The BIG 15mm f/4.5 shift lens for Micro Four Thirds may not see the light of day

The BIG 15mm f/4.5 shift lens for Micro Four Thirds that was announced at the 2012 Photokina show has been put on hold because the manufacturer found that the 15mm Voigtländer, which the lens is based on, didn’t work as expected.

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  • what

    ??? how hard is it to make an M -> u4/3 shift adapter?

    • Looks like they figured out how to build the adapter, if that prototype image means anything. I bet the problem was colour shifting towards the corners when the lens is shifted.

      • trial/error pretty much the way development is done today

  • scalesusa

    New Product Announcementss that are merely sketches that came to a designer in their dreams without any prototyping or testing define a company as to the seriousness of their business.

    • How can they take people seriously when some of those people who are interested can’t even find the image of the prototype on a webpage and go to bitch about the company now having built a prototype? But I’m sure the manufacturers who in the business of selling FourThirds gear are quite used to face-palming themselves thanks to the market.

    • Ronan

      Thank you for reinforcing the current world thinking of Americans being dumb…

      Hint: Prototype photos have been floating on the internet for quite some time.

  • Chris K.

    What happened to the Samyang tilt-shift lens? I thought they were going to push it at Photokina but I haven’t heard a word in months.

    • They did not announced a release date for the tilt-shift lens.

  • lqlqlq


  • Not sure if M lenses are suitable for shift in general given the short distance. Kipon shift adapter for Nikon lenses seems more practical, works well on my Sony Nex:

  • Sahaja

    Although it’s better to have the real thing, you can pretty well accomplish the effects of shift in PP – but not tilt

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