Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumored specifications


Another set of rumored Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera specifications is currently floating around (see previous set of specs from November 2012):

  • 21MP APS-C
  • ISO 100-25600 (L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400)
  • 10fps
  • Video 'stills burst' mode 30/60 fps
  • Full HD video with manual control
  • Single CF card slot
  • 19 AF Points all cross
  • On chip phase detect pixels for live view and AF tracking
  • 100% viewfinder
  • Viewfinder LCD higher resolution than 7D
  • 3.2" LCD
  • GPS, Wi-Fi
  • Alloy body with better weather sealing over 7D
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  • xjxjxjxjxj

    good, so Nikon D400 rumors will soon come up

    • Such silence about D400 is scary

      • loki989

        Huh? There are all kinds of rumors brewing- you just can’t see them through the oil and dust marks on the sensor.

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR


        • grant torres

          Gone are the days when rumors are HEARD and not SEEN. Internet is such a disruption to sane way of doing things.

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso

        I don’t remember hearing much about the last two cropped sensor cameras before they came around.

  • Guest

    Now its getingelt interesting.

    • How so? at the rumored $2000 pricetag it will likely only attract professionals who would probably buy a 6D for that price. The D7100 is rumored to be around $1200. The dark side is alluring as always….

      • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

        It will attract pros who want framerate and buffer and also want to eat tomorrow.

      • I would buy it if I wasn’t Nikon.

        • No longer Pablo Ricasso

          I think I would wait until I could see the images, but I’m not expecting a lot. By the time this thing MIGHT come out we will almost all be affording full frames. This and the D400/9000 will necessarily hit a very narrow market.

          • Vin

            I think the D400 and the D900 will be extremely popular, I would expect the D400 to repace the very popular D300s, the D900 should be a true D700 repacment.

          • I agree. The 7D and D400 will be a $2000 price point for sports and nature shooters who want the improved FPS and weather seals. I think the idea of a D800 with a Crop sensor and high FPS would be a winner. I would just need to be sure which body I grabbed – one for landscapes and another for sports/wildlife.

      • Remedy

        Seriously dude? A professional is gonna buy a poor man’s crap shit, lacking features joke like 6D instead of a fully stacked up cam with APS-C sensor? Maybe a professional retard who has no clue what he really wants.
        Sick of all that nonsense yapping about how the full frame cam has to be more expensive. Gimme a break.

        • I know a few pros that have bought 6ds. Frame rate wasn’t important to them. IQ was. Gimme a break.

          • Remedy

            Judging by the DxOMark only an idiot would pick 6D over a 600$ D3200, or 3 years old D7000 if indoors/high iso is not your main goal. Gimme a break again.
            You just joined the self adoring FF bandwagon which seems to be missing obvious facts. Canon’s FF can’t polish shoes of Nikon’s, Sony’s and Pentax’s APS-C cameras in terms of dynamic range, color sensitivity and depth and that’s exactly what matters for 90% of the photography. FACT.

          • Remedy

            Canon’s FF CAN*

        • I saw a pro at a NFL gave with a D300 as a scond body with a 70-200 so yes, a pro sports shooter will buy a 7D or D400 for the crop and higher frame rate.

  • Koseng

    Where are the pro EF-S lenses?

  • ArtK

    “Viewfinder LCD higher resolution”? You mean – LCD screen resolution? Does not have an electronic viewfinder I hope?

  • NikonFatBoy

    Yes, it is the D7100 killer!!

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Exactly. Then Nikon will HAVE to make a D400.

      • APS-C has enough noise as is… you guys should stop and just go full frame 🙂

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          lol. Remember when the D1, a 2mp camera, was praised for its excelent SNR, or noise control, at base ISO? Crop sensors are pretty fantastic in low light nowadays. Some are better than the first canon full frames!

          • “Crop sensors are pretty fantastic in low light nowadays. Some are better than the first canon full frames!”

            So what do you think the 11 year gap between full-frame and APS-C is going to be brought down to in the future? 🙂

          • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

            I am just trying to introduce some perspective here. You said that crop sensors have “enough noise as it is”, as if todays crop sensors are bad, even though we have recently witnessed crop sensors suddenly get two stops more high ISO performance.

            I am quite happy with the high ISO performance of my D7000, and if given the choice between a 12fps D400 with a big buffer and no AA, and a D600, I would take the D400 without hesitation.

          • No longer Pablo Ricasso

            I want BOTH.

          • No longer Pablo Ricasso

            You have some good points here. Yes they can sometimes make a cropped sensor that does about as well as a full frame of the past but, given the money going into full frames, that is a temporary thing. The newest full frame will always also have the latest technology also, and therefore will always be a stop ahead of the small sensor.

            I think what is tripping people up so much is that the large sensors have been so comparatively expensive in the past that they aren’t expecting costs to come down like they have on the stuff that they shoot.
            The D600 is at the same price point that the D100 was and will probably soon get to the price point of a D70. Yes, that means REFURB, at least at the moment.
            At this point I would think of the entry level full frame cameras as being the functional and economic equivalent of the D100 and D70. I would think of old full frames as being the equivalent of used professional film cameras of the day, such as the F4 and F5. I would think of the cropped sensor cameras as being the equivalent of the superzoom point and shoots that were so popular with those who were waiting to buy a DSLR, the cameras that can be found in pawn stores for 20 to 50 bucks now due to camera phones. I would view the people clinging to the APS format exclusively like I view the people who, at that time, bought new film cameras knowing that digital would never surpass film.

          • schufosi777

            Full frame images have a special richness and almost 3 dimensional look that APS-C images do not have. Some people can see it, some people cant and some just dont want to. Eventually full frame will work its way down to Rebel territory or whatever they are calling at the time.

          • It’s not a subjective thing… it’s in the physics. The “3D” look comes from micro contrast. There are two main things that make larger imagers (whether film or digital) show this property… first is the lower reproduction magnification and the other is the ability to use relatively higher quality lenses (often incorrectly confused with faster lenses) than small formats.

  • schufosi777

    Yep there is no way the D7100 will compete with that.

    • reynaldirhs

      D7100 will be compete with 70D that will be released soon (i hope so), but this will contrary to the upcoming D400, successor of D300s

    • Remedy

      Depends what You mean. Image quality-wise 7D or any other Canon APS-C can’t compete even with D3200 so….

  • etr bronny

    looks like a winner, i personally would love a integrated grip?

  • disappointed

    one CF card slot??? what are they thinking?

  • outkasted

    Only one slot? Really?

  • Alan

    The increase from 18 to 21Mp seems rather unimportant in
    pixels, but it does indicate a new sensor. Logic tells me it should be a
    significant jump forward in quality, as the old one was reincarnated so many
    times….We shall see……

  • pashminu

    It is high time, that Canon upgraded the 7D. Will it have an integrated battery grip like the 1Dx?

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