Zeiss Touit lenses for Sony NEX and Fujifilm X mounts now available for pre-order

Zeiss NEX XF mirrorless system camera lenses

The new Zeiss TouitĀ lenses are now available for pre-order:

Fujifilm X mount

Sony NEX mount

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  • tao

    That price ($900) is not as bad as I expected!

    • fjfjjj

      Pretty high for a not-particularly-fast normal lens.

  • Marc

    what’s a touit?

    • Zak

      That is slang for ‘moron’ in French. A bit of market research would have probably helped here or maybe they I’ll a French name over here…. what’s the German word for touit? šŸ˜‰

      • Anon

        Brush up on your French mateā€¦

    • crap

      I only know twit. I wouldn’t call a product twit.

    • fjfjjj
  • Pablo Ricasso returned

    I suppose that in a year there will be one of these cameras with a sensor tight enough to make use of such a lens, so it’s not really as bad an idea as it sounds.

  • Vin

    These are very interesting, price seems in the ball park. X-trans CMOS Is pretty sharp, no its not 18mp, or 24mp+ aps-c., but will make for good comparison for Fuji lenses. It will be nice to hear the feedback on these.

    • Of course one needs a decent fuji camera for these superlative optics. The only one up to scratch now is the X100S; (see X100S review Ken Rockwell). I will wait till a Pro3 does what the 100S does. I’ll stay on velvia for the time being while you guys go bananas upgrading every 6 months.

  • fjfjjj

    At Zeiss, our lenses for mirrorless system cameras are changing everything. We explored hundreds of names for our new line of lenses, with an international team of linguists, designers, and optical experts. We settled on the name “Touit” for two reasons. The first reason was that our English panel judges guessed that it was pronounced like the word “toot” which can refer to the sound of a small musical instrument, the satisfying release of gas from the human digestive system, or cocaine. All three of these concepts associate positively with the young, hip photographers that are exploring new photographic paradigms. When we told our judges that “toot” wasn’t the correct pronunciation, but that the word was of Latin origin, they took a second guess: that it was pronounced “twat.” This humorous and sexual association is positive for Zeiss because it captures the playful lifestyle that users of mirrorless systems cameras want to pursue. Together, these factors led us to believe that “Touit” was the perfect word to convey the philosophy of our new lens lineup.

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