Canon rumored to announce a new ultra small DSLR camera


Canon has mentioned in the past that they are working on a new ultra small DSLR camera. The first rumored specs are already out - it seems that this will be the beginning of new line of small DSLR cameras for Canon that is aimed directly at the rising mirrorless market. Here are specifications:

  • 18MP sensor (same sensor featured on the EOS M and EOS 650D)
  • DIGIC 5 image processor
  • Touchscreen similar to the EOS M (possibly same 3″ size)
  • 9 focusing points
  • A new hybrid CMOS auto-focus
  • 98% viewfinder
  • 6fps
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • EF and EF-S lens support
  • HD video
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  • Marvin8

    Any day now, I’m sure. 😀

  • clrs

    The OM1 of the digital age I hope

    • Lich

      The OM1 is a fully capable (except interchangeable prisms) professional system camera. I doubt this one will be on par with anything “professional” like the 7D.

      • clrs

        Way to be needlessly pedantic.

  • beavis

    So basically same crap as Canon EOS M…

    • John

      Yes I thought that too… I think this is just na EOS M with more buttons… notice the EF and EF-S lens SUPPORT…. lollollol it is not a EF mount…

      • Zurich Int

        No, it’s a DSLR (PDAF, OVF, etc). EOS M is mirrorless

    • Sky

      read carefully. It’s not mirrorless.

  • george

    Another version of nearly the same thing, almost the same specks in a different box. How is this better ? Well much smaller may provide a good backup camera in the bag, which would be somewhat useful.

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    But how will it compare against the Samsung?

    (Don’t get me wrong. I actually LIKE the SAMSUNG cameras.)

    At least now there can be a use for that 40 lens…

    • Sky

      It’s larger, but gives better image quality, photo-oriented features, and by a mile better build quality than Samsung smartphones or galaxy camera.

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso

        I wasn’t being too serious… but I was thinking more about the Samsung cameras like the one they are showing released in the next article down. It should be apparent that I have never used a “smart” phone.

  • They will find some way to cripple it like they always do so it doesnt cannibalise sales of what they have placed above it which has been crippled so it doesnt…………..and so.

    • kuishinbou

      Yeah, they have always been focused on giving the bare minimum for anything below their professional cameras…even the 5d mkii showed evidence of that, as the AF was dated and sucked. They will burn their bridges soon, however, as we are all getting fed up. And that will cut into their bottom line, as we will stop buying Canon gear…I am selling off my Canon gear later this year, once I find a sufficient replacement…

      • jake

        hey then get the RX1 and say fuck off to your Canons like I did.

  • yes, more toy cameras please.

  • Diffractive optics-style mirror that flips sideways could do it… but what’s the fascination with the mirror for a small camera anyway? Anyone who needs the fastest but limited area AF can go for a conventional DSLR and attach big zooms and primes.

  • kuishinbou

    Another piece of crap in the making…even if it is small, and irrespective of how unattractive and uninspiring it will be, that sensor is barely competitive with the tiny sensor in the E-M5, except for having more depth of field control. I can’t believe how uncompetitive Canon is becoming…they should be aiming to bring something better out than the Fuji x-series cameras, which should be the top of the line in the mirrorless market once they update the interchangeable lens x series cameras with the sensor in the x100s.

  • dick

    Hard to believe Canon wants or needs a seventh line of interchangeable lens cameras, but lately they haven’t been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. The fetish with “smallness” is media hype – or marketing to soccermoms. I would rather see Canon develop L quality lenses for the APS-C sensors, a DLSR without video, and a line of functional, affordable flash units.

    • Why do you need L quality lenses for APS-C? Just use the existing L glass.

    • The fetish with “smallness” is NOT hype. Cameras have gotten much bulkier since the days of 35mm. Check the difference in size between a Canon FTql and the T90. This was due to the film wind being motorized, except that the T70 was way smaller and also motorized.
      Well, now that we don’t have a film advance mechanism, people are desiring that their cameras go back to pre-winder sizes, and is that really all that unreasonable? We tolerated the bulk when the average chip geometries were in the 100nm range, but now that 23nm is possible, and battery tech is better, why shouldn’t we demand that the bulk go away? Do you carry a pocket-watch? Would you purchase a 1978 Ford Torino wagon remake if the mechanicals were updated to include fuel injection and airbags? No? Me either, and it’s not hype that we don’t do so.

