More Fuji X100s and X20 details and specs *UPDATED*

Digicame-info published the first leaked images of the Fujifilm X100s and X20 camera. As I reported yesterday, the camera will be available also in silver (similar to the X100). In the mean time, I received some more details on the two new Fuji cameras:

  • Similar to the X20 and its predecessor, the X100 and X100s will be identical on the outside.
  • The X100s will have a new function called Digital Split Image function (used to improve focusing).
  • The X100s will have the new 0.5 in, 2,360,000 dots OLED viewfinder (same as inside the X-E1), the X100 had a 0.47 in, 1,440,000 dots EVF.
  • Both X100s and X20 will have focus peaking
  • Both X100s and X20 will have hybrid AF (contrast and phase detection AF)!
  • Both new models will have improved/faster AF.
  • The X20 is now also getting a new X-Trans sensors.

Here are also two images of the new compact camera from Fujifilm:



and the Fuji X20 in black:


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  • xjxjxjxjxj

    finally, there´s MY small camera: X20 in silver/black. right on, Fuji!

  • Nishi Drew

    hmm, that S… the only thing that separates this from the older one is a letter blatantly slapped on the front…
    The X100 is spot on with design, nothing needs to be changed the way it looks, just upgrading it’s capabilities is enough, but if this is real, couldn’t they have been more creative?

    • V. Roma

      Seriously? So, better sensor, better AF, and better EVF is not really enough of a difference for you??

      • MJr

        He did say it’s enough.

        And sure they could have been more creative, just look at the X-Pro1, X-E1, X10, and original X100, i’d say that’s plenty proof they’re creative. But at this point there are higher pending priorities and i’m glad that’s exactly what they’ve been working on !

    • Karen G.

      Something will be better, but style is gone.

      • Karen G.

        Sorry, I thought this is X100 images.

  • What about mic input for X100s? Any indication? Manual video control, perhaps? If so, filmmakers will buy lots of them.

    • I did not get any info on the manual video settings. I guess it will not be introduced this time around.

      • Renato S.

        I’m waiting for the day that Fuji can focus a little bit on video, it can produce a very sharp and with very good DR and ISO performance. If the codec could be acceptable like the Sony AVCHD 2.0, I would go for the X-series, the lenses selection and roadmap are great, if it just had manual controls for video.

        • After the upcoming focusing improvements, I think video will be next. There is really not much else to improve, once they release all of their XF lenses.

          • Renato S.

            The best thing about Fuji is that their commitment to all X cameras is remarkable. Hands down the best feedback from a camera maker.

            Sony is having tons of problems launching lenses that people want, Canon is playing safe in a very annoying way, not improving video because of the Cinema cameras, releasing cameras that could do more, cutting feats, etc. Nikon is trying to finally add decent video feat, but both Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras are miles behind the others. Micro Four Thirds are maturing very well, the Panasonic GH3 and the OM-D series from Olympus are very nice – and a PRO Olympus camera rumors showing up more and more, still waiting for the new remodeled GX from Panasonic. Samsung released the NX300, I had lots of hope for Samsung but I don’t know, they’ve released a good variety of primes and their cameras have yet to work properly, there have been lags while operating, lag in the AF, etc. and I also think that Samsung’s price is a bit off the mark.

            While some of them are having improvements, Fuji is the only one making big steps in each new camera. X-PRO1 corrected tons of things from the X100, X-E1 got improved AF – even though still not up to what you can get from other mirrorless cameras, hopefully X100s will be up to the expectations.

            It may take one year before the new X-PRO1 and X-E1, but hopefully it will have a better video and some manual controls, they could release some firmware updates before that. Even though I think that it will take another generation to get a better than average video.

          • MayaTlab

            Except that many of the issues with Fuji cameras shouldn’t have been there in the first place had they used at least 0.0005% of their brain capacity. For this upcoming generation, I’m already worried since the X100s appears not to have many improvements in terms of body handling / ergonomics, at least from the front. Crossing my fingers the back will see improvements, because it desperately needs it. In addition to this, I don’t see how Fuji listens more to customers. We’re still waiting for the ability to set up a minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, and that’s just an example. The list goes on.

  • photoviking

    I look forward to the pending update for Capture One to process X-Trans RAW files. Once that hits, and if it does a stellar job at handling the files, I may end up dumping my dSLR for an X20.

    • MJr

      You know that X-Trans doesn’t mean it’s going to be APSC, right ? It’s still a compact, it will still be 2/3″, but with the x-trans color array

      • That’s correct, the sensor will be the same size as before.

      • photoviking

        Yes, I realize it is still small sensor, BUT…those Fuji colors man…they just blow me away!

  • Tom

    WOW. Could the digital split image function be a modern function of the split focusing screen? I’m also HIGHLY curious of the hybrid AF, hopefully AF will be blazing fast!

    • MJr

      Definitely curious about that as well. Shouldn’t be too difficult as the OVF already shows a digital overlay from the EVF, it can simply overlay the image partially with live-view, without closing the OVF shutter.

      • If it doesn’t work in the OVF there is really no point of the X series hybrid finder.

  • Peter

    X20 in silver is lovely! much nicer than my X10 🙂

  • Renato S.


    X-Trans sensor in the X20?! Even if this is a 2/3″ sensor it may outperform the RX100 from Sony. At least the X20 will have a way better aperture at the tele end compared to the RX100.

    • This will be an interesting comparison.

    • Sky

      True, but it’ll be more of a competition for Canon G1x then RX100. It’s too big to be a competition for RX. That’s rather a G1x territory – large compact with big sensor and good (as for compact) ergonomics, but hardly portable one.

