Leica X Vario Type 107 camera specifications

Leica X Vario Type 107 camera

Update: more images of the new X camera are available here.

Those are the updated specifications for the upcoming Leica X Vario Type 107 camera that will be announced on June 11, 2013:

  • 16.5MP APS-C sensor
  • Leica Vario Elmar 1:3.5-6.4/18-46mm ASPH lens (28-70mm equivalent): 9 elements in 8 groups, 2 ASPH elements
  • Minimal focusing distance: 30cm
  • ISO range: 100-12,500
  • Max shutter speed: 1/2000s
  • 3" TFT LCD with 921k dots
  • Full HD video
  • Built-in flash
  • Additional accessories will include grip, lens hood, external EVF, several different cases
  • Adobe Lightroom will be included
  • Battery capacity: 360 exposures
  • Dimensions: 133 x 73 x 95mm
  • Weight: 679g - around 24oz (with batteries)
  • Price: around 2,500 EUR
  • Made in Germany
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  • Yoursadgrandma

    What can you say to defend this camera? I’m a Leica supporter and I can’t see where this camera fits. Max aperture of 2.0, then sure if you have the money why not. It probably takes awesome, completely in focus pictures. Just seems like you are hamstringing an APS sensor with that slow of a lens. Real head-scrathcher.

  • madmax

    Detailed specifications… without a source???, dirty marketing tricks… All this is really nauseating and quickly driving me away from Leica.

    • When was the last time you saw a rumor website to list their sources online?

      • madmax

        With exact weight, dimensions and battery life? I think this is the first time without a source.

        • yes, why not – I have reported many times the detailed specs of an upcoming camera in the past

          • madmax

            you are right again, of course 😉 but all about this charade is strange indeed…

  • Aesop

    So, wut? Also, no thanks.

    “Price: around 3000 EUR

    Price: around 2,500 EUR”

    • The prices should be: around 2500 EUR or 3000 USD

      • jk

        for this junk?

        • madmax

          I could understand pricing for a M rangefinder as it´s unique in the digital world and somewhat a luxury item, but this is a joke.

          • jk

            the point is this is not the range finder but a Point And Shoot that costs more than 3k.

  • Genkakuzai

    Yeah if these specs are correct I remain extremely unimpressed.

  • Leicavit

    Ha Ha Ha!! f3.5? Is that a typo? Slow as molasses. NO thanks LOL

  • OPP

    I still keep my fingers crossed that this is all a perverse marketing strategy to support a full frame super leica 😛

  • Crusty

    Worth every penny…..for the logo

  • Dominic

    For years, I’ve always pondered whether to buy one or not…

    Thanks to Leica, I no longer have to worry about it since LR comes for free. Yay. 🙂

  • Benjamin Moritz Schaefer

    Nail. In. Coffin. 🙁

  • xc1427

    The rumor seems unquestionably true, but it is not actually. I am betting leica will give you a huge surprise by showing a gorgeous full frame fixed lens camera on June 11.

  • Leica made by Panasonic

    Leica prices for a Panasonic? This old chestnut is becoming tiresome. Only a muppet would buy such a slow lens at such a pricetag

    • looh

      Although it is a boring poor thing, there is no Panasonic equivalent.

  • tim

    Dont get me wrong but was not Leica always about how a full frame sensor is the only real size (after all 35mm is “Leica format”). So this is just a camera to get money form rich people who know nothing about cameras, and only know that Leica is something fancy?

    Does no camera company care about anything than making money? Is this world relay gone so shallow?

    • EnPassant

      No, the first digital Leica cameras were compacts. Not until the presentation of M9 less than four years ago did Leica have a full frame sensor in their M camera.

      Selling special editions of M cameras and overprized compacts to rich people is what made Leica survive the latest 30 years.

      Compared to many other greedy companies in the world, outside of the camera industry, doing whatever to make an extra buck, having most of their production in countries where they can pay slave labour wages or use hazardeous chemicals and production methods Leica with most of their production in Germany and Portugal is among the most respectable ones.

      A company do need to make money to survive, and as long as they don’t do it in an unethical way I see no reason to complain.

    • Samuel

      Sony doesn’t make money. They have a dream to make bluray and 4k a thing and nothing more. Also insurance.


  • Mike

    What is the point of a 70mm f/6.3? You can get similar depth of field with a much smaller but faster sensor/lens combo. Even with a Leica name plate on it, $3000 for an APS-C camera with limited creative options us just dumb. Even Fuji has a 2.8-4 lens. Leica is supposed to make special things. This is not special. File this with the Hassleblad Lunar-7.

    • EnPassant

      The only dumb thing is claiming a camera with an APS-C sensor make no sense as a camera with a much smaller 1/1.7″ sensor can get a similar depth of field.

      Leica today is supposed to make cameras for rich people (who want something exclusive) most mere mortals can’t afford or think are silly overpriced compared to cameras from Asian camera companies.