      • Calibrator

        Well, my brother-in-law (42 yrs. old) carries a pocket watch as his main watch but he is certainly the exception to the rule.
        I, on the other hand, don’t carry a watch at all but I have a very large smartphone (5,5″ display). You could call that bulky 😉

    • preston

      Sorry, I’m afraid you’re never again going to see a dslr without video. It would be the dumbest thing Canon could possibly do. After the tens of thousands of 5D2’s they sold to the film industry and independent filmmakers, you can be assured they’re not going to spit in the face of that market.

  • Sky

    Seems to be great. I wonder how the viewfinder might be like, but if done well – it might be a great competitor for OM-D (even if slightly bigger), only with by far more lenses available and you’ll be able to take only one set of lenses onto the trip, not two, which is even better.
    Can’t wait to see it. Really hope it’ll be modern iteration of old, miniature 35mm cameras 🙂

  • Aris

    Flange to sensor distance means that however “small” in width and height, it will remain way too thick to compete with mirrorless lines (Nex, Fuji, samsung, m4/3, Nikon 1). It MIGHT be somewhat compelling from a volume standpoint with the 40mm. With any other lens, It will be as awkward in terms of size as Pentax K01, but with a viewfinder.

    • Sky

      “remain way too thick to compete with mirrorless lines” – huh? I thought it’s about portability. If it’ll be a small, light, portable DSLR than it might compete with mirrorless, especially APS-C (which are hardly pocketable).

    • Marc

      Unless they shorten the flange distance which is still based on full frame. Aps-c could use a shorter distance. They would need new lenses though.

      • Sky

        Sensor size doesn’t have anything to deal with flange distance – check the E-mount: it can handle full frame (VG900) yet got flange distance of only 18mm.
        Point of miniature DSLR would be mostly in using EOS lenses without any issues – what would give it enormous advantage over any mirrorless system on a market – so creating any new kind of bayonet in addition to EOS-M would be rather pointless.

  • Jim

    This is the future of all lines of camera from
    PowerShot A-Series: A810 $100, A1300 $120, A140 $110, A2300 $140, A2400IS $150, A2500 $130, A2600 $150, A2400IS $160, A4000IS $180. Digital ELPH series: 100HS $180, 110HS $230, 115IS $170, 130IS $200, 320HS $250, 330HS $230, 520HS $280, 530HS $330. N-Series: PowerShot N $300. D-Series: D20 $350. Advanced series: SX150IS $250, SX160IS $230, SX260HS $300, SX500IS $300, SX40HS $430, SX50HS $450, S100 $430, S110 $450, G12 $500, G15 $500, G1X $700.

    • Alex

      OMG! Canon doesn’t have a compact camera at the $440 price point! They have two cameras at $430 and two cameras at $450, but nothing at $440! How can the possibly compete with such a lineup?!?!?

  • Dominic

    I wonder how “Ultra-Small” will this D-SLR body be? Like, say, Lytro body small? 🙂

    • Sky

      Like Olympus OM-D small. During the “film age” SLRs could be roughly in that size if needed (though still majority was more or less in the size of current DSLRs – it’s just much more comfortable in the long term than a tiny camera. For tiny cameras there were rangefinders – essentially the same thing as mirrorless today – a completely different sector of the market)

  • jake

    get it , ididot,DSLR is dead , is becoming the thing of the last decade thing.
    this conifrmed my view was right that Canon is slowly exiting out of this market, Canon is just interested in cinema EOS thing, not really want to compete against Nikon in pro level FF market or against Sony or Fuji
    in serious mirrorless market.
    and definitely not interested to make a cmaera like RX1.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Yeah, Canon is terrified of making anything that eats into Rebel sales. I guess the G1X was their big concession. The EOS-M is obviously a half hearted attempt.

    Mysterious, frustrating and out right sad.

  • Camaman

    Ultra small – read ultra flimsy plastic! 🙂

  • tell the truth

    But lately they haven’t been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. This says it all for Can Not !

  • Michael Choong

    I’ll think About it if its design like canon ae1, even I’m a Nikon shooter Ill consider it.

  • ggttffhhllpp

    They could probably go something Panasonic G1 sized, or maybe go with a design along the lines of the old Single Shot Leica from the 1930’s…

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