Canon announcement on March 22 (EOS 70D?)


Canon will have a new product announcement on March 22, 2013. Most likely they will introduce the rumored replacement for the Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera (probably called EOS 70D). The 60D model was introduced in August, 2010.

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  • Z

    yawn …

    • jesus

      just wait …

    • Bob_buttons

      If you are tired, go to sleep…

  • PeterO

    Just proves again that Canon and Nikon are in lock step when it comes to similar product announcements. Imagine that. How could they possibly know what the other is announcing so accurately at what date?

  • g

    can we say collusion, no we can’t because that would indicate that something illegal was happening

  • Marc

    specs or it won’t happen

  • anonymous

    If it is really 70D, and it gets 7D’s AF with a new sensor(improved high ISO performance). I am dumping my 7D for it.

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