Firmware update for Lytro cameras unlocks manual controls, ND filter, AE lock


Lytro released a new firmware update that introduces shutter speed+ ISO manual controls, AE lock and ND filter to their light field camera:

  • Shutter Speed - By manually controlling the shutter speed, Lytro photographers can keep the shutter open longer to capture living pictures in dark conditions. The maximum shutter speed is 8 seconds and the minimum is 1/250 second.
  • ISO Sensitivity - Controlling ISO gives Lytro photographers more ways to take creative living pictures in a variety of lighting conditions, from low-light concerts and restaurants to brightly lit soccer fields and amusement parks. The ISO range is 80 (min) to 3200 (max).
  • Neutral Density (ND) Filter - When in full manual mode, Lytro photographers can turn on the ND Filter to adjust the amount of light captured in extremely bright settings.
  • Auto Exposure (AE) Lock - Lytro photographers can lock the auto exposure while changing the composition of a picture in a scene.

The company also announced new colors for the US market:

Some examples of using Lytro light field camera with manual controls:

Lytro cameras are now available on Amazon.

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  • AAron

    does anybody actually bought the camera?
    ND Filter on P&S with 1/250 shutter? PR Stunt at best.

    • Camaman

      Actually the ND filter is because of the slow shutter speed.
      Not intended for insect in flight photography…

    • I have seen three so far this year. Played with red one, a photographer had. Was pretty nice. Think technology has great potential

  • Ron

    I think this is a great start to seeing Lytro like technology moving towards the prosumer market.
    I personally enjoy like choosing the focus point on the camera and not worrying about it later… But there are those pictures where i missed the focus and Lytro technology would be awesome in DSLR’s.

    • Ronan

      It’s an excuse for bad photographer’s. For movies, i get it, but for stills? What a JOKE.

      • I do not think so, this is only next evolution form for focus technology. Many said same thing when autofocus came about in 83/84 time period. Now, everything has autofocus now. From street photography standpoint, I look forward to seeing this type of technology used, I can spend more time concentration on decisive moment and less time worrying about zone and hyper focus. (Of course, I could say that if my RF camera was firing 10fps.) Still, it is one more option to have. Any time photography offers a new option, it only can improve possibilities.

  • nycpete

    This Lytro is such a SHlT Product.

    give it some time and it will be replaced by an iPhone app.

    • Hans Walth

      yes sure 🙂

  • Paul

    When are they releasing a conventional form factor camera? Then I’ll be interested.

  • nik

    i would buy if it was a more serious cam.

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