Canon rumored to announce high megapixel DSLR camera by the end of 2013


The rumored high megapixel Canon DSLR camera will probably be announced in October/September this year. The new 1 series body will most likely have a 47MP sensor, but there are also rumors for a 39MP or 50+MP sensors. The release time frame for this high MP Canon camera matches with the rumored 36MP Nikon D4x announcement.

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  • Guest

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Been hearing about this “rumored” high MP body for too many months now. Maybe it’s the new mantra – every few weeks, let rumors about a new high MP body fly to prevent people from switching over.

  • If its anything like the D800, you Canon guys will love it!

    Be forewarned though, it really is too much of a good thing.
    At least you should have an sRAW option that we don’t.

  • photoviking

    I hope anyone who shoots landscape, architecture or other resolution critical subjects will budget for a tripod upgrade (seriously!) when this thing ships. And Canon would do well to put a “L-series lenses only” warning on the box.

    • CHD

      Or better yet…replace some of the very average L series ultra-wide zooms.

      • photoviking

        That would also be much appreciated!

      • Orpick Aname

        If you shoot with zooms you’re below average as a photographer so it doesn’t matter.

        • Nishi Drew

          Oh right I forgot, the only real photographer shoots landscapes and likes to call himself “Ansel” and attempts to take the same kind of shot with a gear setup resembling to “the legend’s” setup closely enough, must use primes! Because oh, photographers that believe it matters to capture the moment in time with a capable lens that can zoom are below average event, news and wedding photogs.

  • Keep on truckin’

    High megapixel = 18 megapixels.

  • Oberoth

    It’s a shame medium format cameras always looks so out of place because if we can fit full format sensors in tiny point and shoot bodies then we could easily put a much bigger sensor in a full sized body with say 100+mp without going to tiny pixel sizes.
    That would be a premium worth paying.

    • Global

      You mean a Nikon/Canon Medium Format camera in a “D4” body as a “Micro Medium” of sorts? If the sensor could fit, of course, you’d still need all new lenses. =

      • Oberoth

        I don’t have many lenses but I can appreciate that would be an issue for those that do but then that just evolution. Canon/Nikon wouldn’t stop making full frame sized camera but those that want a step up in quality have more options that just the 645D.
        I am not sure where the limit of glass is when we keep increases resolution but lens for a 100+mp beast would be crazy money I am sure.

    • You mean like a 645D? The flange distance is the problem with medium format. Not many easy ways to make that narrower unless they axe the mirror.

      • Oberoth

        I would have no problem in dropping the mirror, sensor speeds and screen resolutions have come on so much recently that it’s not a loss anymore you just gain improved durability, reduced noise (auditable kind) and vastly superior fps rates are possible.

      • Lorenzo Amato

        Well, what would be the problem in eliminating the mirror? Mamiya 7 didn’t have the mirror and was a great camera, and almost portable, despite being 6×7. An actual 6×4.5 camera without mirror could be as big as a D800, or even smaller (camera body; lenses no idea)

    • Nishi Drew

      How about Leica and their S cameras?

      You can get what you want if you have a bank or two to spare

  • George

    Profits are found in selling to the largest market, with the least effort. Repackaged 18 megapixel sensors will do that best. Don’t expect a corporation to care too much about perfection over profits (how many high pixel count cameras really sell in the real world)(most photographers who really need pixels, bought a medium format, or a Nikon already)

    Be happy with a 5D 3 or switch brands, by the time you see canon 40+ sensor in the store, Sony will be producing 60+ chips. CMOSIS already lists a 3.1 micron 70 megapixel full frame chip on their web site !

    • DonD

      Yep, if you have several million to spend and the choice is between engineering and marketing, marketing wins every time! The days of make a great product and people will find it are over. There are the days of we will tell you want is great and make you want it, even if it is not so great!

      • Marco Santa Cruz

        actually if culture is any indicator… there is a great rift, which is becoming more apparent… people are digging deeper -but just the same… there’s the group who can’t unglue their eyes from the tube and eats all the crap it feeds- and these people care about their actions.

  • photographer

    This really looks like a campaign orchestrated by Canon marketing to try to slow down the significant stream of Canon shooters adding D800 to their arsenal or moving away from Canon for good.

    Canon’s main problem right now is not MP, it is DR. A 24MP DX Nikon D7100 has as much DR as a 22MP Canon 5DIII with a sensor 2.25 times smaller.

    I’ll get excited by this rumored Canon mega pixel monster the day we get working cameras and DxO test results.

    • drfan

      In fact, if DXO is to be believed, a D7100 has 2 stops more DR than a 5DIII at base ISO…

    • kash

      hi good as a young photographer at the age 16 i juss wat to knw which 1 to get can any1 help me

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