Sigma to continue to produce DSLR and compact system cameras for photo enthusiasts

Sigma SD1 Merill

Sigma DP1 Merrill

Sigma DP1 Merrill

In a recent interview with AP, Sigma's CEO confirmed that they will continue to produce DSLR and compact system cameras for photo enthusiasts in the future:

We will support both the DSLR and CSC systems. The only condition is we will focus on photo enthusiasts - people who love photography and who take pictures seriously.

During the 2013 Photokina show Sigma confirmed in an interview that for now they have no plans for a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

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  • Pablo Ricasso

    If >>>>>>I<<<<<< were Sigma, I would produce the same camera in several mounts. I would make one in the old Olympus mount, the Canon FD mount, and the Minolta manual focus mount. Depending on the rate of success, I would consider doing the Yashica mount and the Konica mount. (Pentax has their old mount and the screw mount covered.) This would give them a scale of production that they will never get just making cameras that cater to their own mount and it would give them a shot in the arm for research and development of new sensors and technology. Possibly they could make a single camera that was able to be adapted to all the mounts mentioned and a few others. Being as the lenses for those mounts are out of production, there would be no possibility of new lenses defeating the operating system, so this would be a case of reverse engineering at it's best.

    • EnPassant

      A nice idea. Some would surely buy into that. Problem is Sigma use a crop sensor. It would really be a waste for the nice FD 14/2.8. And it is already now possible to use all of those lenses on NEX-cameras, with adapters also coming for Fujifilms X-cameras. Now, if it was combined with a Sigma camera using a full-frame Foveon sensor it would be a completely different pice of cake – if priced right!

  • MB

    2013 Photokina?

    • F200

      It’s a new event for next year, but it seems that PR got a hand on a pre-event interview… Good job!!!

    • LX

      There won’t be photokina in 2013. Photokina is held every two years.


  • beavis

    Is Adobe Lightroom support for Merrils such a big problem? I would really want to know, what they imagine under word “support”!

  • Sounds pointless – was Sigma not producing products for “photo enthusiasts” before?

    And I don’t believe for a minute that Sigma does not have EVIL camera in the works. Base work is already done with SD/DP, they will have one out soon (after they sell enough DP-1/2M). And in 2-3 years Sigma will announce Full Frame sensor. New lens mount. More lenses to sell…

    Marketing is hard at work…

    • no they are focused on rich moms who can be tricked into buying useless system for excessive price by retailer

  • Calibrator

    “The only condition is we will focus on photo enthusiasts – people who love photography and who take pictures seriously.”

    Marketing speak for: “Expect higher prices, folks, we are withdrawing from the low-price segment!”

    • No… I too see a proper difference between the mainstream digital camera user and what I call a “photo enthusiast”.

  • john

    The DP1 &2 Merrill are perhaps the best camera’s introduced this year. Including the awesome D800. They have tons of flaws, but when used right they astound in image quality for a price that is nothing but a steal. However Sigma, if u want to take the people who love photography seriously, then for the love of all that is sacred: Lightroom support please!!
    This should be a mayor priority.

    Furthur, kudo’s to Sigma. I hope they keep future camera’s simple as well no gimmicks, just sheer image quality please 🙂

    • Then non-Sigma cameras have major flaws compared to what Sigma cameras can do too.

      It’s better to think of different systems as having different abilities, instead.

  • Sigma is the ONLY product that continues to excite and differentiates itself from Sony crop of CMOS sensor APC-C cameras. However, I do agree with poster above about RAW support on Lightroom (and Aperture for me). As much as I like what I see in the images being produced by compact Merrils, I would really like for the files to be supported by more than just Sigma. Futureproofing RAW files with multiple manufacturer support is a good idea.

    • if it would be only raw support, but being stuck with sigma lenses and flashes would kill me even if the camera self would be any good.

      • well

        bet you take only cat photos

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