  • Fants

    I get the Leica bashing (I have no love for them myself), and I get the on-paper dullness of this camera…but really, this is the answer to the hordes of people who respond to EVERY large-sensor compact release with either “Only an f/XX lens??? Dumbest thing ever!” or “No zoom??? Dumbest thing ever!”

    This is what you get when you stick a high-IQ (I assume) zoom on an APS-C compact! It’s big and slow! And you can bet Leica made it as small as they possibly could without winding up with soft borders, field curvature, and bad distortion (a la the RX100 lens, the Panny pancake zoom, the NEX pancake zoom). There are people who kvetch about how “big” the lens on the RX1 is, then a sentence later assert that it should have had at least a 28-50mm zoom lens. And there are people who complain about the speed of the Coolpix A and GR lenses, as though it isn’t already insanely impressive that they fit f/2.8 lenses for APS image circles into completely collapsible shells.

    • looh


  • So much for the mini-M hullabaloo…

  • Andrew

    While I love my Leica M4 and M6 cameras, I don’t think they’ve produced anything practical in the past 10 years. I highly doubt we’ll see in 20 years the irreverance of finding a case of Leica digital M’s that belonged to a famous artist, or really hear about the digital Leica’s at all. The fact is, the company is the Gucci of cameras. There’s nothing important or valuable about their products anymore except the label.

    For me, the Nikon D700 was the digital equivalent of my first Leica M3 DS. My first jobs as a set photographer were because I owned that Leica, it was affordable, easily handheld at slow speeds, and it was quiet. When was the last time you saw a kid with an M9? Leica isn’t pushing their products anymore, they’re just trolling the wealthy. It works for Gucci, maybe it’ll work for Leica.

    • hexx

      Yep, and you can’t really compare the feel of M9 with the feel of M6, I was very surprised, maybe expecting too much. D700 is a legendary camera.

      • Mardock

        As is the D3s.

    • jk

      mostly agreed but the problem is the Nikon is too huge to carry everyday to every where.
      we really need a digital Leica not the crap like this or the M type 240 ,which is a bit too thick and huge compare to old film Leicas.

      • Digilux2

        I found it… the only one: Leica Digilux 2 (everything mechanical) Don’t need ISO12500, everything in ISO100 with F2.0 (OK, not for ultra fast moving objects). Compleatly low noise. More Details with 5MPX on JPEG than most 12-20MPX-APS-Cs with plastic lenses.

        • Samuel

          I love that camera, and will buy one it is perfect. They should have rereleased that instead. Or just make a m43 camera

  • jk

    I think now Leica has become just a fashion brand like Gucci or like that.
    I will never take it seriously every again.

    • Sahaja

      I’m sure this camera will be capable of taking fine pictures – but if you want to do that, there are far better ways to spend the money that Leica will charge for this.

      However rich, fashionable ladies in Shanghai will buy these to put in their LV handbags – and Leica will make money from them.

  • Disappointed!

    There we were thinking this would be the digital equivalent of the Leica CL and what we got was another crappy aps-c mirrorless camera with an average fixed zoom and a Leica price tag.

    I hope they go bust…

  • newoldmate

    What a joke.

    What actually pisses me off though, is that there are stupid cashed-up arseholes out there that will buy this and keep the company afloat and making more paperweights.

    I think as photographers we underestimate the power of consumerism. The industry continues to push out turds that none of us want, while our wishes go unheard or just ignored.

    I was really surprised to see that after all the trouble Kodak has been in and nearly being wiped off the face if the earth, they sell some assets and actually produced a few new digital cameras. Now you’d think for a company in that position they would go all-out and answer the prayers of photographers and release something awesome thats guaranteed to sell like hot cakes. Nope, they make some crappy little compacts that are ugly and have no redeeming features in a market flooded with similar cameras. Go figure.

    There is obviously a lot more people out there than we think, that have no idea what they’re buying and just believe anything they’re told. Kinda like the car market. Constantly flooded with boring under-featured cars that no car enthusiast wants, but its what idiot consumers want.

    What do i care anyway? I could never afford a new camera by Leica, and the name is so tarnished by rich twats, i dont know if i would ever buy one. I have an Epson R-D1s and just recently picked up an old 5d classic, so im pretty much set. I can continue to pray that one day someone merges the two into a beautiful full frame IL system with a shallow NEX-like mount that allows the fitting of lots if different lenses, but its not gonna happen for a long time.

    I guess the closest we will get is when sony finally releases a FF NEX. I’ll just have to turn it around and put a brown paper bag over its head whenever im in the mood.

    • lollus

      Too right mate, Allow me a suggestion: mount the EE-S focussing screen on the 5D and use it with Zeiss lenses. Some twits buy them coz they are “sharp” and then sell them on Ebay for half the price coz they can’t use them. They have little market, so the prices can be low.

  • Disappointed

    If the rumours are correct, what a disappointment. Somehow I doubt many owners will enjoy this odd camera.

