Fuji X100s CES coverage


The new Fuji X100s is again the most interesting camera at the 2013 CES show. The camera will start shipping in April and can be now pre-ordered at AmazonAdorama or B&H. Here is some additional X100s coverage from around the Web:

Photographybay published a new Fuji X100s hands-on report:

Petapixel uploaded a video demonstrating the AF speed of the new Fuji X100s:

The new X100s has phase detection pixels and the world's fastest AF at 0.008 sec thanks to the X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR II processor:


Few more Fuji X100s hands-on videos:

Sample images taken with the X100s can be found here:


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  • khaled tolba

    I have to say the X100S looks like a real step-up spec-wise from the previous model. Let’s hope real images will bear this out. I wonder how the X-pro 1update will look like if this is the X100s.

  • aekn

    I get the new technology being a lot to get excited over, but if only it had a little more range with the lens, I’d really seriously consider it. Hope the X20 is ‘good enough’.

    • Ke

      Then buy the X-E1. Same sensor, but swappable lenses.

  • Tao

    I like it! I have been looking at the Sony RX1 as well, I would like to see how this stacks up to it. Only thing I like of the Sony is the ability to set the crop factor with the Hight MP you can have a 50mm f2 as well.

    I love my X100 and this looks like they have added everything I wanted from the upgrade. Just wish they would release it in black and not for a premium price.

    • “set the crop factor with the Hight MP you can have a 50mm f2 as well.”

      If you crop a RX1 image by 1.4x to get a 50mm equivalent field of view, the equivalent image would be like that of a 50mm f/2.8 lens… just like a 35mm f/2 lens would be on a 1.4x crop sensor camera.

      With digital’s variable ISOs, the “but I can still get high shutter speeds” rant, typically put forth by FourThirds users, is moot.

      • Lorenzino

        mh, no, not really, it would be like 50mm f/2.0. You would just loose definition (as you are cropping). You would need a 35mm f/1.4 to have the same DOF (and indeed there are many good 35mm f/1.4 in the market, so I guess your point is still valid, from this point of view…)

        • You need to learn about equivalence first. In your defense, a lot of what’s written is misleading…

  • Eblis

    Testing the speed of the autofocus by pressing multiple times on the shutter and aiming at the same subject at the same distance isn’t really a reliable test. Moving the camera and pointing different subjects would be more relevant.

    • El Aura

      The footnotes say it is the fastest AF among APS-C cameras with a fixed lens, ie, the fastest among essentially three cameras: X100s, Leica X2 and Sigma DPx.

      • Eblis

        Yes this “fastest AF among APS-C cameras…” is in fact very important. But it seems that this AF has really been improved compared to the old x100. If I’m not wrong, the xpro has also a kind of slow AF, maybe this thing will be improved too in a next version.

        When the fuji guy played with the focus ring, it seemed that it’s like the old one, an electronic that need a lot of “turning” to get focused. What guys do you think about such an electronic ring, is it accurate and fast when it comes to manual focusing?

      • Ke

        They did revise that to cameras with m43 sensors or bigger. So The Canon G1X & the other Sigmas count. Still not many though.

    • j_kwan
      • Eblis

        Thank you very much for that video 🙂

  • YoMa

    If the AF really was that good they’d be demo-ing non-stop. Instead they keep talking about the split image and peaking, both of which are relatively useless with Fuji’s stupid focus by wire mechanism, which STILL requires multiple turns. The split image and peaking only really make sense once we have proper lenses on the XE or XP.

    I really dislike these stupid previews. They recite the spec sheet as if we can’t read. Why can’t they show a simple, clear, no-bullshit example of the AF, since that is one of the most complained about issues? Instead we get these dumb videos that don’t really tell us much we don’t already know.

    Also makes me wonder about the reviewers. Why do they just stand there are nod and go ‘yeah yeah’ in response to bland, regurgitated information? Why don’t they say — show me the AF. Now! We all use cameras, so surely the reviewers know this is what everyone care about.

  • Mike

    With a list of significant changes, I’m curious what they designated this an “S” model. To each their own in naming products I know but a new sensor, new autofocus abilities etc seems like a new camera. If Canon or Nikon or Sony has a new sensor and AF system the model is brand new. It’s like a 12 mp D3 or D300 getting a 16mp sensor and movie mode and going it an S designation. I think a more apt name would be like Canon; X100 mkII.

  • kuishinbou

    If the AF is really improved and the new features work efficiently and accurately, then Fuji needs to introduce these improvements in an interchangeable lens X-Series camera immediately. These features should have been in the X-E1, and they should introduce the new sensor with these features in an upgraded X-E1 immediately…I am very impressed with their innovation, but I am also very annoyed that I have to wait to buy an interchangeable lens camera with these features in the future.

  • I saw the 100 on sale for half the opening MSRP recently so I had a play. The AF speed really is unacceptable in the current model I don’t need “fastest in the world”, but blimey, I’d missed teh bus waiting for this thing to focus in. If the MF worked like a proper rangefinder then I would almost certainly forgive this in a hot minute (anyone, is this possible? I couldn’t find any AF assist at all, but it was a short play). the rest was all good though. speed up the AF and give us some AF assist (or educate me how to activate it) and I’m sold on the 100S. if decent AF assist exists on the 100, then maybe I’m looking for a bargain

  • Dino

    The only thing really putting me off purchasing this is the questionable Adobe support for the new sensor. Adobe is an important part of my workflow.

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