Pentax working on a new professional APS-C based camera


In a recent interview, the Managing Director and General Manager of Pentax Ricoh China made some interesting statement, including the development of a new professional APS-C based Pentax camera. Mr. Tomoyoshi Shibata also confirmed that Pentax is working on a full frame DSLR camera that will be different than anything else available today.

Via PCPop

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  • BP2012

    Very good news.
    “different than anything else available today” is a very bold statement.
    I hope that statement is not related to Mark Newson 😉

    • Boooe

      I guess they will found that they have skipped the cyan color and decided to release camera in it. That’s how it’s going to be different.

      • BP2012

        No, really… I can’t imagine what could be “FF different than anything else available today”. We already have compact and mirrorles FFs. Maybe 360 degrees “there’s nowhere you can hide” FF camera?

        • madmax

          Maybe a fixed lens DSLR camera. This would be a first in the digital camera industry. Also could be a modular system, like Ricoh´s.

          • Ufupuw

            Fixed lens DSLR? What would be point? RX1 is least small. A DSLR won’t be.

          • kuishinbou

            No more fixed-focal-length cameras please! Such a silly fad. The only benefit is size…the RX-1 and the X100s are nice cameras, for instance; but they are too limited. Once one gets an interchangeable lens camera, the fixed focal length camera will start collecting dust.

            Pentax should make the full frame camera mirrorless, as that is what is needed in the market. There are already enough DSLRs…

    • Alex

      Actually, it’s not; but we tend to read too much over it 😉

      It could be something as “trivial” as product placement, feature set etc. The camera market is a conservative one, there isn’t much room for something truly different.

  • Mistral75

    There is a precise, human-made translation of the PCPop report here:

    The “new professional APS-C based Pentax camera” imagined by RiceHigh is actually the project of a Pentax-branded APS-C sized compact camera which could be styled like the MX-1.

    • Sky

      which is also a good news. I definitely would be interested in that.

  • oldtoby

    “…different than anything else available today” will be a blue, red and white body.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my K5 and wouldn’t want to switch systems, but that is not a bold but an tautologous claim.

    Not going to happen (even though I so wish it would)


    • oldtoby

      hm.. I meant to say outrageous claim… Tupi auto-correct.

  • nameless

    This Pentax FF saga will continue forever…

    • johnny

      Pentax is a rather strange company. They released 645D long ago, but still did not offer 135 FF dslrs to their customer. Even the slowest turtle, Leica, has 135 FF cameras these days

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