Fuji X-Pro1 camera with a lens is now $600 off

As previously reported, the price of the Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera dropped by $300 today. You can save another $300 if you purchase the body with a 18mm or 35mm XF lens. The new pricing is already available on Amazon and B&H.


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  • Jer

    Can anybody who owns the X-Pro1 tell us if the new firmware update improved focusing on this system? Both AF and manual focusing. Hopefully it was a big enough improvement to make it comparable to Sony Nex and Olympus systems.

    • Yes, focusing was significantly improved with the last 2 firmware updates.

      • android

        still alot slower than its mirrorless competition

    • Yes, is much better. Not worry about speed because I shoot in MF most of time, but still well worth it.

    • Kevin

      probably not comparable to the olympus yet. having a smaller sensor does help though.

      if you’re that concerned about focus speed, don’t buy the x pro 1. AF is it’s weakness.

  • Aussie
  • john
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