Sigma rumored to announce 135mm f/1.8 DG OS and 24mm f/1.4 DG Art lenses

In the past few months Sigma announced some very interesting lenses, including the world's first f/1.8 zoom. The latest rumors indicate that later this year the company will introduce also new Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG OS and 24mm f/1.4 DG Art lenses (the new Art line of Sigma lenses are designed to deliver the best image quality possible). An update for the current 50mm f/1.4 lens is also a possibility.

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  • aim54x

    sounds good to me…..

  • Tom

    come on guys, bokeh leaking Sigma 85/1.2 is needed 🙂

    • Nishi Drew

      The Sig 85mm is already just as good as Canon’s 85L, the bokeh is just as creamy and plain good sharp, not F/1.2 sure, but at least focuses a LOT faster than either of Canikon’s top tier 85mm lenses

    • drukknop

      Ha, ha, how about a 135mm f/1.8 for bokeh?! It will be awesome if Sigma does it right. Sharp and creamy bokeh, I can’t wait to get my hands on this lens.

  • D800

    I like what I’m seeing from Sigma lately. Just bought the 35 1.4 and I love it. It is the first non Nikon lens I bought. The big 2 better sit up and take notice!

  • Duncan Dimanche

    Loving it !!! bring them on !!! Sigma is getting big !!

  • G

    Awesome. There should be less compaints this time since it has OS and it is full frame compatible.

    • Global

      THESE… are desirable lenses, if they hold the same quality as the 35/1.4! No complaints about this rumor.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Sigma is really taking over. I hope they price them to shame Canon/Nikon/Others.

  • joey jo jo

    brillant if true!!!! gorgeous focal length, f1.8 would be perfect.
    if its anything like the new sigma 35mm 1.4 in picture quality i might have to grab one, and maybe the 35mm 1.4 while im at it. keep them coming sigma

  • lowhook

    Weather sealed please!

    • Global

      Very important. Sigma has been a bit lax in this area (weather sealing). If they get on board with weather sealing, they are going to rule Nikon.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      True. Very important to some of us out and about shooting in all sorts of weather.
      It’s also one of the reasons I’m keeping my Nikon 35mm f/1.4G…for now.

      • drukknop

        Well, I don’t give a s*&%t about that. The 35mm f/1.4 DG totally smokes the Nikon 35mm f/1.4G in any weather.

  • mcomfort

    Is this lens going to be aps-c like the 18-35 1.8, or FF?

    • danpe

      DG is full frame, it’s going to be big 🙂

      • Pablo Ricasso


      • rearranged

        Not really, look at the canon 135 f2. It’s going to be slightly larger…

        • Remedy

          Oh yeah? Check Zeiss 135 f/1.8, it’s not something I’d call small.

          • drukknop

            Zeiss lenses are always to big, too heavy and/or they lack the very modern feature from space called autofocus.

  • J Shin


    I agree with everyone. They are certainly upping their game!

  • EnPassant

    This rumor will force Nikon to release their own, already patenteted 135/1.8 VR soon! Otherwise Sigma will steal its market! Wonder if Canon also plan to update their 135/2 to an IS version?

    • Lcky

      release something..

    • drukknop

      Great, but the Sigma will probably have better sharpness, contrast and bokeh and it will costs a third of what the Nikon guys ask for their new toy.

  • Jer

    Agree with everyone else this is good news. Competition like this cannot go unnoticed by Nikon or Canon. Which is good for all.


    • And I would be happy to re-buy the 50/1.4 or a 1.2 would be even better!

  • k

    i’ll just save my money for sigma. lol

    • RMFearless

      Me too!

  • Visualiza

    If this releases before the Nikon, I’ll be the first in line, provided the quality matches up with their recent primes, of course.

  • sasa208

    Yes, update for the 50mm please! I would love to see Sigma compete with the upcomming Zeiss 55mm 1.4 Distagon. If they can match or even outperform that lens with autofocus and for 1/3 rd of the price, that would be amazing! We need lenzes that do the D800E and the soon to be 50+ Mpix cams justice

  • xjxjxjxjxjxjx

    right on, sigma! another most-wanted lens!!! wonder what comes next…200/2??

  • Andrea

    and when an updated 24-70 f/2,8? (with OS, possibily) I’m really looking for it…

  • Sky

    Well, there’s stabilized Zeiss 135 f/1.8 for A-mount already, so
    nothing extraordinary here. And Zeiss is one of the sharpest lenses ever build for Full Frame cameras across the systems. Competition will be extremely tough for Sigma there. It would be more interesting if they’ll release HSM version with weather-sealing.

    • Remedy

      I’m sure Sigma is interested in the whole… 3 people market of Sony FF users.

      • Sky

        I’m sure they’re not interested in ignorants.

