New Fuji entry-level mirrorless camera with X mount to be announced this summer


Digicame-info reports that Fuji will announce a new entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with X mount (update: NOT with a 2/3 inch X-Trans CMOS sensor inside). The official announcement will be this summer and the release in fall. The Japanese price is rumored to be around ¥70,000 ($700). I also received similar information: the new Fuji camera will be announced in July with a US price tag of $550.

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  • Kevin

    3.6x crop factor, by the way.

  • Better stick with X20 then.

  • Renato S.

    wow, I wonder what’s Fuji approach with this, very unexpected and intriguing. I imagine it’s a very high end camera, Hybrid ViewFinder maybe? But at elast an EVF and if it’s not small, it doesn’t make sense. But I don’t get it, as a seconf pocket camera, I hardly think this can be better than just the X20, with the X-mount lenses, this will be completely not pocketable.

  • McPIX

    “…X mount and a 2/3 inch X-Trans…”

    Sounds like nonsense, makes no sense.

  • Peter

    maybe it’ll have a integrated converter like the Metabones speed booster?

  • xjxjxjxjxjxjxjxjx

    the next trick in the grand scheme to make me buy x-mount lenses…

  • kuishinbou

    Perhaps an entry-level X-series camera, but I doubt a 2/3 sensor ~ that would be pointless and backwards. Shouldn’t we be heading the other way with sensor size…And, Fuji already has the X-20. An entry-level APS-C sized sensor X-series camera would be suffice to compete with M4/3…

    Hopefully they start focusing on designing a fantastic X-Pro 2…

    • That 2/3″ sensor bit has got to be bogus.

      • The 2/3″ sensor was again a mistake in the translation. The camera will have an APS-C sensor.

  • Mistral75

    Digital Camera Info specifies that a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, equipped with a 2/3″ sensor, is to be announced this summer and that it would come in between Pentax Q/Q10 (1/2.3″ sensor) and Nikon 1 (1″ sensor).

    They are therefore speaking about two cameras to be announced this summer:

    1. The entry level, APS-C sensor, X-mount Fujifilm “X-M1″ priced around ¥70,000 / $700 / €550
    2. A brand new system camera with interchangeable lenses, a 2/3” sensor and probably a new mount.

  • Vin

    It would make scene, they do need a camera body in the $500-$700 USD. To bring in people to the X mount camera line. This could also push some third party lenses to show up. Would be nice to see some inexpensive good glass. Some more competition to lowering price of Fuji lenses. Perhaps even some sharp primes from Sigma,.

  • Vin

    I think it will not have an EVF, or as many manual control dials, should still be APS-C. It would be cool if it had a rangefinder, that might be asking to much.

  • onodera

    I might be tempted to sell my d7000…

  • Chih-Chieh Chang

    There were TWO different rumors reported by Digicame-info:

    The first (, announced on 4/20) was about an entry level X-mount mirrorless, with APS-C sensor, probably corresponding to Panasonic GF series (X-E1 and X-Pro1 correspond to G and GH series, respectively).

    The second (, announced on 4/21) was about an X-mount mirrorless with 2/3″ X-Trans CMOS II sensor (the one used by X20) and interchangeable lens, in order to compete with Pentax Q and Nikon 1 (the size of 2/3″ is right between 1/2.3″ of Pentax Q and 1″/CX of Nikon 1). Digicame-info even mentioned “an overseas website has misquote this rumor; this one is different from the X-mount body previously rumored” in the 4/21 post.

  • cosmin munteanu

    this is logic… Fuji does not have an entry-level camera (x-mount). A X-E1 without EVF would be a solution. The cheapest entry in the Fuji-X world and X-Trans sensor.

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