New Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera on sale for $140, refurbished for $120

You can now buy a brand spanking new Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera for $139.95 or a refurbished model for $119.95. The E-PL1 was announced in February , 2010 - it's not even 3 years old yet. The basic specifications are:

  • 12.3 MP high speed live MOS sensor
  • Max ISO of 3,200
  • Shutter speed: 60 - 1/2000 sec
  • 19 Automatic Scene-Select Modes
  • 2.7" 230k dots LCD display
  • HD video recording at 720p/30 fps
  • 6 art filters
  • 3 in-body image stabilization modes
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  • I love my bargain PENs. I got a body and kit lens back in January for $239 I think, then added another body in June. Also git some nice primes of course. I even used one of the cameras for a food shoot last week. It did well. The PEN cameras have put the fun back into shooting for me.

    • it is just P&S where you have to buy expensive lens to it. Price is about right, if it would be new model.
      There is no mirror, no big sensor, no expensive CPU or LCD. Cheap trash sold for much.

      • Camerageekslayer

        For once I agree with Harold but for different reasons. I actually used the camera and didnt just make weird assessments on the cost of the sensor. It is a crap camera for what it is that’s why they replaced it with the EP2… like…5 days after the first once was released.

        As far as the racism it’s what is known as a “joke” , people tell them to get a human reaction called a “laugh”. These jokes can be very inappropriate in nature, that’s what makes them funny. If you can’t tell the difference between a joke and serious racism then your part of the problem.

        As for Harold…I’m sick of trying to get you off the Rumor sites. I just have to accept you and your uninformed opinion for what it is. White Noise.

      • Camerageekslayer

        Oh just a quick reminder, don’t click on Harold’s name. It’s a phishing site. Part of the reason I think he says the things he does to get people to click on it. Mods won’t do anything about it.

      • it is not phishing site you noob, it is email

      • i am not chink red army basterd, but rather fat rich german basterd who shoot nikon and phase one

        and before you ask, i am not a nazi either, though my grandfather was electrician during a war, but still closer then being in red army

      • Markus

        Actually the EPL-1 is one, if not the best performing PEN as far as image quality. That is why the Lens Review website Lenstip using the EPL1 for all of their m43 lens tests. If you think $119 is a lot for such a camera I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Teddymuddy

    Is it just me or do micro 4/3rds and other mirrorless cameras don’t seem to hold their value as long as say entry level dslrs?

    • mythbuster

      entry level dslrs also become cheap trash after 2-3 years…

      • jec6613

        A used D40x goes for more than $140 though, and that’s from 2006, or a full 6 years old.

        • I thoguht about buying used D40x just to have dSLR for when I want to shoot things with zoom. Lack of zoom on Fuji X-Pro till later has driven thought. D40x still decent enough camera. Not bloody edge technology, but still usable. PL1 even new, so just as usable.

        • Michael

          D40X was more expensive than EPL1 when it was released too.

          • jec6613

            Even comparing it to the D40, which is still much older, and only available used, and had about the same starting MSRP, a good condition D40 fetches more than $140.

  • Camaman

    – it’s not even 3 years old yet

    🙂 That was funny.
    If only it wasn’t…

  • jorgen

    this is how m4/3 will win the sub-DSLR market. by spitting out bodies for less than 150 bucks. this is also the best way to sell lenses. now if only those rebates would apply in my country too….

    • Michael

      Older DSLR bodies sells for the same price too.

  • NycPete

    nice, cheap enough so you can just leave this camera in your glove compartment.

    • AAron

      you cannot because in few days it gets empty battery and is useless

  • Camerageekslayer

    I bought a brand new one a few months ago on eBay for 140 because I wanted to adapt my Leica Vario Elmarit 4/3 lens with it. Waste of money. Terrible camera, terrible IQ if you want to use it as a tool for quality photography. Good enough if you just want to shoot family reunions. It’s a good example of how far mid-range cameras have come in just a few short years. Compare the first PEN against the Xpro 1 and you would amazed, night and day.

    • it is not bad that it is bad camera, bad is that somebody actually buying those for prices higher then DSLR is.
      well but there are people who buy iphones, so, yea, no bright future for humanity

  • aekn

    You couldn’t PAY ME $140 to take an EPL-1. I had one of these and it was the worst camera I’ve ever owned, period, regardless of format. Usability and images were complete crap.

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