Pentax K-3 24MP full frame camera announcement on March 27th?

Pentax ful frame DSLR camera

Few weeks ago I reported that Pentax is going to soon introduce several new DSLR cameras as early as this month. RiceHigh received some information that the 24MP Pentax K-3 full frame camera will be announced next week on March 27. In another post, RiceHigh reports about photographer Mike Svitek who has posted this on hig g+ account:

"Testing out the new Pentax K-# HDSLR  [ 😉 WINK WINK... NUDGE NUDGE ]  with the Pentax 77mm Limited Prime lens ... 1/500s f/11 ISO25600 Custom WB

I love the tones, the dynamic range is amazing, and the resolution (while being too high for my taste) has its advantages when clearing up some noise. With the combo of the new sensor and processor, there is very little noise to clean up in the first place. It only starts showing up visibly at around ISO6400 (becoming obvious here at 25,600 and pretty bad at the extended range of 102,400) ... As I already stated, this camera sits between its competitors with the D800 and the D4 or the 5D Mrk.3 and the 1DX ."

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  • Pentaxian

    Too bad they don’t have any good lenses to use that resolution. What a waste.

    • waterengineer

      Agreed. Or long glass……or good long glass…..

    • True Pentaxian

      FA Limited? They don’t have many, that is true, but they do have a few.

      And all their FA and D-FA line would work too. More lenses with the announcement I hope.

      • Sky

        And how many of limiteds are full frame?

        • elkarrde

          All three FA Limiteds are full-frame. 😉

        • shadowfoto

          DA40lim is FF too if you don’t put on supplied hood.
          (it’s basically old M40/2.8 with added AF)

          • Sky

            I wouldn’t count lenses dedicated for APS-C as a Full Frame. Even if they seem to work (half of Sony’s DT lenses work fine on FF yet noone serious is using them this way).

          • shadowfoto

            maybe that DA/DT marking was added only because there was no FF cameras at the time these lenses was announced and at some point we’ll see changes in lens’names.

          • Be more inform

            You’re thinking of the DA Limited, which are released in the 2000’s and are dedicated for APS-C Sensors. We’re talking about the FA Limited, which are released in the 90’s and are meant for full frame photography. Please be more informed.

    • Tch

      The FA31, FA50/1.4, FA50/2.8 macro, FA43, FA77, DFA 100mm macro, DA*200, DA*300 are all excellent lenses.

      • True Pentaxian

        they’re good as long as you’re not comparing with what others make.

        • bossa

          Are you kidding? Perhaps you can point to some evidence of that claim?

          • Calibrator

            It usually works the other way round: You prove that something is better and not worse than something.
            Now, where’s the “evidence” from Tch?
            Oh, right, it’s also only an opinion! (to which he is entitled, of course)

        • I can’t imagine that is true. I use a D800 that is supposed to stop bad lenses in their tracks. It is tack sharp with everything I have except the 85/1,8K, which never truly sharpens up until F8 at centre.

          My lenses are all Ai/AiS and pre-Ai converted for modern F mount. A 24 megapixel sensor would be even more forgiving. In fact, it would much more forgiving than Pentax’ K5 and later cameras, which have higher pixel densities.

          Pentax make some great lenses.

          • bossa

            I have two D800E, a K-5 & K-01. I love them all. And BTW, the DA*550 F/1.5 is the best ’50’ I’ve used and it’s also a full frame lens even though it has the DA in it’s name. It leaves the Nikon 50/1.4G for dead and is sharper than the Sigma 50 I now have for my Nikons after returning the Nikon.

          • bossa

            Edited: I have two D800E, a K-5 & K-01 and I love them all. And BTW, the DA*55
            F/1.4 is the best ’50’ I’ve used and it’s also a full frame lens, even
            though it has the DA in it’s name. It leaves the Nikon 50/1.4G for dead
            and is sharper than the Sigma 50 I now have for my Nikons after
            returning the Nikon.

          • Don’t ask me what’s going on with this k/b because it’s really doing weird stuff here. Is there any way to delete a post?

        • BP2012

          Which other makers?


          I agree, prime limiteds are not so good as Leica lenses.

          • Guest

            like FA31 f1.8 vs Sigma 35 f1.4?

          • BP2012

            From my point of view new Sigma 35 f/1.4 is optically the best 35 f/1.4 autofocus lens on the market which beats all Canon, Nikon and Sony 35mm f/1.4 lenses. Still I’m not sure is it a better choice than FA31 at f/2.2 or smaller appertures. Pentax build is metal against Sigma plastic but despite that FA31 is much lighter: 350g vs 665g. FA31 also have apperture ring which allows me to use that lens as a manual lens on other mounts and/or on film cameras.
            As a conclusion, my imperative is to travel light so there is no doubt which one is a clear winner for me.

      • kurogoma

        I have used all three FA Limited, DA40, D70, DFA 100 .
        only FA77 has unique character to me, the others are so so not excellent.

    • True, Pentaxian

      their main feature is Sudden Death Motor (SDM)

      • shadowfoto

        nope, their main feature is Random Auto Focus.