      • Markus Arike

        An X20 not portable? lol. It’s not the mini snapshot camera that the RX100 or S100 is, but it’s small enough. Besides, I’ve never been able to fit an RX100 in my pocket, so why not get a larger camera with a VF, grip and wait for it…PDAF and focus peaking.

  • Stefan

    Hi Admin. Does this mean the X100S will not have an X-Trans sensor?

    • Renato S.

      I’m pretty sure that it has the same X-Trans sensor as the X-E1 and X-PRO1. At least previous rumors was stating so and I really doubt that a X20 would have something that the big brother doesn’t.

      • Fiya

        Uhm, it wont have an APS-C sensor, the same as the others. It will still be the same size as it was in the X10

        • Renato S.

          The X100s uses a APS-C sensor

    • Renato S.

      I’m pretty sure that it will have the same sensor as the X-E1 and X-PRO1. At least that what previous rumors were stating and I really doubt that the X20 will have something that the its big brother doesn’t.

    • The X100s will still have an X-Tran sensor, the news is that the X20 will also have an X-Tran sensor.

      • Sahaja

        If the X220 has an X-Trans sensor – I guess it won’t have the EXR mode.

  • St.

    So, does it means that X100s won’t have a Hybrid viewfinder, but just Electronic???

    • MJr

      Of course not. They would fear for their deaths. It would not be worthy of the X100 name. Plus if the image above is supposed to be correct, the answer lies within.

      • St.

        Yeah. I saw the image but I wasn’t sure if it’s not just a mockup. Ship you guys think they will release a special black edition as well?

    • No, it will still have a hybrid VF, the specs given were for the EVF.

  • tP

    French website “Rocus Numerique” published an article on their RSS feed before remving it that says X20 will have 12MP X-Trans CMOS sensor, DTP Optical viewfinder???, and 4x f/2-2.8 zoom.

  • Everyone talking praise for rumor now, then this time in two months, people will still be bitching on here how camera sucks, despite never owning it, or using it. While it did not receive much press here, in Japan the hybrid AF that was introduced for F300EXR was a disaster a few years ago, only way for it to work at all is for FujiFilm to have started from scratch. Current X100 AF was a vast improvement over F300EXR’s hybrid..


    Typo in second bullet: The X100 will have a new function called Digital Split Image function (used to improve focusing). Should be X100s? Thanks for the info and rumour. Cant wait to own X100s

  • Robert

    Still hope Fuji can introduce this year – sooner rather than later – focus peaking to improve manual focusing with the XP1.

    Though I have little doubt that the XP1 successor next year will use an even more advanced form of a Digital Split Image function, along with OLED and addition features.

    And if they ever do a full-frame X-Trans sensor in an XP series camera, it could be a technological tour-de-force. Would be very hard to justify a Leica M at that point.

  • Keith Towers

    There was a time when one could buy a camera and live with it for years; even keep it going with parts held on with gaffer tape – that looked very cool back in the 1960s. These days there is a new version of everything within a few months of the latest gizmo appearing on the market. I recently purchased a black limited edition X100, added bling like thumb rest etc, and I am still in the throws of mastering its challenges after using full-frame for the past 7 years. Now Fuji are about to release an X100s. Will I want one? Should I have gone for the X Pro 1 instead? It has become a race to stay in business by relieving people of their hard earned cash. The marketing guys are good at making us all dissatisfied with what we have. It prevents us working through the challenges that a particular camera brings with it and makes us long for an all singing all dancing camera that just gives “perfect” pictures every time without too much thinking behind it. The sad thing is, as an old boy, I have become like the rest and will now want to upgrade to the ‘S’ variant. I keep telling myself I need phase detection focus, the ability to change lenses on an X100 footprint, with optical viewfinder as good as the X100. Really though, what I want is a Leica M and a couple of nice Leica lenses and just be left alone to step back a bit in time. Less is more with Leica I’m assured, and until I have tried one I haven’t lived as a photographer. Will I get my real dream camera? Probably not! Might get the X100s though!

    • It’s called electronics, once you let it in everything expires in 6 months.

    • Nishi Drew

      It’s up to you to be satisfied with what you have, don’t pay attention to marketing and complain that you now feel as though the latest and greatest is only the next new thing. The S will have an updated sensor and better AF, but what will that do to your photography? Of course, photography is more than pictures, it’s an experience, and the look and feel of a camera matters to each individual as much as speed and image quality. But hey, if you want one then get it, your money keeps these companies releasing better products every few months, you don’t like that then return to film, there’s still plenty of film users and I’m one of them, never changing, but always special!

    • Bas

      I agree of all you just said – very true indeed. We all want new gear, but it’s really not gear that matters right? It’s about pictures. I keep forgetting that too. We all have gear already We should rather spend money on trips so We can take those pictures We all dream about…..but Leica….that would be paradise…

      • Markus Arike

        Agree. Photo trips with my old camera will make better images than a new camera shooting around my boring hometown. That said, must have an X20. Doh. I wish my photo epiphany had sunk in better.

  • Dusmus

    Any info on an improved OVF for the X100S ? (seen this on fuji rumors)
    Maybe that Digital Split Image function ?

    • MJr

      Why are you asking the very thing that the news itself was about?

      • Dusmus

        Hmm I just don’t know what digital split image is.. The Leica like focusing thing ?

        • MJr

          Could be, it’s only a few days until we know for sure. But split-image would suggest a digitized version of analog camera’s focusing screens:

  • Jithin Roda
  • js2

    I like bigbuttss that i cannot lie..nit everyvody can deny

  • BB

    Admin, has the video quality been upgraded to 1080p in the X100s?

  • Mc

    I just gave my son my x10 and began missing it almost emediatly. And now there’s an x20! Please Mr. Fuji, tell me you’ve come to your senses and cut a standard lens filter thread diameter onto the front of that great lens!

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