Samyang/Rokinon working on a new 50mm f/1.4 lens


A reader contacted Rokinon (Samyang) on Facebook with a question about a potential new 50mm or 55mm f/1.4 lens. The response was that such lens is in development. This is the current lens offering from Samyang and Rokinon.

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  • I knew this was coming, Next will be a 105mm something or other……Way to go Samyang!

    • Not seen Avengers yet :/

      They’re gradually filling niches, next up is a tilt shift lens, so after is a fast tele macro?

  • Alex

    I love Rokibowyang 😀

    • shawn

      Fair enough–why don’t they consolidate the brand?

      • Sky

        And why Canon calls it’s entry-level cameras Rebel in US and “in a normal way” everywhere else? It’s exactly the same issue.

        • Not seen Avengers yet :/

          How is “Kiss” very normal? I was happy to get my Rebel back in the days and not be carrying around a Kiss here~

          • Technician

            You just don’t like Gene Simmons.

  • Not seen Avengers yet :/

    F/1.4? Aside from building up the Cine line that won’t be a very special lens unless it is on the extreme levels of sharpness, best bokeh and no CA wide open. To compete against what’s already out there, could Rokinon push for something like an F/1.0 lens? (because Nikon already has an MF F/1.2 lens, and Canon’s if you can afford). But the price, and especially for Cinema, the practical need for such a lens isn’t there, so a 50mm F/1.4 for under $250??

    • Sky

      It’s enough if they make a lens that’s sharp wide-open. Both Nikon and Canon 50s are tragic in that respect.

      • Not seen Avengers yet :/

        I won’t deny that all of Canon’s offerings could be better, but the 50mm 1.4 is among the sharpest wide open for a 50, the problem are the edges for sharpness on FF though, but crop sensor that thing is good. What I do not like about it is the bokeh, sometimes it’s nice and smooth in soft light, but most of the time all the CA, double lining and rough effect it has is more distracting than pleasing, I need to stop down to F/2.0 or better at F/2.8 for the overall best image, and then the highlights aren’t circular anymore, the corners have sharp triangles, ugh.

        • If you’re going to be shooting at around f/2.8 (and if you don’t want to use zooms), try a 45mm or 50mm tilt-shift lens or a 60mm macro lens… they have max apertures of around f/2.8 and they’re sharp, especially for close-ups.

          • Not seen Avengers yet :/

            Sounds exactly what I’d say, and point is that’s ridiculous to be shooting a fast fixed lens two stops slower most of the time because it isn’t very usable wide open, even when lenses are at their best stopped down. I both want and need the prime for it’s speed and subject separation in limited space, I can’t spend a ridiculous amount on a TS lens anyways, and besides I got Sigma’s 35mm and that effectively replaced the 50 as an all around piece for me.

          • “I both want and need the prime for it’s speed and subject separation in limited space”

            Not going to happen easily… Can’t think of any prime south of 100mm that has both speed _and_ good image quality wide open at any price. That’s why I shoot large format… behold “44mm f/0.82” wide open at 743MP:


      • Lich

        It will mostly be a standard Planar, very corrected, and cheap. Won’t better much Canikon’s offerings though, since the design leaves little room for (a cost-worthy, otherwise you always have the $3,995+ Leica ones) improvements.

        • “Won’t better much Canikon’s offerings though, since the design leaves little room for improvements.”

          That’s what everyone thought before Samyang came out with their 24 1.4…

  • Phew!finder

    There is more to ‘cine’ lenses than gears. Some witness marks would be useful. Can anyone confidently set T-stop to 2.8 and 2/3rds on these things?

  • jake

    hope they can make a cheap but sharp MF 135mm f.8 prime for Nikon and Fuji mount.
    unfortunately , I dont need a 50mm , I already have too many 50mm primes.

    • Micah

      You can give me your other ones, or the rest of us will keep asking rokinon for one of the most well loved focal lengths in the last 20 years of film and photography. A 135 f(.8?!?!) 2.8 is not of equivalent popularity when considering the whole. Love you though. We’re all benefiting from this company’s ingenuity.

      • zevobh

        I think they meant f1.8

  • Robert shuster

    I have every ROKCINE lens and they are quite formidable. ROKINON: When building the 50mm (and 10mm when it happens) please keep the front a 77mm thread and keep the existing lens dimensions (like the 35 of 85).

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