Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens now shipping, sample images available


DC.Watch published some sample images taken with the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens on a Fuji X-E1 camera. The manual focus lens is available also for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX cameras and can be purchased in black or silver on eBay (prices starting from $680):


Few more samples from the various eBay listings:


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  • Slip

    In the first picture the strap on the X-E1 is a Crumpler…but one I’ve never seen before. It looks like the an Artisan & Artist strap. Anyone know where to find this Crumpler?

    • Johor

      First time I’ve seen it before. Crumpler products vary from region to region; definitely not available in Europe or Japan so maybe US or Australia?

      • Aaron

        Was released in Australia some time last week.

    • Hans
      • Gary

        Actually the director for this lens project is a Japanese and the factory name it using his name “Mikaton”. The factory is a Chinese factory that was a joint factory with the Japanese company. 100% OEM for optical related product.

  • Renato S.

    This can be a bench mark for their Speed Booster clone, if this has a good quality, at least we can expect some quality from their adapter. In the end it will come down to how much do you need that Metabones’ quality and how much you have to spend.

  • nanite

    Chinese optics, huh? Look at that bokeh…blech!

    • Phil

      I don’t care where the optics come from but that Bokeh really isn’t pleasing. I wonder how much the lens was closed down to make it look like this. Might be a deal breaker.

      • MJr

        Are you referring to the shot with the pocket watches or whatever those are ? Because that bokeh is clearly the shape of 10 aperture blades, which is only visible when stopped down. The others where the bokeh is round, you’re looking at the shape of the front element, and thus wide-open.

    • Chris Chan

      Are you anti-races, the name is a Japanese lens.

  • Nishi Drew

    If Fuji includes the digital split focusing in the X100s to the interchangeable line then manual lenses like this could be a lot more fun to use, next X-pro?

  • Chris Ball

    That’s incredibly cheap for a f/0.95. Any idea what the catch is?

  • I bought this lens as well as the Canon 50mm f1.2L with a Metabones speed booster to use on my NEX-7 in low light. Because of pixel vignetting, I estimate I had around a T stop of 1.4 with the Mitakon and 1.2 with the Canon Metabone combination. To me the Mitakon was horrible in colour and only useable in B&W. Where it was sharper that the canon combination. Bokeh was better with the Canon. After testing both of these, I sold them and bought a leica 50mm f1.4 ASPH Summilux secondhand, the smoothness of the bokeh in many cases makes the depth of field look shallower than the Mitakon. I felt the build quality of the Mitakon was seemed good for the price. My unit, I suspect had an element that wasn’t centred correctly as specular highlights would smear heavily on the right edge of the frame but not the left. My advice would be to try to find a store that stocks these and test to find the best of a batch.

  • LOL

    it would be nice if there is ring modded for Leica M

  • Alan Green

    the 60s called. they want their bokeh back. however, for the price, might make a night street option if you don’t care about oof highlights

  • The lack of longitudinal CA is quite impressive for a lens of this speed.

    People saying the bokeh is bad are being a bit unreasonable… If you’re doing close-ups of things, this lens is not made for that purpose. Get a macro lens instead. Your lenses interchangeable for a reason. When you’re shooting things that are reasonably far away, you won’t stop down much. Again if you’re shooting tight portraits and you want a bit more DOF, then get a lens made for that purpose instead of stopping this down.

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