Can Kodak survive?

Yesterday Kodak published a press release announcing "continued performance improvement in segment profitability for the third quarter of 2012". The company was able to reduce their expenses by 24% ($63 million). The operating loss for Q3 was $37 million ($87 million improvement from the previous year). The company’s profit margin increased by 2%:

“Since our Chapter 11 filing in January, we have focused on the businesses that are core to our future strategic direction and exited businesses that were unprofitable,” said Antonio M. Perez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The actions we are taking in response to economic and market conditions are working and will position us to emerge in 2013 as a growing, profitable, sustainable company.”

Can Kodak survive just with a successful restructuring/bankruptcy and without any major innovation/new products? In addition to the limited consumer products (mainly film, printers, memory cards and batteries), Kodak also has B2B products and services.


During the PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York last week, the only new product from Kodak was a Professional Film app for iOS:

"This app brings together the answers to some of the most asked questions we receive about our films – 'Where can I buy it?' 'How should I shoot it?' 'Who can develop it?'" said Dennis Olbrich, General Manager, Film, Paper & Output Systems and Vice President, Consumer Business, Eastman Kodak Company. "We wanted to give photographers of all levels a resource, literally right at their fingertips, that helps them find film and recommendations about how to maximize each film's performance. In addition, this app also provides information where customers can find film development services, so that no matter where photographers are, they can find a lab that uses KODAK Chemicals and Paper to bring their photography to life."

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  • Sky

    I really hope Kodak will survive and won’t stop making films, as world without Kodak films would definitely be sadder one.

  • Honestly, I don’t care if Kodak goes all downhill at this point. They’re of no further interest to photographers anymore anyway, after selling off their digital camera and image sensor divisions as well as trying to sell their film business. They got themselves into the situation they’re in now through decades of mismanagement.

    It’s sad for all Kodak employees, but really, I couldn’t care less about Kodak’s fate.

    • Alex

      You just excluded all analog photographers.

      I too would really miss kodak film, I shoot both ways.

      • I doubt there is much love of film on internet these days. Sad, but true, not many photographers still feel film is relevant. It’s shame too that not many of us film shooters left. Down to final brick of Kodak IR film.

        • Sky

          Well, that’s mostly because people shooting primary film don’t waste much time on sites like this one, they rather sit on websites focused around the art of photography, not the gear.

          Shooters like efix, posting stuff on Instagram and making shoots of leafs, don’t even have a chance to understand a charm of the picture made on film and comprehend why Kodak would be relevant to anyone.

        • You must be new to the internet…

  • Still buying film made by Kodak. Love the black and white films! GO GO KODAK!

  • Hubertus Bigend

    What is Kodak, at this point in time, and why should we want Kodak to survive, if not just for its iconic name?

    Kodak, as things are, has already given up or sold, or is in the process of giving up or sell everything that used to be seriously contributing to photography, be it analog or digital.

    Film. (Announcement to sell film business was made in August.)
    Photographic paper and chemistry.
    Imaging sensors.
    Digital cameras.

    Now, what else is left? Hopefully, those who bought and buy the stuff will do something with it, but in this stage of Kodak’s sell-out process it’s clear that the days of Kodak as a brand are numbered.

  • MB

    What’s there to survive?
    I suspect there will be some good Chinese soul to buy the name that once was great company and sell lowest cost MP3 players branded Kodak … sad but inevitable at this point of time …

  • IshyVon Tinkenstein

    SUUURE no one shoots film anymore.

    bunch of maroons.

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