New wearable camcorder from Panasonic (HX-A100)

Panasonic HX-A100 wearable camcorder

This is the final product coverage for the 2013 CES show: Panasonic announced a new HX-A100 wearable camcorder ($298). The main features are:

  • Features an IPX8-compliant waterproof design for safe outdoor shooting in water depth down to -1.5m / 5ft for up to 30min duration.
  • Dustproof design allows shooting safely in sandy or dusty environments.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it possible to broadcast live streaming video on Ustream as it is recorded in Full-HD Quality
  • Recording can be turned ON/OFF with a smartphone or tablet while watching in live view
  • Content can be easily shared on SNS using a smartphone or tablet
  • High low-light performance with an F2.5 bright lens, 1/4.1" BSI Sensor, and Advanced Image Processing LSI
  • Level Shot for automatic correction of tilting images, which often occur unnoticed
  • Image Stabilizer suppresses blurring for crisp and clear images
  •  Sharp, impressive slow-motion video in HD quality
  • Recording formats: 1920 x 1080/60 fps, 1280 x 720/120 fps, 640 x 360/240 fps
  • Wind Noise Cut function suppresses excessive wind noise
  • 140 minutes of battery life* for extended shooting on a single battery charge

For more details on the new Panasonic HX-A100 wearable camcorder, check those videos:

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  • Rich inTX

    um.. cool?

  • Oberoth

    Its a good idea as long as it is comfortable and secure but you can still freely move your head around.

    One thing that surprises me is that all the action cameras seem to use quite slow glass, f/2.5 isn’t too bad but give you get f/2 – f2.2 on phones i thought that would be able to get down to f1.8 or at least f/2. I know the depth of field would be shallower but when its low light that’s not so vital plus these sensors are normally so small anyway it wouldn’t make much if a difference.

  • Uragon Draggon

    what are the wires for it should be wireless!

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