Rumor: GoPro Hero 3 camera to be announced this week

According to the latest rumors, the new GoPro Hero 3 camera will be announced this week. As previously reported, the new model will be about half the size of the Hero 2 and will come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

GoPro recently announced a new iPhone app - I am pretty sure the new Hero 3 will be directly connectable to the iPhone.

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  • alex

    I’d love to see white balance and exposure control..

  • anon

    So, for once I may have something to add. Spoke with a high level rep last week who said he thought there were two cameras coming – the Hero 3 and another that was still an unknown quantity. He was speculating about the second camera, but seemed pretty certain. Have emailed him this week to get info about what he learned last Thursday at the rep orientation, but no reply yet.

    • anon again

      Oh, I will add that he was also pretty certain the newer cameras would have flat lenses. I don’t know how much this will diminish the fish-eye look of the video output, but I’m hoping for considerably less distortion. There MAY be an added capability to mount screw on lenses to a new housing. That’s something he said they have had tons of requests for…
      We’ll see soon!

    • Thanks, let me know if you hear something new.


    What the new Hero needs to concentrate on is improving image stabilisation and dynamic range.

    It would be great to see something like the Sony Balanced OIS:

    And also, ask your customers, they would much prefer you to concentrate on purely video than try and make it a camera/camcorder. Why use an 11mp when 1080p needs 2.1mp? Yes you can do some over sampling and digital image stabilisation but the improvement in image quality and dynamic range from using the same size sensor but with much bigger pixels easily out weighs this.

    120fps would be nice, better low light performance wouldn’t go amiss either but I would also really like to see is a much bigger/better battery. Most on the competitors seem to be able to do a similar job with a much small form-factor.


    • anon

      I don’t know about any of that, but I would suggest those specific ideals may make a camera like the gopro miss the target market as that would make a more expensive device, as well as possible more fragile and/or damage prone. These things are designed to provide good quality 1080P footage while being small, light, and comparatively cheap. They do that in spades. I’ve used gopros and contours, and the gopro (Hero and Hero 2) have both outperformed the Contour in virtually every setting. A flat lens and a housing that takes 37mm accessory lenses would be incredible – as would better audio capability (more reliable jack). The ability to add a little reach and add a polarizer would send me over the edge!! I’m planning to follow up with the rep at work…

    • Nate

      optical image stabilization on a 170 degree viewing angle is nearly useless.

      Dynamic Range is always appreciated, but you need better encoding/codec to really take advantage of that.

      11MP because some people use it to timelapse and that gives you ability to crop.

      • Loadwick

        What would you choose, far higher quality video but photos at 2-3mp or higher mp photos but smaller pixels resulting in poorer quality video?

  • So where are these rumours actually coming from? Making the Hero 3 smaller in size will mean new housings and everything too…

    • Ryan

      All you have to do is check out #GoPro on Twitter.. Obviously coming tonight.

      • Yes, I updated the post – they also had a timer on their website.

    • Obviously I cannot reveal my sources.

  • I hope it gets released soon, I’ve been holding off buying the Hero 2!!!

    I want it for christmas 🙂

  • Zack
  • Jesse

    It would be nice if GoPro offered a upgrade price for those of us that bought the 2 in the last six months.


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