Video demo of the new Fuji X100s Digital Split Image function

Last week PhotoRumors reported about the new Digital Split Image function on the Fuji X100s. Here is a short video demonstrating the new feature:

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  • popeyoni

    That is cool!

  • Cam

    Awesome feature!!!

  • Donji Hogfan

    Its a pity that it is not implemented in OVF.

    • ppin

      that would be called a rangefinder…I’m just saying

  • Antonio

    It would have been great but looking at this video we can realize it would transform OVF in a kind of EVF and you would loose the direct optical view of the scene. Now I hope Fujifilm brings focus peaking to X100 as it can be done via firmware update and only requires contrast focusing (Sony made that for NEX 5).

    • Peter

      It may require a faster processor, though.

  • stuntmonkey

    This looks like an updated version of the the electronic mode for the X100’s hybrid EVF. If it is, it’s very useful. Focus peaking makes this feature redundant on the rear display.

  • Clint

    Very cool concept…if it works well. I hope/pray that this is a change they can make to the XPro1 with a FW update.

    • I seriously doubt they will release a firmware update for the split focusing. I will have to wait for the X-Pro2.

  • kljjk

    it’s very cool but i’m wondering how the camera knows what you’re trying to focus on, i.e. the split image could be for something in the foreground or background when you’re trying to focus on something else?

    • Boggy

      I guess you can’t decide which part of the frame you want to focus on.

      I hope I’m wrong but I think you need to
      1. First focus on the center 2. Then compose your image.

      I would prefer to frame, then focus.

      What do you think guys ? Does that look helpful to you?

  • Wannabeleica

    You could buy old film camera with this “feature” for 10$. Btw this reminds me of the pure electric cars which have v8 engine sound on speakers inside the car.

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