Kodak discontinues T-Max P3200 film

Kodak announced that is discontinuing the Professional T-MAX P3200 film due to "low sales volume". In the past few months Kodak stopped producing digital cameras, sold its sensor businessincreased the price of film by 15%, and discontinued three slide films in an effort to reorganize its business.

Both Adorama and B&H currently have the T-MAX P3200 in stock.

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  • ISO3200 film in 35mm won’t be missed. Wish they made it for larger formats…

    • Troll Prozac

      I heard it has more unwanted noise than a Nickelback concert.

      Whatever that means.

  • zemil

    oh no! i better get a few bricks now. speak for yourself geno, i love it in 35mm.

  • j

    My heart just sank, my favorite film back in the day… use to push it a couple of stops and shoot at night with a fast 50mm. Grainy, moody, awesome.
    I also really liked Ektar 1000 for colour.

  • Ozbaz

    Ilford still make a very similar film ie rated at 3200 ASA in both 35mm and 120 format. Film clearly is not what it was but I still enjoy shooting film as a hobby. Lets hope Kodak finds a buyer for its film business who are sympathetic to film. I believe it is still profitable.

    • Sahaja

      Sad to see Kodak’s film business going / gone down the tubes, but perhaps this means a few more customers for the Ilford film. I hope there are still enough film customers for Ilford Harman and Fuji to keep producing films for a long time.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Wow… So many memories of working with this film… Pushed one stop for indoor sports and concerts, slapping wet negs in the enlarger to make the print deadline… Loading crappy plastic cartridges from a 30m bulk roll…

    I still use it for fun in my F3p with a 35/1.4Ai often

    I don’t miss film, but I’m gonna miss this film… T_T

  • fjfjjj

    Admin, don’t forget that Kodak is also exiting the inkjet business.

    • fjfjjj

      I just had to go to kodak.com and see what their current “pitch” is. Here’s what’s presented to me as a potential customer:

      – Wirelessly send pics to my Kodak printer
      – Printers will soon be discontinued
      – Support breast cancer awareness
      – Transfer your home movies

      Uh, how is this company planning to make money? Oh right, I forgot the 5th item, in the lower right corner of the page, with the small icon:

      – Reorder ink

      Kodak’s products will be missed. Kodak, the company we knew, is already gone.

    • Correct, I missed that one.

  • poizen

    Nit concerned at all since I shoot Ilford delta pro for my black and white, and for colour nothing but fuji! Kodak sucks anyway

  • Such a shame. I shot most pictures in Tokyo during 90’s with P3200 out of M3. Was great film.

  • Film lover

    One of my favorite films too. How sad to see it go…..

  • CHD

    ….and the ‘film ain’t dead’ crowd sticks their collective head deeper in the sand…

  • Mark

    Well while Kodak is ditching this Fuji is reintroducing their Neopan 400 due to renewed interetest. So the film is not dead crowd doesn’t worry too much because Ilford isn’t going anywhere anyway and nobody on this site seems to realize they make Delta 3200. And just as vinyl hasn’t died, I have no reason to think that darkroom printing will either. Film shooters have cooler cameras anyways. 🙂

    Oh, and the most highly paid wedding photographers in the country that I can think of shoot film and don’t think about whether the D800 is better than the 5D3 because it doesn’t fucking matter (even if you shoot digital).

    • CHD

      Thanks for taking the bait Mark:)

      Yes…I am well aware that you can still buy film…and you can still buy records too. What I mean by film is ‘dead’ is that it is no longer the mainstream medium. Your examples of vinyl is a good one, I see film mirroring that closely….it is replaced by another medium and eventually a bunch of young people who never lived with records think they’re cool and start buying them.

      I actually like vinyl and film….but technology is leaving them behind because for their few desirable traits they also have a lot of downsides which is why people are moving away from them…

      • Mark

        I don’t think anyone expects film to be what it was. At best I think it will remain a viable alternative for people who want to pay a little more and give a little more craft to their image making.

        Vinyl sits in a unique position as the only physical medium for music that I can justify owning. I will never buy another CD and I subscribe to spottily for all else, but when I like something, I buy the vinyl. It’s fun, and worth the cost and hassle. Like a good beer!

        I’m not worried about film. Color film maybe, but not B&W. And if worst comes to worst, I can deal, shoot digital and coat we plates. 🙂

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