The latest patents from Ricoh, Tamron and Olympus

Ricoh 23mm f2.5 lens patent Ricoh 27mm f1.9 lens patent

Ricoh filed patent (2013-7853) for a new 23mm f/2.5 and 27mm f/1.9 lenses for mirrorless APS-C sensor. Not clear if those lenses will be used for the GXR system or for a new GR compact camera

Tamron f:1.8 50mm lens patent for mirrorless APS-C sensor

Tamron filed a patent (2012-242690) for a 50mm f/1.8 lens designed for an  APS-C mirrorless camera.

Olympus i.Zuiko 6-24mm f1.4-1.8 lens patent

New Olympus patent (2013-3288) describes a new i.Zuiko 6-24mm f/1.4-1.8 lens for 1/1.7" sized sensor.

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  • mythbuster

    Olympus is playing again the speed game in the premium compact market. A 27-109 mm equivalent and the faster (f 1.4-1.8) zoom lens till now. So fast that using high ISO is not that important. I´d like to see next Fuji´s X compacts follow this path while maintaining the sensor size.

  • Alfons

    GR with APS-C sensor and 35 or 40mm eq. lens would be a dream come true.

    • Harold GLIT

      yes especially the 40mm

    • Joona

      I hope it would have integrated OPTICAL viewfinder. No lag or blackout when shooting and less battery consumption when carrying the camera ready to shoot.

    • mythbuster

      It would need to be better than Fuji X100s, not an easy task.

  • im holding out for Ricoh to fill the 35mm focal length gap for the GXR. shouldnt be a problem for a GR lens to match image quality of the Fuji x100

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