This is the Fujifilm X-M1 camera

This is the Fujifilm X-M1 camera that will be announced next week - the first picture shows the new 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens:Fujifilm X-M1 camera Fujifilm X-M1 camera back Fujifilm X-M1 camera sensor
Fujifilm X-M1 camera top

And finally, a picture of the Fuji XF 27mm f/2.8 lens that will also be announced next week:

Fuji XF 27mm f28 lens

Via Digicame-info

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  • Argon

    Dont even know why they would have M in the name

    • Mini?

      • Argon

        There is one more camera manufacturer who has used “M” for some time and that have productaa that look awfully similar.

        • Leica M?

          • Argon

            Exactly. Top controls look almost the same as to x2/x vario.

          • kitty

            Almost the same? Are you kidding me? It’s PASM dial plus context-dependent multifunction dial. How is this almost the same as dedicated shutter speed and aperture dials? Oh I know… There is two dials on top of baseplate of both cameras. It’s definitely the same. *facepalm*

        • DP


    • Drazen B.

      Manipulated LCD.

      • JakeB

        Hmm, now when you mentioned it, you could be right.

    • fjfjjj

      I don’t even know why you have an A in yours.

  • dannybuoy

    Take note Leica!

    • Sky

      Why would they? This camera is below their target market for ILCs.

      • fjfjjj

        Leica’s “Mini M” joke of an “X” is being laughed at, while Fujifilm cranks out another classic, tauntingly called both “M” and “X” and nobody’s laughing. Once great and aspiring photographers alike could be seen shooting street pictures with Leicas all over the world. That is the only meaning Leica has, and it will fade into history if they keep screwing up. Walk around New York today, and avert your eyes from the hipsters with the Leica jewelery. You will catch glimpses of the journalistic-artistic tradition continuing. Hands wrapped around unobtrusive cameras with few markings, real working tools that will still be outputting printworthy raws in 20 years. Fujifilm has brought back the small camera from Leica’s oblivion.

        • Argon

          You definitely didn’t even hold X Vario in the hand.

          • Mardock

            I have.


          • Pablo Ricasso returned

            I did, what’s your point Argon?

          • james

            I did, It didn’t help. It didn’t make me feel all that bloody unicorn leica magic sparkling on top of me. All I see is damn overpriced compact that doesn’t even have any portability advantage over any other mirrorless camera. Another camera for red dot jewelry collectors.

          • Argon

            Well my point is – there are not just pixel peepers in the world, who would get a stroke arguing over thousands of tech specs. There are people like myself, who need solidly built camera with great optics that can be stuffed in your travel sack. ASP-C sensor and zoom lens will cover me 99% when i need to snap something. I am sure that Fuji is great, but Leica will get: a) quite a few of those sold b) quite a few clones just like with X2

  • waterengineer

    Another stare at the back of the camera, camera body. Sad.

    • Anonymous

      sad? Uh.. hello, X-E1 and X-PRo1? I don’t think there are any entry level model mirrorless cameras that have EVFs? Go away Mr.Dinosaur-purist.

      • waterengineer

        What are you in junior high school? A very brilliant and very telling retort, you posted “Mr. Anonymous.” Dinosaur? Ya, probably compared to you. Purist? Definitely, and I will take that as a complement, TYVM.

        • Haystack

          Please explain for us the advantages of looking through a window-style viewfinder over composing by looking at a screen (such as you would with a Rolleiflex) if you feel so strongly about it.

          • Mardock

            Because holding a camera at arms length while composing makes for unsteady shooting. No viewfinder of any kind contributes to bad technique.

            Because in bright sunlight it’s impossible to see.

            And because this is NOT a Rolleiflex.

          • Sahaja

            If the LCD screen tilts up – hold the camera down at chest or waist level on a taught strap. That should be at least as steady as holding a camera at eye level and your body block the the bright sunlight from hitting the screen.

          • deb_ch

            Personally, using the viewfinder I feel more focussed and less distracted. That said, I have to admit that I am using the display more often than the VF – I don’t know really why, but probably I’ve just got used to it because the first of those cameras came either with no or with pretty lousy VF.. Hm.

          • Gloria Faustich

            How many times you plan to ask the same question in the same thread before you finally learn the difference?

            There’s a reason Fuji includes “window-style” viewfinder on their higher-end models. It’s a bonus as it gives photog an option (not to mention an advantage) to choose between the two. I also don’t shoot via LCD, viewfinder is what I use for all the reasons already mentioned in this thread by others that repeatedly tried to answer your question.

          • Haystack

            Gloria, I guess I’m just sick of seeing every new mirrorless camera with LCD-only framing thoughtlessly panned and sneeringly dismissed by the VF purist crowd.

            I honestly don’t care how people frame their photographs, but this issue deserves more nuanced discussion. If we all agree that a mirrorless camera by definition can’t have a true reflex viewfinder (which is what I grew up with and still prefer, all things considered), then we are left with compromises: electronic viewfinder, fixed LCD, movable LCD, and Fujifilm’s hybrid system. Alas, none of these offer the clarity of vision and precise focusing of a reflex VF.

            As a full-time wearer of glasses, I prefer framing with an LCD over squinting at the flickering-TV look of EVFs. But that’s just me. My opinion. Others prefer the EVFs. More power to them. I just don’t understand this need for gratuitous negativity whenever a new mirrorless camera arrives that doesn’t exactly satisfy the purists. Especially when it is totally possible to take great photographs using an LCD.

