Rumor: GoPro Hero 3 due before the end of the year

GoPro is rumored to announce a new Hero 3 camera before the end of the year. The new model will be slimmer and will also have built-in WiFi. No other details are available at that point.

Action cameras became very popular in 2012 and we saw several new products from PolaroidSony and the recently announced Sakar (sold under Polaroid name):

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  • Camaman

    No thanks!
    I think I’ll wait for “Super Hero X” release…

  • John Mason

    GoPro Hero 3 is gonna have 4k video and I believe was said 12 Mega Pixel camera.

    • Thanks, do you have any other specs, price?

  • alex

    I really like their product, that’s good news. Hopefully they’ll keep the natural color tones.

  • Heard this one as well second hand from a stills photographer a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t buy into it at the time as we still haven’t had the cinestyle update and you’d think they’d milk that for a while before releasing this but maybe there is some truth too it. He wouldn’t have had anything to gain in making it up unfortunately didn’t know any specs

  • John Mason

    I don’t know price. Could ask. I can’t remember the mega pixels exactly but 4k video is what I was told for sure. Also heard how they doing the press release. That will be fun for the press. Don’t want to ruin that surprise for them.

    • They leaping out a helicopter for it and doing it into the go pro? before they land?

  • an onymous

    The audio quality on current GoPro is quite bad, there’s a high frequency notch which sounds like a chirping sound always present as a background noise modulating with the audio picked up indicating a very very low sampling frequency is in use.


    What the new Hero needs to concentrate on is improving image stabilisation and dynamic range.

    It would be great to see something like the Sony Balanced OIS:

    And also, ask your customers, they would much prefer you to concentrate on purely video than try and make it a camera/camcorder. Why use an 11mp when 1080p needs 2.1mp? Yes you can do some over sampling and digital image stabilisation but the improvement in image quality and dynamic range from using the same size sensor but with much bigger pixels easily out weighs this.

    120fps would be nice, better low light performance wouldn’t go amiss either but I would also really like to see is a much bigger/better battery. Most on the competitors seem to be able to do a similar job with a much small form-factor.


    There is zero chance of 4k video at 30fps on the new Hero.

    That is the same pixel throughput as 1080p at 120fps, its just not going to happen.

    It there is some kind of 4k video it would be a form of time lapse video at a few fps.

  • Robert

    I heard that the price is going to be arround 500 dollars in us, 500 euros in Europe.

  • Mo

    Any New Infos Folks??


  • Finger123

    $500 seems pretty steep. Has gopro ever had a model >$300?

  • PhotoGURU

    it’s out tomorrow.. wifi built in, better quality, and slimmer.

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