Fuji X100s and X20 to be announced next week with focus peaking


In addition to the compact cameras, on January 7th, 2013 Fujifilm will announce also the new X100s and X20. Both cameras will have bodies similar to the X100 and X10. The Fuji X20 will be available also in silver (similar to the X100). The lenses on the new models will remain the same. The big news is that Fuji will add focus peaking to the X100s (not sure about the X20). This will significantly improve the manual focus of the camera. It will be interesting to see if Fuji will release also a firmware update that will add focus peaking to the X100 and X-Pro1. The X-Pro1 replacement will not be announced soon (maybe at the end of 2013).

Update: I received some more details on the new cameras - see this post.

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  • Stepper

    Nice. I think I might have to grab a silver X20.

  • Adrien

    I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure we already have focus peaking in the X100 by pressing the tiny wheel on the back of the top plate…

    • E

      Thats just focus zoom

    • Hexx

      Well, it might be just focus peeking not focus peaking

    • No, they don’t – focus peaking will highlight the area of the frame that is in focus.

  • If turning the focussing dial is as laggy as the X100, focus peaking will be irrelevant. I have no problem determining correct focus, only convincing the camera to focus in and out.

    • Antonio

      I hope Fujifilm updates the X100’s firmware, and it will not as irrelevant as you say.
      Once you focus the scene if you reframe and the subject’s distance doesn’t change that much you just need small adjustments and doesn’t require big ring movements as you are in manual mode and the camera depends on your decisions and doesn’t have to compute everything for each shot.

  • Tom

    Best news in 2013 so far! Bring it to x-pro1 and x-e1 please!

  • Q

    Manual focus on the X100 is unusable, even with the most recent firmware updates. Using AF-ON to focus, recompose and then shooting rapidly with the shutter is very effective when in manual. Great way to shoot.

    The X20 would only be attractive if it increased its sensor size to the Sony RX100 dimensions. Then, it would be the best of both worlds and I would buy it. But, I am guessing the X20 was too far along in the development pipeline before they realized Sony had a winner.

    Fuji still has a chance to beat the Sony RX1 if they can fit a FF sensor in to an X-E1 footprint. XPro-1 footprint would still be great but too big to compete with the RX1.

    • xjxjxjxjx

      which FF-sensor? or: whose?

    • I think the sensors will remain the same.

    • jw48335

      I would submit a smaller xtrans sensor could easily beat a larger traditional sony.

      • Mild Trolling

        What about FF xtrans?

        • sebastiantoth

          Not going to happen in the near future. Fuji said it is extremely hard and pricey to build a FF X-Trans and it would probably go in the 4k USD region, where people wouldn’t really buy it anymore. Also it would require a whole new lens setup. So nope. I predict it in at least 3-4 years tbh.

    • jean pierre

      FF Sensor is great, but the XF lenses do not work with FF-Sensor!
      Therefore, forget thinking about.
      Enjoy the APS-C X-Trans Sensor with awesome XF lenses, which this year will become more out!

      • FF may happen some point, not with X100(s) camera line. I can see FujiFilm getting users onboard with X-series then come out with new series, with new glass in FF. This year, next year, who knows.Think X20 and X100s just updates.

  • Goose

    Time is ripe for second hand x100 picking!

  • That would be even greater to have a FF sensor fitted into X100S.

  • Robert

    Focus peaking on the X-Pro 1, please! Pronto!

    That is all.

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