What else is new? [weekend digest]

KineRAW super35 digital cinema camera

The new Chinese made KineRAW super35 digital cinema camera looks a lot like a RED model - down to the red dot.

Geonaute 360 degree sports camera

Check out this new Geonaute's 360 degree sports camera.

Canon Experience Stores

Rumor: Canon might be launching their own chain of “Canon Experience Stores”.


Samyang announced on their Facebook page that the new 10mm f/2.8 ED AS UMC CS lens will be postponed till the end of 2013 due to changes in optical calculation.

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  • Robert

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nikon do something similar to Canon’s ‘Experience Stores’, by extending the ‘Nikon House’ model globally.


    • zoetmb

      From 1970 to around 1994, there was a Nikon House in New York City. It didn’t seem to stay in one place too long, moving from 437 Madison to 620 Fifth Avenue to 405 Lexington Avenue and there might have been other addresses as well. No sales took place there (so as not to compete with the massive number of camera stores in those days, especially in the 1970s), just demos and training. I don’t remember if they also did service.

      I’d love to see Nikon open showrooms where they would have photographic exhibitions, seminars, product demos, training, parts and repair drop-off with different parts of the store targeted to consumers and semi-pros/pros. The only issue is that it’s an expensive proposition even if you only consider rent and salaries, although I have to wonder which is the better investment: showrooms or simply another silly ad with Aston Kutcher, which if played on a major OTA network, could easily cost a $hundred-thousand a pop.

      The obvious question is whether such showrooms would drive sales in sufficient numbers. Personally, if they were done right, I think they would.

  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    Great, now I don’t regret getting that 11-16

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