        • Nishi Drew

          Right, competition for a $1,800 lens, Sigma prices anyone?
          And who said it wouldn’t have HSM? That’s a standard now, and a 135mm F/1.8 being extraordinary? Right, maybe the rare 135mm F/1.5 would be considered extraordinary~

          • Sky

            Nope, it’s more that you hardly can do anything extraordinary in this focal length. Kinda like you hardly can do anything extraordinary with 24mm FF lens, when there are already great lenses with extremely bright aperture.
            And these “sigma prices” might be higher than you expect, as since 50 f/1.4 they go up and up with price tags. Still though this lens isn’t even released yet, so I have no clue why you’re already using price as an argument when we don’t even have any full information about lens specification.
            Finally: yes – sure it’s a competition. Same focal length, same aperture, same market segment, likely: same bayonet == competition. No clue how you could think otherwise.

    • Michael Welle

      Actually, the Zeiss 135 f1.8 is not stabilized. However, if you mount it to a Sony Alpha camera with Steadyshot inside, you will get image stabilization.

      • Sky

        So in the end you get stabilization.

        • Michael Welle

          Not always. If you use an alpha camera with steadyshot inside. If you are using a Sony NEX with the LA-EA2, you will not get image stabilization. With the Zeiss it entirely depends on having a Sony Alpha camera with Steadyshot inside.

          • Sky

            And if you use Sigma with NEX on an adaptor that doesn’t have contacts – you won’t get stabilization either.
            Come on adapters don’t have anything to deal with it.
            In the system it was designed for – A-mount – you get stabilized 135mm f/1.8 lens. That’s the morale of whole story, period.

          • Michael Welle

            No, that’s not right. You will get image stabilization with an OS Sigma lens on a NEX adapter. I use both the Sigma 70-200 OS HSM and 17-50 OS HSM with the LA-EA2 and get stabilization fine. See here:

          • Sky

            Read my post again, please. Only carefully this time.

    • gunnar pung

      I find the A-mount lenses a tad hard to mount on my D800, but thanks for the tip.

      • Sky

        Well, should have picked system with glass suitable for your needs. 😉

      • drukknop

        I couldn’t care less about that. A nice and tight fit might even prevent dust and moist from coming in.

    • drukknop

      Zeiss lenses are too big, too heavy and way too expensive. Excellent choice for use with an 1800’s plate camera.

  • Please also for Pentax K-mount, since this lens is one off the most popular choices that Pentax users miss in the lens line-up:

  • fjfjjj

    “The world’s first f/1.8 zoom.” Blah blah blah. Excuse me while I go back to shooting with my Zeiss DigiZoom 17-112mm f/1.7 (T1.9).

    • drukknop

      Er, for photography.

  • fjfjjj

    “The world’s first f/1.8 zoom.” Blah blah blah. Excuse me while I go back to shooting with my Fujinon 18-85mm f/1.8 (T2.0).

    • drukknop

      Have fun hauling that monster around, ha, ha!

  • photo-Jack

    Take a look, Nikon! While you wasting you energy in the toy-department and with half-baked stuff, others approaching the pro market and apparently doing pretty well. Considering the price too, even the newcomer Samyang is doing good. Being excited to see their 24 PCE

  • kinchanphotography

    Sigma could pull in big bucks if they got a good 50 1.4 out there cause there is a real gap in the market for a good 50 (especially for Canon whose 1.2 is too expensive for most, 1.4 is old in the tooth and 1.8 even older).

    • drukknop

      Nah, there are enough fifties now. One for every boy and girl.

  • 5Dlll

    I am looking forward to this lens, it will go nice with my sigma 35 f1.4 and 85 f1.4 witch I love, and every time Sigma comes out with a great lens for allot less money than Canon and Nikon I will cheer, because I am so sick of companies over pricing there product because there hasn’t been enough good 3rd party competition out there to keep them from doing it, but now Sigma is sending a message to the big boys, and they better look out, and also Tamron, but there will always be the fools who will only buy a lens with an L or a red ring on it, and that is what companies like Canon are counting on

  • Rick

    135mm f/1.8 OS? sounds hot. Might help out with folks who dream about 200mm f/2 VR II, for maybe 1/4~1/6 the cost. The 24mm f/1.4, if anything close to their Art 35mm, will get big sales! Right now there’s only a weak $300 24mm f/2,8D and a pricy $2000 24mm f/1.4G in the nikon lineup

    • Nick

      Why can’t people do anything without OS anymore? Suddenly every lens without OS is useless. Leaving the complex OS system out, there’s less that can break or go wrong. Use your muscles, more light or a tripod, cry babies.

      • “Use your muscles, more light or a tripod, cry babies.”

        I had a stroke. Don’t be intolerant.

    • Navo

      Leave the OS out please Sigma. No need for that. Just a solid piece of excellent glass and metal please.

  • As an avid user of the 135mm focal length for portraiture Sigma has really got my attention with the announcement of the 135mm art lens

    • Sigma Fan Boy

      Absolutely, the new 135mm could become my new favorite lens for close-up portraiture. But only if it’s significantly better then the Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8G, because for the price that lens is a killer.

  • P

    Please let this bad boy hit the market soon!!!

  • Flint

    Man, I can’t wait to try that 135mm f/1.8 lens! The 35mm f/1.4 is excellent and I guess this new 135mm will be too. A nice combo. Paired with the rumored 24mm it will be a new prime holy trinity. Nikon can f&€$%#k off with their ridiculously high priced lenses.

  • Mark Martinez

    Any news on the Sigma 135 ???

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