Panasonic may be working on a high-end compact camera with fixed lens and Micro Four Thirds sensor

Panasonic Micro Four Thirds compact camera with fixed lens

In a recent interview with Quesabesde, Michiharu Uematsu from Panasonic indicated that the company might be working on a high-end compact camera with a fixed lens and a Micro Four Thirds sensor. With the latest success of the RX100 (and RX1), I will not be surprised if Panasonic (or Olympus) go that route. Both company already have some serious compact cameras (Panasonic LX7 and Olympus ZX-2) and adding m4/3 sensor seems to be the next logical step.

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  • lol Admin… when they show “our proposal is small sensor with high speed zoom lens” in red on their slide, why do you think they’ll come up with a FT sensor in a fixed lens camera? The slide says LX7 is a “small sensor high speed zoom” camera. RX100 has a smaller sensor than the FT/mFT sensors and they still refer to it as a “big sensor” compact. So they’re definitely not talking about mFT/FT sensors as the small sensor in the proposed camera here.

    Also note how they’re trying to justify why they don’t want to go for a big sensor camera (last line). Few lines before that they say battery life is an issue with these cameras and 10MP is enough for an A3 print… so I can guess what’s on the next slide.

  • mythbuster

    Fantastic! A Fuji X10 style camera with first class electronic viewfinder, articulated screen, M4/3 sensor and very fast 24-120 equivalent zoom lens. 99,9% of photographers don´t need more.

    • First, there’s no such thing as “M4/3″… it’s mFT. “M4/3” or “M4/3” suggests it’s somehow related to the M42 lens mount. Look at how it’s written all over the FT group’s website.

      Secondly, there’s no such thing as a mFT sensor. mFT is a mount specification, which is an extension of the FT standard. Again, read the definition on their website.

      Finally, it wouldn’t be called a mFT camera even if it does come out. As said, mFT is an interchangeable lens mount. So the correct way to refer to it would be “FourThirds fixed lens camera”.

      mythbuster busted.

      • mythbuster

        First: everybody can easily understand what I write, including you.
        Second: I´m not suggesting anything related to M42 mount: It´s only in your imagination.
        Third: I use this abbreviation because it is more precise than others that I can read everywhere, and is better than your “mFT”, that is not valid i.e. for Spanish or French languages.
        Fourth: Learn to read well: I didn´t say it would be a M4/3 camera, but it would have a M4/3 camera sensor.
        Fifth: Try better next time.

        • That’s the weakest set of arguments I’ve heard in a long while. Looks like I hit a nerve.

  • axelpix

    Completely wrong conclusion, admin. The slide definately says that panasonic will not bring a larger sensor compact.

    “Our proposal is small sensor with high speed zoom lens.”

    And they are perfectly right with this approach, in my opinion.

  • carlo

    why bother when the nokia 920 can do stuff like this-

    • Marvin8

      As much as your comment makes me chuckle, it’s hard to argue against it. 😀

  • Jim

    That picture tells you everything you need to know about Japanese industry. A 70 year old guy in a grey golf sweater. Producing PowerPoint presentations about competitors’ products. And drawing completely the wrong conclusion. It’s so sad.

  • bjrichus

    I read the slide three times and each time I came to the same conclusion: “So what?” The spec he was suggesting is 10MP with a half decent sensor is so 2007. What’s the deal with a BIG sensor? 16MP? So 2009, unless it is Full Frame 35mm, in which case it is very 2011. Just as we are about to go into 2013. Wonderful job Mister Uematsu. Give yourself a big bonus.

  • Ray

    Leica X3?

  • xc1427

    This is the camera long waited in ricoh GRD community.

  • You Are Going The Wrong Way!

    An ingredient in the success of the Sony models is the LARGE sensor. The RX100 has a 1″ sensor, the RX1 has a FullFrame sensor. A FullFrame sensor is four times the size of Micro 4/3. Olympus made some great cameras and lenses with the OM line. Ditch Panasonic and Micro 4/3 and get back to FullFrame Olympus!

  • Alan

    Interesting idea from Panasonic that we need fewer pixels for a larger A3 print than a smaller A4 one!

  • So it will be like a GF(n) with a 20/1.7 epoxied on?

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