    • My Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 will work fine on a FF. So will my FA 50 and soon my FA 77. Besides that, many of the DA series will only have the smallest amount of darkness in the corners – about as much as lots of people add in post.

      • Sky

        Most people add vignetting in post? Wow… Pentax folks are really… unique.

        • well first off I said “lots” not most.
          Second if you spend some time looking at other peoples images you will see LOTS of vignetting added in post. Look at Lightroom presets – a huge percentage use the lens vignetting option.

          • Oasis

            The only people who add lots of vignetting are instagram camwhores. Not much of a reference if you ask me.

        • elkarrde

          Actually, adding vignettes in post is trademark of Canon people, at least over here in the Balkans.

          • Sky

            Kinda like excessive chromatic aberrations are a trademark of Nikon?

          • Michael Farrell

            It depends on how ham-handed one adds vignetting in post. Done gently, it can bring finish and definition to an image without being obvious.

            Just like in a darkroom, where good printers would use a dodging tool to good effect.

    • 24 MP FF is less sensitive to the lens resolution than 16 MP APS-C.

      • BP2012

        Actually equally sensitive.
        Six months ago I said it will be in march 2013.
        Thank you Pentax, I don’t like to break my promises 🙂

        • 16 MP APC-S has the same pixel density as 36 MP FF. 8 MP APS-C has the same as 24 MP FF.

          • BP2012

            Yes, sorry, my mistake, factor 2,25 if both of them have equal density.

  • Tom

    A Pentax full frame DSLR has been on my wishlist since I first switched to digital. I think they started slow with digital but with a couple of their models have caught up with the market leaders in recent years. I love using their film cameras. They were always small, light and rugged and a few of their lenses are outstanding… However, my digital gear is all Nikon. I still have a couple of Pentax film cameras and a handful of lenses… Maybe my kids will ask for a camera for christmas…

  • geoffcbassett

    Man I hope It’s true. There needs to be some competition for Nikon & Canon, who have done nothing but match each other recently.

  • luxlynx

    Where do all these haters come from? Go and cheer the 25th DSLR from Canon with the same old, underwhelming 18 MP Sensor or the oil- and dirtspots and the liveview-bugs in Nikon DSLRs.

    • Arn

      This kind of comments are made by morons which have never made a good photography in their pathetic lives.

      • SJH

        you are talking about your kind of comments, right?

    • Hk

      lol more competitiors going full frame will definitely be a great news to us consumers

  • Aspa

    This looks good, but the source is unreliable. Few minutes in Google and you can find that Mr. Svitek is very young and as photographer he produced very… I would say… average images so far. Also his video tutorials are little bit on amateur side of experience.
    Hard to believe that he was allowed to check new camera for week and published his opinion…
    But I may be wrong…

    • And don’t we all have to start somewhere? What’s wrong with inexperience? It’s the prerequisite to experience.

      • Aspa

        I said I may be wrong. But usually beta-testers are little more experienced people who can find something more that ‘wow’ in tested equipment. And usually they are more restrained in declaring secret information under their own name…
        If, as he said, there are only 10 prototypes in circulation, having all the information about Mr. Svitek – Ricoh can easily figure out who from company gave the toy for the boy.
        From PR point of view controlled leak is possible, but much better if some well recognizable pro-grade photographer do it ‘accidentally’ instead of young, aspiring man without background and experience…
        So, I really want FF camera with good AF and lenses from Pentax. If not available, I have to buy Nikon or Canon instead soon. I wish that Mr. Svitek is right, really…

        • Rob

          Good points

          • Calibrator

            Yeah, good points – but of course all the pro-grade photogs are following the big money from C and N.
            What choice does Ricoh-Pentax have? 😉

          • Aspa

            Well, I know few good photographic names who are sponsored by Olympus or Panasonic and this fact is clearly pointed in any occasion…
            But, after all, who is for who? Customers for company, or company for customers? I used Pentax as professional photographer since K-10D. In K-5II I still have the very same AF module (I know, the name is different and algorithms improved, but algorithm should be tuned-up at first place and rest is just marketing). Lenses? Having two 50-135 I lost both due to malfunction of SDM after short time of professional use. Jump to Sigma and I am happy, but in recent times Tamron and Sigma stopped developing of few interesting lenses for K-mount.
            I am not expect from Pentax that they will pay me and use as ‘leaking source’. No – I am ready to pay my money for them again for FF and fast, good and durable 24-70 and 70-200. But they have to give me chance 🙂
            Anyway, still hope that Mr. Svitek’s story is true…

          • Calibrator

            With my joke I meant of course “celebrity pro photographers” that are well known – so no disrespect against other pro photogs, which are not as publicized as the former group (even if they are more capable).

            > Anyway, still hope that Mr. Svitek’s story is true…

            I think it could very well be true. The bit about the sensor (24MP like D600 and A99) is quite likely. The original K-5 also uses a Sony sensor, comparable to the one in the Nikon D7000 and the Sony A55(?).

        • CHD

          Look at the crap images that Leica released a few months prior to the M being released…..I think Pentax did better with this ‘boy’ you insulted.

