Fujifilm press conference coverage, X100s and X20 prices revealed, new XF lens in April

Fuji X100s

Fujifilm-X100s announcement

Fuji X100s details

The Fuji X100s and X20 are now officially announced - here are some details from the CES press conference. The X100s will cost $1299.95, the X20 will be priced at $599.95. Both cameras will be available in late March. A new lens is planned for April (maybe the rumored Fujinon XF 15mm f/3.5 tilt-shift).

More slides after the break:

Fuji X100s details 2

Fujifilm new APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor

Fuji X100s new phase detection AF

Fuji X100s details 3

Fuji X100s details 4

Via C-net

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  • So what do y’all think? Image quality approaching the XPro 1?

    • Paddy

      Let’s see, but I suspect that it will exceed the X-Pro1’s IQ. The X100 already has/had extremely impressive image quality. I’ll be replacing my X100, as soon as this becomes available.

      • Jeffery Saddoris

        Looks like the only difference in the new X-Trans CMOSII sensor is the addition of a phase pixel layer to assist with AF. Doubtful that actual IQ will be any different at all from XPro1 or X-E1.

        • It’s a closed system with the lens and sensor optimised for each other. Chances are it’s better.

          • I can’t decide to go for this or wait for the X-Pro 2/1s and the 23mm. The flexibility of having a telephoto would be nice. If it had a tad of weather sealing, that would put me over the edge.

          • If there are two cameras that you can’t decide between, the chances are there’s something even better out there 🙂

          • Good point.
            You see, I don’t really need it as I have a proper DSLR. But I want something smaller and less obtrusive for vacation and street photography.

          • “smaller and less obtrusive” are all relative to the largest camera you own:

            For me, my 4×5″ large format is less obtrusive than my 8×10″s and I take it on vacations. Have done street photos with it too:

            So, if you think your camera is too big, get a bigger and better one and suddenly everything smaller becomes a lot more portable 🙂

          • And there I was thinking my D800 was overkill!

          • I also use a Sony Nex 5 or a full spectrum converted Nex 5R along with a few primes (16 2.8, 35 1.8 OSS, 50 1.8 OSS) for times when I’m with easily irritable company 🙂

  • Isn’t the 55-200 due in April?

  • Donji Hogfan

    Again black X100s only as special edition.

    • Clint

      Yeah…I’m pretty happy I didn’t have to pay for a ‘limited edition’ XPro1 to get it in black….what a money grab. Who do they think they are…Leica??

      • “Who do they think they are…Leica??”

        Yes, it’s very bad of Fuji to think their customers are as dumb

  • Jim

    Is there an aa filter oh thus Camera

    • CD

      Nope…just like there isn’t with the X-E1 and XPro1

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