Zeiss lenses for mirrorless compact system cameras to start shipping in Spring

At the last day of PhotoPlus Expo in New York Zeiss showed mockups of their new lenses for mirrorless compact system cameras. Shipping is expected to start in Spring (previous reports indicated shipping in Summer) starting with the 2.8/12mm, 1.8/32mm and 2.8/50mm macro lenses for Sony NEX and Fujifilm X-Pro cameras. All new Zeiss mirrorless lenses will have autofocus.

Via Zeiss @Facebook

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  • mythbuster

    These are Zeiss lenses or Zeiss branded made in Japan Cosina lenses?

    • Get over it. The ‘Made in Japan’ Zeiss lenses are awesome and if you insisted on ‘Made in Germany’ you would be paying Leica prices. The lenses are top notch, who cares where they are made.

      • kururu

        (as user of 4 zeiss-cosina)

      • Torben

        No, you get over it jackass, some people still care where stuff are made. would you buy a Leica M made in china?, hell no.

        • Ronan

          Comparing China to Japan wow…. Did a little Chinese man take your job on the assembly line of school chairs? Are you MAD that he can do a better job for 1/4 the cost?

        • Clint Dunn

          Would you buy an Apple product made in China???

          • mythbuster

            Your ipad is made in China and it´s as good as it gets.

          • mythbuster

            … but ipads don´t have high quality lenses at all, just plastic all around..

          • Clint Dunn

            Myth I know my Ipad is made in China….that was my point:)

          • Troll Prozac

            HAHA Don’t worry I got it bro.

        • Lee

          Calm down dude, why you guys are always angry about others’ choice? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
          And watch your mouth!

    • bob_buttons

      Nothing wrong with made in Japan anyway. Have you been to Japan… They are all perfectionist over there… It’s nothing like the other SE asian countries.

      • mythbuster

        Ok, then I don´t see what´s the point of purchasing Japanese “Zeiss” lenses instead of Japanese Fuji lenses for XPro1 or XE1 cameras, paying a lot more for that Zeiss brand.

        • Per

          Because they offer an alternative. Wait until they are reviewed and then deside based on performance, price and your needs. Who cares about the brand?

        • Clint Dunn

          Mythbusters, why don’t you point me in the direction of the Fuji 12mm then….oh yeah, they don’t make one.

          • mythbuster

            They have a 14 mm f 2.8 instead and soon a 10-24 mm f 4.0 zoom and so I don´t see why to go fake (Cosina) Zeiss lenses paying so much…
            A question: Do you think made in Japan “Leica Elmarit” 45 mm f 2.8 lens for Panasonic cameras is a real Leica?

          • Clint Dunn

            14mm is nowhere the same as 12mm. The 10-24mm is an interesting option but being a zoom I doubt the quality will be as good the primes.

            I suppose by your reasoning the MacBook Pro I’m typing on is a ‘fake’ since it is designed in the USA and made in China……nuff said.

        • Adam

          Branding plays a part but not necessarily, lens making is not purely engineering, it has some art related to it and there’s a different image quality feel to it between a german (Zeiss, Leica) vs japanese (Nikkor, Zuiko, Fuji) designed lens, hence why you’ll see some people would prefer Zeiss or Leica lens over the others.

    • pooh

      Most likely (and for the cost, preferably) made in Japan, but as these are auto focus lenses, not necessarily made by Cosina.

      No idea what’s Zeiss up to on this part of the fleet.

    • Rover

      Made in Japan and still some people complain. You guys are insane. 🙂

    • Sahaja

      These Zeiss prime lenses will make both the NEX and X-PRO systems even more tempting than they already are.

      If you really want “Made in Germany” Zeiss lenses – some of the Zeiss cine prime lenses are made there – and you could have already bought them for your NEX.

  • BP2012

    I have no doubt about the quality of Zeiss lenses but they looks ridiculous on those tiny Nex cameras. There are a bunch of DSLRs which are more compact than that. Don’t know about the others but I don’t have a caddy to carry around my Zeiss optics.
    We need more top quality pancake primes for everyday usage.

    • Any lens looks big on a Nex. All it means is Sony has made a very compact body for people who like the smallest possible cameras.

      But I agree with the pancake part. We need more of them.

      • +2 for pancakes!! Besides pancakes are very yummy with syrup ^_^

        • Troll Prozac

          Damn it… I’m off to make some freakin’ pancakes now (seriously)

          • Troll Prozac

            I’m eating them now….

          • MJr

            Nice, i pictured Family Guy when reading that last one.

    • Adam

      Please specify “a bunch of DSLRs which are more compact than that”

      It’s pretty much the same size as the Zeiss 1.8/24mm E-Mount, nothing as large as DSLR lenses and it would explain why Zeiss chose to make it a f/2.8 instead a 1.8 or 1.4, cause the size and weight would be too heavy for a mirrorless ILC. Unless of course if they manage to magically create a new formula to make the lens small even with a 1.8/1.4 aperture.

    • Karol Wojdyna

      I do not have any doubt about Zeiss lenses quality either – I have two of those – one in my cellphone and the other in my computer desktop camera – they’re unbeatable!

  • Mark

    If that 32mm is as good as my Contax 45mm f2 I will be first in line to pay for it.

  • Karol Wojdyna

    So they finally figured how to put an AF motor in their bulky (both to size and the price as well) lenses? WOW, great.

    And now – Nikon, Canon and Pentax users of Zeiss branded Cosina MF lenses – pity on you!

    • Karol Wojdyna

      By the way – will there be any version to match the design of $6.000 NEX-7 by Hasselblad?

      • Stu

        It’ll have a focus barrel covered in unicorn foreskin.

        • shankardarren

          I applaud your comment !

        • Sahaja

          I’ll wait for the special edition with hand-tooled griffon labia leather.

  • I’m excited that Zeiss is finally into the mirrorless system especially Fuji. I have been using the Xpro1 for a while now and I can’t describe enough how much I love it.

    However, with their current “Focal Length Options”, I wonder if what they are releasing are a bit redundant since they overlap with the current “KIT” from Fuji, especially the 35mm. And as much as I am a perfectionist in lenses, I think the Fuji is as good as it gets with really an unbeatable price (as a kit).

    Why would zeiss release a 35/1.8 anyway. Please note that I am NOT trolling, I’m just wondering their intentions. They could’ve made it at least smaller (so that people will buy it for it’s size perhaps?), or they can make it faster (so people can go wild on bokeh), or they can make it macro?

    • Jon R

      I don’t think their intention is to necessarily coordinate with Fuji or Sony for covering different focal lengths in their respective systems. It’s not exactly like Olympus and Panasonic’s relationship in m4/3rds where they seem to be coordinating to a some extent their lens releases.

      There is a chance that the 32mm f1.8 might actually be better somehow optically than the Fuji 35mm f1.4. Though, most likely the 35mm f1.4 is the best bang for the buck lens. Still, it’s still better to have some additional choices especially for Sony Nex E-mount users. That 12mm f2.8 might be a good competitor against Fuji 14mm f2.8 if you need something a little bit wider and their prices are relatively closer.

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