  • Leica Joker

    Go Leica Go… Leica came out with X2 and found that no many ppl are willing to pay… what about a zoom? who cares abt f stop… its all about leica isnt it?

  • jod

    What a fucking lame camara, who buys this crap with a f3.5-6.4 lens?

  • Karim Ghantous

    The lens aperture is not relevant. What is relevant:

    – Distortion (inexcusable for a Leica lens, yet significant on at least one of the Tri-Elmars)

    – Light fall-off

    – Consistent performance across the frame

    – Images should not need ‘tweaking’, save for exposure and cropping.

    If the camera scores well on all those points, it’s a winner. Not for me: I prefer the M9, never-mind the 240!

    • madmax

      Lens aperture is not relevant for you? Please tell me what planet you come from and what kind of photography you do there…

      • Karim Ghantous

        I.e. criticism is not warranted if the narrow maximum aperture allows a compact lens which is free of noticeable aberrations.

    • mark

      say that again… for a second there I thought you said
      “lens aperture is not relevant”
      which is just plain crazy talk

  • mark

    I want to like the X leicas I even had a long term loan of both X1 and X2 from a co worker. Sweet deity of your choice when they nailed a shot they really did nail the shot, beautiful colour, sharp as a tack where it focused, with lovely OoF/bokeh. Trouble is the interface blew seven types of chunks and the autofocus was nothing short of absolutely atrocious, so much so that 9 times out of 10 the shot was missed. Leica would be far far better of fixing the sins of the X1/X2 than bringing out a new system with its own teething problems, it’s own character flaws on top of all the ones inherited from the X1/X2. and don’t even get me started on the lens speed, if the rumour and spy shots are right then 6.4 at 46mm is not going to win the X series any fans, quite the opposite.

    Well, at least there’s one bit of good news out of this. It simplifies my camera selection to replace my ageing GF1+20 f/1.7 and give my M2 a new digital companion, and while it will be a choice between two X cameras, neither will be Leica, it will be either the X100s or the rx1

  • Alan Green

    $3k for a camera that has a built-in lens w/o IS? and a max aperture of 6.3 at the long end?

    fuji x e1 with a 18-55 (f 2.8 – 4.0 with OIS) is a much more attractive option that comes in at less than $2k.

    plus, you can add blazing primes to that body

  • Z.T.

    This is APS-C sensor take on RX100 concept. In fact, this is the first fixed lens APS-C compact. Newer images reveal the lens is modt likely retracting and there is a zoom in / zoom out jog wheel around the shutter. For a collapsible lens for an APS-C sensor, the specs are fine — remember that even RX100 with much smaller 1″ sensor goes to almost f/5 at its longest end!

    • Z.T.

      Wanted to say, first fixed zoom lens APS-C compact.

      • madmax

        Not true. First fixed zoom lens APSC compact was the 10 megapixels Sony DSC R1, released in 2003. I owned one and zoom was 24-120 mm equivalent f/2.8-4.8. Also had two screens and EVF with eye detection. Nothing to do with this Leica Vario-nothing.

        • Z.T.

          Mea culpa; I wanted to say “retractable fixed zoom lens”. DSV R1 was one ugly piece of a brick. Retractable and a bit slower, but much sharper lens could be just the ticket to get the slim body form factor. I’m not aware that anyone has mentioned that. So let’s see.
          PS. Reading and editing PR website via mobile phone is such a pain; therefore incomplete thought above!

          • Ufupuw

            R1 had an amazing lens and amazing image quality.

            You are forgetting also Canom G1x.

            None of these cameras compete against RX100. RX100 is tiny and fits in tightest jeans.

            Besides, Leica is too expensive.

  • the trapper keeper

    Leica X Vario Type Garbage

  • El Aura

    In terms of large-sensor fixed lens zoom cameras we so far have the Canon G1x with a f/5.2 – f/10.4 (FF DOF equiv.) lens and the Sony RX100 with a f/4.9 – f/10.9. And now we get a f/5.3 – f/9.6 Leica version. (F-stops comparison over the same 28-70 mm FF equiv. range).

    It’s really striking how similar they are. The Sony and the Canon go longer (100 mm equiv.). In terms of low light behaviour that puts them quite close together (neglecting OS efficiencies). Of course, in good light the Canon is a stop (about 3 db) better in SNR than the Sony and the Leica yet another stop. And the Leica lens almost certainly will be better optically (in particular compared with the Sony).

    But look at the difference in size (not to speak of price).

  • Make a Camer for Photographers

    Please make a camera for photographer rather then rich bald old white guys and rich asian businessmen.

    Seriously, I know these kinds of jerks buy a lot of cameras, but give us at least one Leica camera that actually appeals to photographers.

    We love your lenses, so give us a decent body to use with them!

  • Neopulse

    Surprised nobody mentioned the shutter speed limitation :-S I know reducing the aperture helps, but damn.

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