            I’ve figured out a way to keep the camera steady in my hands and I work around the occasionally annoying issue of screen glare (pray and shoot if I have to). With a tiltable screen, such as with this new X-M1, the glare problem is greatly mitigated and the option of holding the camera against the body at waist-level offers even more stability . So for me, this new camera is a welcome and positive development.

  • george

    seems to be lacking a viewfinder

    • Matt

      Thanks Captain Obvious…

    • Haystack

      Please explain for us the advantages of looking through a window-style viewfinder over composing by looking at a screen (such as you would with a Rolleiflex) if you feel so strongly about it.

      • teej

        stability when needed. much easier to hold the camera steady with it resting against you face with your arms tucked in than having the camera 1-2 feet in front of you with arms stretched. and also complete isolation of the image. looking at the rear screen to compose can be distracting sometimes because your peripheral vision is still active. also, glare off the screen can be annoying. with rolleis and other similar cameras, you’re looking straight down, so your peripheral vision is just the ground and much less distracting. they also have a big hood surrounding the view screen, preventing glare and also further isolating the image.

        • Haystack

          Ahhh….but you see, one doesn’t need to hold the camera at arm’s-length to frame via the display. (This is a comment-forum myth spread by VF purists.) I hold the camera about 8 inches away from my face with my elbows tucked into my ribcage. I’m anchoring the camera against the middle of my torso – about the steadiest place on one’s body. I guarantee that my holding technique is at least steady as if I had the camera against my face.

          • m35g35

            Gets tougher as one gets older. Or if you have bad vision at a younger age.

          • teej

            i agree… it’s really just comes down to what you’re use to and comfortable with and also what you’re shooting (which is why i said “when needed”). i’m not a viewfinder purist by any means. i use both the viewfinder and screen equally. using the stance you described works great… i use the same method often when taking photos of stationary subjects or composed scenes but when i’m doing “fast” photography, where you have to move around a lot and pan the camera around to follow the action, i find it much easier, faster and more stable to swing the camera and my head than to rotate my entire torso.

  • Tb

    Ugh, no thx. i’m Waiting for Canon to make a digital version of the Canonet 1.7. Alas, I might be waiting a really long time 🙁

    • sunshine

      I’m with you, waiting for digital Leica CL that isn’t going to happen either… Wishful thinkers UNITE!

  • Mike

    Beautiful! I’m hoping/expecting its sub $900. This is nicer than an iPhone or, even an X20, to use when not shooting with full frame DSLRs.

    • fjfjjj

      My shoes are nicer than my socks, or even a pair of underpants, to use when not going commando style.

  • Zig

    Not a big deal, but f/28 is *very* slow lens.

  • GHo2sH

    I just wanna see it focusing. unless it focuses faster than XE-1, i’ll keep on my sexy-one

  • Anyone notice the lack of a thread mount for a soft release or cable release?

    • Good point – I did not see that. Why would they remove that?

      • Mate Bilich

        “Why would they remove that?”

        It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise on an entry level camera. The option of removable lens is still baffling, though.

        • Why bother to remove it? It is not like screw thread is any more expensive or difficult to include than non-threaded button.

          Because entry level makes no reason. Why not just replace bulky expensive battery with turn crank for power? It is cheaper than battery. Logic fail

    • Haystack

      Perhaps there’s a wireless remote option.

    • Meanwhile …..

      It has Wi-Fi, likely a remote app on the way.

    • just saying

      You can trigger it with a remote through the usb port

  • Guest

    Anyone notice the lack of a screw mount for a soft release or a cable release?

  • Lack of an aperture ring on the pancake is virtually a deal killer for me. Ability to use aperture ring is one of the main reasons I use Fuji X-series. Very disappointed.

  • wylun

    all these mirrorless cameras are all starting to look the same~~~

    • madmax

      all those DSLR cameras long ago look the same…

  • Fabrys

    Hope they will sell a kit body+27mm !

  • James Donahue

    No viewfinder No buy.

    • Haystack

      Please explain for us the advantages of looking through a window-style
      viewfinder over composing by looking at a screen (such as you would with
      a Rolleiflex) if you feel so strongly about it.

      • James Donahue

        Because I like it like that. OK BH

        • Haystack

          Sez me. That’s why.

          Good answer.

    • Sahaja

      The other Fuji X cameras have viewfinders – so, if you’re actually interested, just buy one of those.

  • Haystack

    I guess it’s obvious. I love to tweak viewfinder purists. How they turn an addition to our camera choices into a bad thing.

  • Haystack

    This is a very handsome camera, btw. That tilting screen will be great for low-profile street-shooting. Just had a look at the Fuji lens roadmap. Exciting.

  • vwking

    It was truly sad to see the new Leica Mini-M turn out to be just another blah product. Just another toy for the rich and famous. It does not add to the Leica M system whatsoever. While Leica has to resort to celebrities, million dollar sculptures, boutique shops and designer labels, to sell their cameras, Fujifilm is offering performance, functions, convenience, and cost effectiveness to real photographers. The new X-M1 is a nice addition to the X line. The articulated LCD screen really makes the X-M1. Serious photographers can now select the right set of performances, functions and price points that suits his/her needs. They all share the same lenses. One can move to any of the other bodies whenever one needs to. Shows Fujifilm knows the market a lot more than Leica. Its a far more sustainable business model. Are Leica lenses really that much better than Fuji, or Carl Zeiss??

  • whensly

    Add the viewfinder and i’ll buy. In the meantime get those fast primes to market before i sell my XE1. Fast primes, repeat fast primes!

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