Pentax full frame DSLR camera is coming, but not tomorrow

Pentax full frame DSLR camera rumors

Ok, it seems that the rumors I reported in my last Pentax post were bogus, but this doesn't change the fact that a full frame Pentax DSLR camera is coming soon - see yesterday's tweet from Pentax Australia. Last year Pentax Australia also tried to convince their Twitter audience that "good things are coming".

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  • Pentixon

    well.. the next aps-c body from pentax is literally always the same.. don’t appealing to me.. if they release full frame I will be the first to buy

  • Marc

    Pentax already confirmed full frame on cp+ not much news.

  • kickars

    Let’s just make one thing clear here. Mike Svitek has never said the FF from Pentax will be released this week. In fact, he questioned the so called 27th of March claim in his google+. He said very clearly that the information he has suggests the release date to be the end of this year or early next year. Basically, so far there’s nothing to suggest what he claimed to be wrong.

    • Marc

      The post clearly states that info came from Rice High.

  • Zurich Int

    It might be “coming” We all know that, but not anytime soon. Think Photokina 2014 or something

    K-3 is 24 MP APSC

    • BP2012

      Next high-end Pentax DSLR will be based on 24MP FF Sony sensor. Name is least important.

      • Ufupuw

        It’s not. The next two cameras are APSC. One with the 24 MP sensor, and one with the 16 MP sensor.

  • Zurich Int

    Pentax has been saying things about FF since Photokina 2012.

    This absolutely doesn’t mean than K-3 (which is a real camera coming next) is FF

    K-3 is not FF camera. K-3 is 24 MP APSC camera.

    I will not hold my breadth on FF before 2014 (even if — which is unlikely — Pentax shows some pro-type at the end of 2013).

  • Karol Wojdyna

    No, you’re not right. Pentax Full Frame DSLR WILL BE announced on 27th March, but 2017.

    • LOL. I dont agree but that was good.

  • Man with a Movie Can

    The tweet from Pentax Australia about holding onto your lenses is probably to discourage users from moving to Nikon or Canon!

  • Anon1

    Funny how Pentax Australia is simply a distributor of multiple brands
    Turns out, they also as import and distribute Hasselblad, Sigma, Ziess, and Kenko (among others) under the name of C.R Kennedy.
    Furthermore, does anyone really know who is at the keyboard writing the Pentax Australia tweets? Perhaps, the president of Australia’s Pentax division? Perhaps, an intern who was told to? Perhaps, someone who doesn’t actually have any access to what is in the works for Pentax? We can make assumptions, but we don’t know for sure.
    Thus, I would be hard pressed to accept that “this might be the year” implies that a “fullframe DSLR is confirmed to be in the works” and still be able to call it a credible idea.
    But hey, I guess that’s why they call it photorumors, eh?

    • “Pentax Australia is simply a distributor of multiple brands”

      I think you got it the other way around.

      • Anon1

        Yeah, I fumbled that. How about, “Pentax Australia is simply one of multiple brands sold under a single distributor”

  • JimAbels

    So this is the reply from Mike Svitek on youtube. Seems like its just a rumor taken from his google plus account that was meant to trick his friend into staying with Pentax not to be spread across the internet as a legit source. Most likely it will be released later this year if anything and not any sooner.

    • Mistral75


      • I agree, pathetic. I got fooled this time.

        • the_truth

          Ok, an apology. I appreciate that. Now let’s make sure the sources are reliable.

    • Aekn

      I didn’t know Bieber was into Pentax

  • Ufupuw

    People like RiceHigh (and Photorumors that goes along with RiceHigh) deliberately set Pentax fans for disappointment by exaggerating expectations.

    They did exactly the same thing just before Photokina 2012 (many rumors about K-3 and 645D updates back then). All of them were false rumoprs.

    I am 100% sure that K-3 is a 24 MP APSC camera with new AF system and new SR and a improved Sony sensor, but regardless of how good it is, photorumor and ricehigh combined have set the false expectation that it is a FF camera — setting everyone up for a disappointment.

    By the way, note that photorumor never apologized for previous false rumors. He just copied yet another one from RiceHigh (this time “Pentax Australia” twitter account). Pentax Australia isn’t related to Pentax Ricoh. It’s a separate company that apart from Pentax sells all kinds of other equipment from other brands (like Zeiss, Sigma, binoculars, surveillance cameras etc)

    Photorumor has been told this, but he will pretend nothing happened and he will post something else tomorrow,

    • You must be new here – maybe if you read some of my old posts you will get an idea for the purpose of the site and how it operates.

      • Alex

        The purpose of this site being to endlessly propagate Pentaxforums’ 1st April K3 joke? 😉

      • the_truth

        You’re getting a lot of heat over this one, aren’t you? Understandably so.

    • If Pentax could come up with a 24MP APS-C camera with video capability of the GH3, I would totally get one.

  • the_truth

    And this is why rumor sites are a bit of joke lately! When was the last time one of these rumor sites actually received accurate information well ahead of an announcement? I’m not talking the a day or 2 before the actual announcement but several days or weeks. I take anything here, or at Canon Rumors, Nikon Rumors, Alpha Rumors, etc with a grain of salt. Anyways, they’re all run by the same people. Or at least these people have are part of the same group. Sheeshh! Stop looking for rumors. Just go out and shoot!

    • Then why are you waisting your time here, go out shooting and stop trolling on my blog. Hypocrisy and trolling are not allowed here and your comments will be deleted.

      • the_truth

        Hey, i’m just pointing out the obvious. That’s all. Call me an hypocrite or a troll all you want. You were looking for hits on your site and you got’hem.

        Looks like a duck, walks like a duck….It’s a duck!

  • JMK2

    Oh, I remember every April foll’s day we have something about Pentax Full Frame! Haha!

  • pentaxpentax

    “Pentax will announce full frame camera next March…”
    If it doesn’t happen, just repeat this sentence again.

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