Samsung NX300 starts shipping in the next few days, Usain Bolt is the new face of the NX line


The Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera will start shipping in the next few days and Usain Bolt is the new face behind the NX product line. Here is a recap of the main technical camera specifications:

  • 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS censor
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • Hybrid AF
  • 3D capabilities
  • 3.31" AMOLED touchscreen with 768k dots
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Price: $748 for Nx300 and20-50mm kit lens (includes also a free version of Adobe Lightroom 4, valued at $120).


Samsung NX300 unboxing video:

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  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    Game on. Sue Egypt.

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    Game on. Sue Egypt.

  • McPIX

    A pity it has no EVF… the brown leather looks really nice!

    • The price is also nice – $750 for a kit with lens and Lightroom 4.

    • John

      I like the box in black, too!

  • Mike

    So much for Nikon capitalizing on Usain grabbing a D4 at the Olympics. Wonder how much Samsung is paying Mr. Bolt for the campaign.

    • Yes, Nikon missed that one.

      • Joe

        Well, at least they’ve still got Kelso from “That ’70s Show.”

        • LOL, I wanted to vote your comment down, but you get an ‘up’ vote for making me chuckle.

    • Paul

      Nikon should’ve locked him down with a contract after that. Come on marketing department.

  • CJ

    Sure, it’s fast and furious, just like their spoke person, BUT, it won’t last long, just like their spoke person.

  • CJ

    It’s a nice gift item in the Walmart.
    Now, let’s go get a real camera like Nikon or Canon.

  • CJ

    Nikon was smart not to use Mr. Bolt, he has not lasting power like a marathoner.

    • schufosi777

      He is a decent 400m runner though and thats a lot further than most people could jog.

  • white

    this nx line is too black for me

  • Z

    Is the new camera capable of keeping focus when Mr. Bolts is running fast??

    • D5100 owner


    • Nishi Drew

      It probably goes ahead and takes a “fast” photo before he goes running out of focus, don’t worry about catching up to him you already got a shot!

    • Yes, that’s the point


    Samasung????? 😉

  • If he is the New Face..Well I just won’t buy one. How abt maybe Kate Upton.

  • Goose

    by the looks of it, Usain bolt is ecstatic about this product.

  • ArtK

    Money talks – Bolt runs

  • MichelCapture

    Sad people copy facts. Bolt took pictures at the Olympics with Nikon…
    Samsung made a silly choice.
    Ever looked at Epke Zonderland?
    Take a look at his Olympic result, nobody can do this in the whole world!

    • I had to google him, but pretty awesome. But, um, is he a photographer too?

      • Mice

        No, that D4 was a photographer’s camera.

        • I mean what does Epke Zonderland have to do with photography or Usain Bolt or his famous D4 photos, or photography in general, in a post about Samsung.

  • Is this a NX200 on steroids?

  • Will be interesting to see how good the 3D photos and video from the NX 300 Samsung camera is.

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