Canon EOS 7D successor will not be announced at the CP+ show

Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera rumors

In an interview with, Masaya Rong (managing director at Canon) hinted that the Canon EOS 7D successor "is not the story of the day", which indicates that the camera will not be announced during the CP+ show next week. For some reason Nikon and Canon are not ready to replace their high end, cropped sensor DSLR bodies yet.

Here is a recap of the interview from digicame-info:

  • Last year was the Year of top reinforcement in each product category, the Prestige model. I believe that the technologies developed in the Prestige model per each genre, increasing the sophistication of the feature, this year, we will try to fall into the lower models.
  • (The successor to the EOS 7D that does not appear immediately) is per premonition. Although the development of the successor of course, it is "the product innovations put some kind." Instead of that issue as a successor to the product that you spec up a little, it will be what has evolved towards a new area. However, it is not the story of the day so far.
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  • PeterO

    No wonder there are no rumors about Nikon upper DX bodies. Putting on my super smart guy hat, it just seems a bit of a coincidence that Nikon and Canon seem to come out with the same level of camera at the same time, give or take a few months. Almost like their marketing strategies were in sync or perhaps, they know what the other is doing. Corporate spies, collusion, alien intervention? This is best left to William Shatner’s “Weird or What?” 😉

    • lich

      It is a known fact that they cooperate to match each other’s product line (to segment the market “per planned”) and even schedule announcement date not far apart. This is what it’s like to have a duopoly – though now being seriously challenged – in the industry.

      • PeterO

        Whoa, seriously lich? And the Japanese are OK with this? I think Sony and Fujifilm are trying to break into this duopoly, but Sony might do a bit better if they’d price their products lower. Seems like the photo division is now propping up the rest of the sagging company. Sony can’t rest on their name anymore like they did back in the 70’s and 80’s. Fujifilm is smart to go retro and find a different niche.

        • Not seen Avengers yet :/

          What about Olympus? I see more Pens and OMDs than all the Canons and Nikons combined on a day downtown. Once there’s an event going on then the Canikontax SLRs come out, but mFT and FT have effectively replaced what compacts I used to see more of. While I love what Fuji is doing they just need to focus on professional usability, as the X-pro is great but needs to be a lot faster and have the AF while the X100s looks like it will be solving the drawbacks

      • Jim

        Yes, after all these years the first ‘affordable full frame’ arrived. The 6D and the D600, within months of each other. That should be the most obvious sign of collusion to anyone watching the industry.

        • gary

          Yea, I agree with collusion..

  • malchick743

    The surname concerned is “Maeda” NOT “Rong”

    Correct that please Peter

  • sayithere

    since pentax has succeeded with K-5 and K-5 II /s and competing well with the canikon’s aps-c, I think there is a probability of a collusion between canon and nikon to fully regain their duopoly. they are probably waiting for the next pentax move at aps-c segment before making any further decision on theirs. but IMO, if the rumor is true, pentax will release it’s FF first that prepared to compete with the latest canikon’s medium and entry level FF.

  • pashminu

    It is high time they launch a Canon 7d Mark 2 with more features and closer to the fabled 5d

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