New Sony Alpha products to be announced at the 2013 CES show

Ned Namura, President of Sony Hawaii (why is there a Sony Hawaii division anyway?) said in an interview with Hawaii News Now that Sony will announce new Alpha products during the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas (January 8-11, 2013):

"We're going to be making some major announcements at the upcoming Winter Consumer Electronics Show. We will be showing a lot of other technologies, not just the Bravia Television, but advancements with the Play Station, also in Sony Pictures, and also in the Alpha Series cameras."

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  • Any info on which cameras will be announced?

  • timon

    Why Sony do not append CD-AF in A-mount camera?

    The newest Sony E-mount cameras have the build-in sensor’s focusing mode both CD-AF and PD-AF.

    Well, people put question, why Sony do not append CD-AF on their A-mount camera?

    We want Sony put a turn switch on the A-mount camera. The mode-A —- PD-AF with the SLT manner working. but the mode-B —– can switch the translucent mirror to be locked up, and on-sensor method to perform the CD-AF and PD-AF.

    Some camera lovers did not want translucent mirror manner, and others who did not want an E-mount camera. Ok, a switchable AF mode’s A-mount camera to be better.

    Could someone who help to tell Sony?

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