First picture of the upcoming Olympus PEN E-P5 camera


Olympus PEN E-P5


Olympus PEN F

Last month I reported that the next Olympus PEN camera will look very much like the classic PEN F film model and the latest leaked E-P5 image confirms that rumor. The Olympus E-P5 will have a 16MP sensor (same as in the OM-D E-M5 model) and built-in Wi-Fi. The official announcement will at the beginning of May.

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  • Once Oly figures out we want an OVF in a PEN style camera then they will be getting somewhere. (no not the SLR look-a-like OM-D.)

    • delayedflight

      If you want OVF get yourself a Fuji X100s or X-pro 1. Olympus know their market well enough.
      The PEN series are mainly aimed at happy snappers who want something a little more substantial than a p&s and enthusiast users as a casual camera with more control without the bulk of their ‘work’ camera.

    • looh

      You have the smaller E series SLRs, which use exactly the same (dim) type of porro mirror in the Pen-F cameras.

  • Hugo

    This with an internal EVF (like the NEX-7) would be perfect.

  • Rob LaRosa

    Built in EVF or no thanks

    • BdV

      Then I guess it wouldn’t be a pen e anymore, none of them have an evf.

  • thigmo

    Is anyone else extremely bothered by the location of the “Olympus Pen” text? It’s not centred over the lens (just), and in combination with the double tiered top plate and where the slope is angled (both the top plate and at the front panel where it widens), it just looks wrong…

    • dannybuoy

      Photos are going to look terrible because of that

    • fjfjjj

      I would bet that image is not a photograph, but a rendering.

  • Yoursadgrandma

    I had high hopes for this camera but it’s obvious now that they don’t want to compete with their flagship mirrorless. I have a film pen like the one above, it’s one of the best designed cameras ever. They were able to fit a viewfinder and pentaprism inside so i don’t get why they couldn’t do the same with the digital version when it would require a lot less space. In response to delayed fight: You could still use the back screen to shoot if that’s what you prefer, a vf wouldn’t get in the way of that.

    • delayedflight

      Why add extra cost to a product when the target market won’t care about it. Olympus already have a product that caters to the people that want an EVF it’s called the OM-D.
      At this point in time there’s little incentive for Olympus to make a digital PEN FT as the market just isn’t there and the development and production costs would not be worthwhile.

      Personally I would love to see the Classic PEN FT reborn as a digital mini dslr but I very much doubt it will find a big enough market.

    • MB

      Pen F didn’t have pentaprism at all and that was the ingenuous way to make it so compact at the time. Today using using EVF making camera very compact is rather simple (as in Panasonic LF1 for example).

    • 103david

      The Pen F SLR series didn’t have a pentaprism, which is a solid chunk of optical glass with superior light transmission. Rather, they had a porroprism, which is an ingenious arrangement of front surface mirrors that replicate the prism effect. Unfortunately, a porroprism boasts very much less light transmission and the sole reason to include them was the tiny weight reduction and a marginal cost saving to the finished product. Olympus could have done better, and they should have.
      Back in the day the ongoing joke was that the Pen F SLR cameras came equipped with “Dim-O-Vision” at no extra charge to the buyer.
      All that said, I still think that black bodied Pen with the 40mm F 1.2 lens I still have is an extremely cool bit of work.

  • CRB


  • Good and beautiful. i will buy it now.

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