          • Aspa

            Well, but in case of Leica we were sure that image was captured with particular model of Leica, because Leica released them.
            In this case? We don’t know, really. If he was allowed (or he was brave enough to do it without authorization) to leak so many news under his name, why don’t attached exif?

      • Pablo

        I think its more that a brand that makes what I consider “battle cameras” would let someone who is still inexperienced see their new ‘king of the hill’, he may be amazing, or he may know someone who knows someone, or its a “pre April 1st” release – or as we all hope, ‘they know it will rock and want someone who is young, and fresh and keen to try and pull some amazing shots with it’

    • Woot

      Then he would be like the so-so photographer that happens to KNOW someone in the industry (he says he knows Ricoh peeps) and get the gigs that you as an experienced photog would just DREAM to get….

  • As a Pentax user, i say : Pop corn time 😀

  • Kev

    I wouldn’t be to suprised if pentax have come up with a nice way to use the full potential of aswell aps-c as ff lenses, since they have this sweet habit of always being first, especially since they have clearly been waiting to get something figured out prior to this release

    • schufosi777

      I think without a doubt they will include a crop mode such as the D600 DX mode.
      That will be one of the camera biggest selling points as Pentax users
      are mostly using APS -C lenses. Combined with existing Pentax full frame
      lenses, lenses announced with the K3 and 3rd party full frame lenses
      currently available as well as those that may become available as 3rd
      party manufacturers start including the k mount in their recent
      offerings, then I dont see lens availability as an issue.

  • Dozy Meda

    April 1st approaching again? Pentax full frame will NOT happen folks. Stop dreaming and finally upgrade to Nikon / Canon.

    • Steven Mansour

      “Pentax full frame will soon happen folks. Stop dreaming; you don’t need to downgrade to Nikon / Canon.”

      There, I fixed it for you.

      • Pablo


  • Danonino

    Pentax FF sounds good. 🙂

  • Reality


  • Mike Svitek

    What I’m wondering is where this release date came from… I have known these representatives all my life, which is why they allowed me to try out the camera for a while. I have since given it back… They specifically told me it would be released at the end of 2013 or very beginning of 2014… I’d say just before Christmas would be the best choice in that time-frame…
    Where did March 27th come from?

  • pablo

    I want one – What makes me nervous about this kind of info release is that this is what I have always wanted, I want a camera that is proper pro, I would be happy to pay for the Pentax level of a D4 / D800/E or the Pentax version of a 1DX (ok 1DX is a bit steep)/ 5Dmkiii, but most would not, I would love a smaller body than a D4 or 1DX but really dont care about size – its just so very close to 1 April.

    • CrimsonFire

      Based on what he said that is what this is. The K5 was a professional body, with a professional APSC sensor. A K5 with a professional FF sensor would tick all the check boxes.

  • Paul

    Any news on the APS-C compact?

  • Aspa

    Well, according to Rice High’s blog Mr. Svitek’s story might be true. There were some developments with all this news. I really hope it is. We’ll see tomorrow, maybe 😉

  • Marc

    Cock up or clever leak? In the first case somebody at Ricoh canada is getting fired. It’s also possible mr Svitek just made everything up, which would make him an elaborate attention whore.

  • Alex

    Ricehigh changed the counter to 17th of April, instead of 27th March.
    Photorumors’ ability to pick the most unreliable sources is amazing.

    • Lesson learned.

      • schufosi777

        I cant see the problem. A rumour site is for discussing rumours no matter how baseless, groundless or likely they may be. It should be fun.

        • Many people don’t get that simple concept and they expect/demand an apology when I report something I saw on another website…

          • Alex

            Not an apology, but at least marking things as being fake (when proven so).

          • I did that, see the first sentence in this post:
            “Ok, it seems that the rumors I reported in my last Pentax post were bogus”

          • Alex

            In an obvious way, I mean. For example, a [FAKE] tag in the title.

            This way, maybe you won’t link such fakes as “Related posts”, or at least it will be obvious what they are, without having to open the article and carefully search for a few words.

            Stopping re-using the Pentaxrumors’ 1st April joke K-3 picture would be nice, too. People are thinking you’re intentionally spreading misinformation.

  • Mike Svitek

    Dear Admin. I would like a reply to my question… To everyone else, read the description. The guy ended off buying a 5D instead.
    Video off a WG-10

    • If you had really restricted it to a small group of people on G+ no one outside that group of people would have been able to see it. That’s just how circles work on G+. For it to have been public, you either deliberately set it that way, or didn’t check the setting.

      You are not in my circles, and I was able to see it and so were many other people, so the post was almost certainly public, in which case all of this attention you claim you don’t want is entirely your own fault.

      I also note that (if you check the posting history of this person) you have claimed to have had access to FF K-mount DLSRs before:

      • I’m getting some replies via twitter that the whole “I’ve got a FF K-Mount DSLR” think was just a stupid attempt to convince a friend to not switch to a Canon DSLR.

        How stupid is that? If my friend wants to sell of all his PK glass, that’s more and better lenses for me. Plus, if my friend is going for Canikon lenses and bodies, that’s just a chance for me to try all that stuff out for free, and maybe the Canikon stuff is better?!

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