New Kodak Pixpro mirrorless camera shown at the 2013 P&E show in China


At the 2013 P&E show in China Kodak had on display a new Pixpro mirrorless (interchangeable lens?) camera with a design similar to the Olympus PEN series. I could not find any additional information on this model. Few months ago JK Imaging got the rights to use the Kodak brand name on their cameras and they introduced the Kodak Pixpro S1 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera (more S-1 images available here):



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  • onlyme

    I don’t think that the first photo is a mirroless camera. I think it is a camera like the LX7, G15, etc. Look at the specification of the lens, they couldn’t make those f stops in a lens that small for a mirrorless camera. Also there doesn’t appear to be a lens release button.

    • FBY

      Also there is no ‘Micro Four Thirds’ logo like on the S-1

    • Zorro

      Looks like a mirrorless camera to me – like the LX7 and G15, etc.

  • fjfjjj

    The revolutionary new Kodak PixPro 3793 features a one-of-a-kind multicoated polished multi-element lens that surpasses all other lenses in its class.* When you take pictures with the new PixPro 3793, they are beamed automatically† to your Windows PC using free Kodak software to where they will be stored for free‡ so you can share with family and friends! When you’re ready to print, use any compatible Kodak printer◊ with genuine Kodak inks!

  • CuriousCameraBuff

    So these are the new camera from “Kodak”, but actually they are being made by some anonymous Chinese company who are just paying Kodak USA for the name. I don’t believe the mysterious “JK Imaging” is a manufacturer, just a front company. So, does anyone really know who is making and designing these?

    • Nishi Drew

      Kind of like the “Zeiss” name on Sony lenses, or Leica branded mFT lenses that are designed by Tamron and built by Panasonic? Or something like that…

      • CuriousCameraBuff

        Not really the same, as I know who is building “Leica” lenses on Panasonic and “Zeiss” lenses on Sony. I have no idea who is designing and building these cameras. Until a few months ago JK Imaging didn’t exist and they have no manufacturing facility. So, are they just shopping these out to the lowest mainland Chinese bigger, and changing every six months when a lower price is found? Doesn’t instill confidence in the buyer.

  • vladik

    Who the hell is JK imaging and who cares?

  • ILO

    Of course it will not be built in Europe or USA. It will be build by Asia Optical – the company that designs and make optics and cameras for few decades. There is photos on Internet where partnership between Kodak, JK Imaging (marketing) and Asia Optical. No one would get interested in Asia Optical cameras but Kodak is a different story. BTW actual Kodak cameras we built be Funai so it is not like something extraordinary. Not sure who makes cameras for Sony, Panasonic and etc. Most likely they all are designed and made by the same Taiwanese company (kidding but might be true). Well Sony is a brand name for Minolta cameras.

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