DxOMark: Pentax K-5 II is currently the best APS-C camera

DxOMark published their test results for the Pentax K-5 II ($1,196.95) and the camera received the highest score in the APS-C category (including DSLR and mirrorless):

"With an overall score of 82 the Pentax K-5 II (and its predecessor the K-5) are at the same level as the likes of the Canon EOS 5D MKIII, which scored 81. At the time of writing, it is actually eleventh out of ALL current cameras, only trailing behind offerings from Phase One and Nikon, each costing many times as much.

The Pentax K-5 II is a remarkable piece of kit, it scores better in the DxO mark tests than several very highly thought of, full frame DSLRs, beating all the cameras made by Canon! It manages to do this in a body that is very reasonably priced."

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  • mythbuster

    I am waiting now your very clever comments, full-frame-maniacs!!!

    • Congratulations Pentaxians!
      (From a Nikon DX and FX shooter)

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      I am not a full frame maniac, but the D800e, D800, and D600 hold the top DXO spots, with scores of 96, 95, and 94 respectively. How’s that for clever?

      • mythbuster

        Over medium format cameras! Sensor size is no longer the Holy Grail of photography.

        • Trying to suggest that Nikon is now a Holy Grail of photography? LOL

        • j

          Seen comparison between MF and d800? At base iso the detail is insane with MF cameras, d800 is not even close.

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          Dxomark does not factor in resolution, and MF cameras are heavily penalised in the overall scores, because they don’t handle high isos very well at all. At 100 ISO, the gap is much smaller.

  • android

    what about the fuji x series cameras?

    • They have not tested the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 yet.

  • photoviking

    Very cool!

  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    Sony sensor I presume?

    • aurele

      indeed !

    • jake

      yeah but Sony is going bankrupt and Sony semiconductor is not Sony itself but it is a part of Sony group company.
      So, do not get confused , Sony does NOT make sensors but Sony semiconductor does make all of these.

  • Arn

    Very nice Pentax. And the K5-IIs should make a better score.

  • Great

    Excellent news. Now you can take perfect pictures using DxOMark numbers, while real photographers are taking real photographs with their “lesser” full frame cameras.

    • mythbuster

      “Real” photographers don´t care any more about their cameras are full frame or not.

  • Geoffrey Bassett

    I honestly think pentax makes the best APS-C bodies hands down. In body shake reduction is amazing, DNG out of the camera, great AF, and amazing crop lenses (their 50-135 is astounding) And the price of these new cams is incredibly competitive. However the lack of a full frame option turns me off of them, but with all the features, I’m still very tempted to switch.

    • jake

      you stupid sucker, really you are.

      Pentax is the worst of all.

    • You can’t be serious about “great AF”, can you? I was a Pentaxian for years, and I can say that Pentax glass is amazing, and the IQ from the K5 is second to none in the APS-C category. That said, as my hobby turned to a profession, Pentax AF was one of the most limiting things I could deal with. Horrible AF, not just bad AF. Second place in the suck-ness competition was the incredibly unreliable flash metering system, followed closely by the lack of tethered capture. Not a professional’s camera system, maybe a great camera for hobbyists, but that’s where it ends.

      • AF is for amatuers.. A true professional doesn’t complain about AF…kids without experience bitch about that. Nuff said

      • AF is for amatuers.. A true professional doesn’t complain about AF…kids without experience bitch about that. Nuff said

  • MythbusterIsAJackass

    Some boffin with a computer will not bend the laws of physics. Mythbuster is a low-level pr for micro four turds.

  • Stefan/Sweden

    It might be interesting for you to know that I´m working as a pro, sports, nature, cars and normal magazine works as portrait, arcitecture and so on. I have the privilege to choose between Pentax K5 system Nikon D4, D3s D3x and D800E as well as D300s system and Olympus OM-D E5. They´re all great. The best with the Pentaxes is the 60-250 mm lens. A K5v with a 60-250 can compete with a D4 and 200-400 nikkor in aspects of quality but not when it comes to focus speed. The Olympus OM-D E5 with Panasonic 7-14 is even better than the D4 with 14-28, except for largest aperture. It´s not a question about full frame or not any longer. It´s a question of size, transportability, flash-systems and lenses. Nikon still has 1,4 24/85 as well as 2,0 200 mm. Nikon is definitely the most complete system and the system with the best flash-system.
    Just for ypu to know, I´ve been working with Pentax cameras since Spotmatic Motor Drive, Olympuses since OM1 and Nikons since F5.

    • Bah

      I agree about the systems; most websites only propagate meaningless specs to lure the suckers.
      However, the worst 24×36 vomits on the best 12×18 or 18×24. On top of it, there is depth of field, which is good in some cases and bad in others.
      I wish I had a penny for every time DXO puts out their nonsense.

      • aurele

        it’s just a mesure of the sensor. For the rest of the photo work it’s all up to you, no matter the sensor type or size.

        • jake

          it is not even a proper measurent of these sensors , they are doing this to get more traffic to their silly web site.
          DXO is really doomed , I’ve used many Phase and Hassy cameras and I love them for their clean perfect IQO25 and ISO100 image quality but according to this silly bench mark , my H4D40 is worse than this cheap crappy Pentax K wahtever with a tiny sensor, I do know it is not true and I do my own sensor tests with different program than DXO analayzer.

          • Bah

            No! The Samsung compact with 0.03 mm sensor bests it by 0.004 %! You are doomed 🙂
            Aurele, I don’t know what to say. Learn? Naah too boring. So wake up mate.

          • aurele

            if you use a rebel with the green mode to take picture, then the D800 won’t help you to make better shots. Learning how to use what we have is far more efficient than buying new body every sunday morning !

          • aurele

            as DxO name it it’s an “Overall score” that include high iso score, which we all know isn’t where MF back shines, and that’s normal ! Who need 3200 iso in a studio ? no one !
            don’t take this kind of ranking at first degree, and btw i doesn’t says that MF back are less good than APS-C, it’s just say that APS-C sensor is more versatile, but not better in every aspet except high iso, thing you don’t care (you wouldn’t use MF back otherwise …).
            Every camera have an area where it shine, MF back are definition and Megapickles, whereas APS-C is more suited to every day use for the crowd.

  • NW

    Very impressive. Good job Pentax.
    BTW, the result from Fujifilm X-Pro 1/XE-1 is not out yet. This is also another stronge performer!

  • Falcon Wizard

    One thing to note is that the per pixel DXOMark results (screen setting) of the K-5II are essentially the same as the Nikon D800, which means the score difference (print setting) between the D800 and the K5II of 82 to 95 is due to resolution, as its normalized over an 8×12 print @300ppi. This is not surprising considering the D800 has the same pixel pitch. DxO ratings are certainly not be all and end all, but they can be useful when properly interpreted and considered in a specific context of a given photographer.

  • Simen1

    Any idea why better ISO and sligtly better color depth then the original K-5 doesent affect the total score?

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