Olympus E-6 could be a m4/3 and 4/3 hybrid camera

Last month Olympus made an official statement that they are working on a new pro body for Four Thirds lenses that will replace the current E-5 (still priced at $1,699.00!). In a recent interview with ImagingResources, Haruo Ogawa (President Olympus Imaging Division) confirmed that the company is working on several different ideas for a E-5 successor, including a Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds hybrid body:

As we consider a successor for the E-5, we are not only chasing high image quality and high performance. We would also like to provide the benefits of a small body size. You may remember these policies were also a key part of the Four Thirds concept itself. We are considering several different ideas for a body that would accept Four Thirds lenses, but would also have on an acceptably compact size.

At this moment, we cannot say anything for sure, because there are many possibilities -- it could be Micro Four Thirds, or Four Thirds, or somehow a hybrid. We are currently studying several options, but we've not yet decided what form the camera should have.

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  • spam

    Four years after mFT was launched Olympus says: “At this moment, we cannot say anything for sure, because there are many possibilities”

    Inspires confidence among FT users?

    • spam filter

      You are aware that the Oly camera department was in danger of being shut down or sold to whomever in the recent months, are you?

  • David

    Given the investment deal between Sony and Olympus, I wonder if Sony will supply Olympus with an mFT 16MP+ sensor but enhanced with their on-sensor PDAF technology like that just introduced on the NEX-5R.

    Maybe incorporate a version of the hybrid VF like the Fuji X-Pro and you have the makings for a pro-level but still compact (still mFT instead of FT) camera that can do AF tracking at 5+ fps. Basically a suped-up OM-D.

  • Next month Oly officially announces E6, a FF camera. ^_^

    • Except… it’s “full frame for APS-C film” 😀

  • Hybrid

    What does “Hybrid” mean in this context..? Can someone explain this? I am not a 4/3rds user — and this post assumes we understand what these formats mean. I wish there was explanation, not just rumor dropping. For example:

    (Rumor) “Nikon might be developing a FF D600 the size of a D7000”
    (Explanation) “This would be ground breaking, because……..”


    “A hybrid body would be interesting/important BECAUSE………” ?

    • ke

      >“A hybrid body would be interesting/important BECAUSE………” ?

      Because it’s one camera supporting two mounts. Maybe like that Rioch that has interchangeable mounts/lenses/sensors.

  • Mech T.L.

    I cannot see any indication of such in the text. What really convey by Oly is no more than the fact that they are still much open to possibility, and that the said body is pretty much still on the drawing board. Its too much of a wishful thinking to see the phrase of indicating anything further …

  • goose

    a micro 4/3s with an attachable mirror box?

  • Photonut

    Make it not bigger (and heavier) than the current OM-D. And get rid of that stupid mirror box. And put that darn retro design to a rest!

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