shutter would sync at all speeds. Not a bad deal for me.

  • gullevek

    It is a leaf shutter, the X100 has similar restrictions, and only goes to 1/4000 on higher f-stops (f8 and up), wide open it can only do 1/500. Very normal.

    Perhaps it has a built in ND filter like the X100, that would be very awesome.

    • Zachery

      There is on built in ND filter (tear down has been done).

      But, on the bright side, it will sync at all speeds, and 1/2000th sync speed is AMAZING for flash photography.

      Assuming 35 (or in a stretch, 52mm equiv. crop) is what you want to shoot at, this is actually a rather affordable device for high speed sync flash photography (compared to, say, a medium format camera + lens with leaf shutter).

      And as mentioned, at least you can add a regular ND filter and it’s the same filter size as most NEX lenses which means there are decently priced options, in fact, I still have a 1 stopper from my NEX days…

      • nd filter decreases power of your flash as well.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Um… How many times do you think you will be using a flash and a ND filter at the same time???

          • preston

            Whenever I want to make a controlled light shot in bright daylight.

  • etr brony

    stunning… and the camera!

  • ssrdd

    What ever sony show us…PRICE must go down.

  • Zen-Tao

    I think that it’s a disproportionated camera. Big body with a big lens to fit in one’s hand. It isn’t the compact camera philosophy. Nex 5 is a wonnderful camera but when I see that freak camera that Hasselblad has given birth, I think that something has come up badly.

  • TittyFish

    Looks like a solid camera to me. With a RX1 in one pocket and an Olympus XA in the other, you got the best of both worlds at a weight that makes any dSLR look like the fat kid on the short bus.

  • R!

    It looks f….n nice!!!! I guess in 20 years we will have mediumformat reflex with 10 fps ,I can’t wait.lolz!!!!

  • Calibrator

    Yes, as paperweights.

  • preston

    Whhhaaaa???? I have no idea what you’re getting at. .

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