Kodak branded compact system camera coming soon


During CES Kodak announced that they licensed their brand name to JK Imaging for certain consumer products, including digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and portable projectors. In an interview with AP, Kodak's representative confirmed that a new compact system camera will be part of the portfolio:

In an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP) at CES on 10 January, Eastman Kodak general manager for Film Capture, Paper and Output Systems, Dennis Olbrich, was asked whether the line-up will include a compact system camera. Olbrich, who used to work inside Kodak's camera division, replied: 'That's part of the portfolio.'

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  • J Shin

    So, when will they be coming out with a Nikon 1 look-alike? 🙂

  • Bob

    Is Kodak going to die or not? I hope they stick with film/printing. Seeing these press releases is like watching the ugliest person in school look for a prom date

    • Hubertus Bigend

      They already stopped producing slide film and are in the process of selling the rest of their film business. They’ve already sold their digital sensor division. And now they’ve even sold their patent portfolio. Kodak has virtually stopped being a productive company, all what’s left now is the name. With which they might be able to generate some humble income with for some time. But finally the name, too, will fade.

  • jake

    hope not Nikon one like cheap shitty sensor inside but a APS-C or something similar in size.

  • Nathan

    Kodak WAS a serious company. I predict a 1/2.5″ sensor and a bunch of really crappy f3.5-f6 glass. An object completely incapable of photography, to go along with their compact offerings.

  • Long live Kodak !

    They should come out with a high-class FX mirrorless called Kodachrome – with their own sensor technology – this could save them.

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