This is the Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera (user manual available online)


Few weeks ago I reported about the upcoming Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera and now the company has the user manual available for download on their website:


Samsung NX1100 camera specifications (click on image for larger view):


Samsung-NX1100-manual-3 Samsung-NX1100-manual-2 Samsung-NX1100-manual


A new Samsung 50-200mm f/4-5.6 ED OIS II lens is listed as an available accessory (previously reported here):


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  • Nobody Special

    My main question is; did Schneider design the optical formulas/lenses?

    • ageha


      • António Gomes
        • Nobody Special

          I had read (I think here) that they were, and as you linked, it appears they have plans. Their lenses are excellent and actually, I have found the imaged results more ‘eye-appealing’ than my Zeiss and Leica glass.
          Perhaps administartion can find the article/post about Schneider???

          • ageha

            No need to. Schneider plans to release their own AF lenses. It’s beyond be why you believe their announcement is related to Samsung. If Samsung would pay Schneider they would put a big sticker on their lenses.

        • ageha

          Those lenses have nothing to do with it.

    • Mistral75

      No. Samsung claimed they designed them themselves (even showed prototypes of various lenses, including a 300mm) and Korean Optrontec that they manufacture them.

      See for more details.

      • Nobody Special

        Thanks. I spent too much time today checking out reviews, designs for whom, etc.

    • jake

      no, Samsung lenses are designed by Samsung and Sony lenses are designed by Sony, not by German companies you seem to retardedly worship for.
      get real and get a life.

      • ageha

        So true.

  • go Korea!

    This camera looks like a blatant Sony ripoff. I mean come on, they even have to steal the NAME!
    Just like Samsung phones bite off iPhones.
    Oh, and Hyundai = MERCEDES + BMW + AUDI megamix ripoffs.

    • taco

      Samsung had mirrorloess camera way before Sony released their NEX cameras, so if anything Sony stole from Samsung this time!

    • ageha

      Stupid claim, NX is older than NEX.

  • can’t wait to get my hand’s on them

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