The next Phottix Odin is rumored to combine Nikon & Canon flash systems


The latest rumor indicate that the next version of the Phottix Odin TTL flash trigger will combine Nikon and Canon controls into one unit:

"According to one of Phottix’s European distributors, the next generation of Phottix Odin TTL flash trigger (Phottix Odin II?) may allow you to control Nikon flashes from Canon cameras and Canon flashes from Nikon cameras, adjusting power levels in manual mode."

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  • Trolls of the world unite!

  • Ian

    Seems almost too good to be true. Here’s hoping.

  • sd

    It is very possible. “adjusting power levels in manual mode” Its not TTL So Manual mode is much easier to program into a unit. And the dual mode in one device is very possible. Radio Poppers already do this. Where the same equipment works on two different systems with a flip of the switch.

  • Ken Elliott

    Pocket Wizard once said they intended to add cross-platform compatibility to the Flex TT5. I don’t know if/when this will occur.

  • Theo

    It just…doesnt… make… sense.

  • Andy

    Accoring to what i’ve read, a nikon flash will fire in manual mode on a canon body anyway so using a mounting a nikon flash on a canon receiver with the current odin system should do the same. What am I missing here?

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