Fujifilm X-M1 camera size comparison

Fujifilm X-M1 camera size comparison 2
Fujifilm X-M1 camera size comparison 3

How big is the upcoming Fuji X-M1 camera? See the above images comparing the X-M1 with other Fuji cameras. It seems that Fujifilm again got everything right with this release and their X product line will look really sweet next week.

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  • RandleMcMurphy

    I like it. With the 18-55 f/2.8 OIS lens this would be a great little setup. Then again, bring along the 14mm or the 35mm too!

  • intentonanonsense

    I just don’t understand some guys on Fuji Rumors comments, they clearly want Fuji to be a niche excluse and everything that comes across that is crap. I don’t get how some of them keep saying that this X-M1 doesn’t have this and that, that they prefer the viewfinder, etc. This camera is clearly not as primary one and much less for them, why they keep talking as if everything was supposed to be made with only them in mind?

    This is a camera made so it can be used by a entry-level consumer but it’s awesome as a second or third camera for a X-camera user. Pair up this with the upcoming 27mm pancake and you are good to go to the streets. It’s a very small cameras compared with others X-cameras and of course, it would compromise some buttons and dials.

    It’s a shame that the 27mm lost its aperture ring since the mockup was revealed but I think as you will probably be able to assign that to the focus ring or command dial, it’s not the end of the world.

    • madmax

      I mostly agree, but was expecting a collapsible zoom lens with their entry line of cameras. For me a little disappointing. At least it has a tilting screen and this is great. Maybe, the best use is with pancake lenses. In this respect, while less expensive, could do even better than Ricoh GR (not tilting screen nor focus ring).

      • intentonanonsense

        Yeah, when they leaked the specs, I thought it would be something along the NEX’s collapsible zoom, it would be quite a fit.

        The Wifi and tiltable screen are very welcomed because that’s something nice to expect for the next X-PRO2 and X-E2.

        I agree, depending on the price and even if it’s a bit more expensive it can easily beat the Coolpix A. DPreview gave a gold award for the Ricoh.

        I’m intrigued by the 4th X-camera with a non X-trans sensor, I’m trying to understand where that would fit and I even speculated something like a smaller sensor with the same mount, I just don’t know what to expect since the gaps for X-cameras are clearly filled. Entry-level, small, no-EVF with less buttons and dials, and the high-end, bigger, hybrid viewfinder XPRO1 and X-E1 right in the middle. I wonder if the XPRO2 will be weather sealed.

        • peter

          > 4th X-camera with a non X-trans sensor

          X-S2. This has been discussed before.

    • Andrew Gray

      I’m with you. Not everyone wants or needs a viewfinder, so why raise the cost by adding one to their entry level model? It’s the same strategy pretty much every other maker uses, though Olympus does give the option of an external clip on EVF.

    • I think Fuji has a nice product line, I cannot think of what other camera can they add in the future. Maybe fixed zoom lens X100 like the Leica X Vario.

      • intentonanonsense

        I agree, the last they launched the X100s and the X20 and I was surprised they added the 1080p60 and I thought they could add Wifi, tiltable screen but mainly full manual control on video mode plus the 1080p24. Hopefully, next time, the only things left will be fulfilled. I even commented to Fuji Guys and it seems that they also want the manual controls. And I continue to be overwhelmed by how Fuji is picking up the other things, the details that the Electronic brand cameras had ahead of them.

      • brian jones

        FF? that’s all i’m waiting for.

    • Bento

      What are you talking about, nobody’s complaining about a missing viewfinder. There’s one comment asking if there’s an optional one, and one says he would rather get the xe1 because it has one. No problem there.

      “why they keep talking as if everything was supposed to be made with only them in mind?”
      Because that’s exactly what Fuji had been doing so far! Why else do you choose a particular brand and product line. Because you like to mix it up a little ?

      The comments are about the traditional controls changing back to a standard mode dial, without aperture ring. That is not ‘a compromise’ in any way related to size of price, that’s simply a choice.

      You must realize, people have bought into this system because Fuji does these kind of things differently than every other brand, and they had been consistent so far. Nobody is asking for it to be a niche, it’s just a preference in functionality that apparently is rare. It’s only logical to be surprised when such signature elements change. Not just a body that “you don’t have to buy”, but a lens that many others were waiting for as well.

      Surely it’s a more than decent entry level mirrorless, and capable of much more, nobody’s saying that it isn’t. There are plenty i would recommend this to, but those are not the people who’ve been reading fujirumors in anticipation so far.

    • bob2

      Do you actually expect internet fora experts to act rationally or know what they are talking about? All armchair quarterbacks. If you can accept this premise, they you can just laugh at the “gems” authored by these internet gurus.

    • intentonanonsense

      Don’t feel offended if you are not unreasonable. I get why people choose, that’s also why I like Fuji as well, the traditional mode dials of olf filme cameras are great and much more practical, I get all that. What I complain is that some Fuji users are becomeing a big bunch of whiners and that’s the true. It’s not the first time that I see people complaining and nagging just because it’s not the “traditional photography way”.

      Although you try to argue about this, to me, you contradict yourself when you say people don’t want Fuji to be a niche camera. When people think that everything is made for them, that’s exactly what want this to be a niche camera is, when people don’t see the big picture and complain about the standard dial as if it would change the whole X-camera line up, that’s what niche is about, it’s just like iPhone users complained about instagram going to Android. Sure, this would may banalize the use of it? Possibly, but why should you care about what others are doing? The X-M1 one was not conceived as the main camera for the old X-camera user, it’s made so it can be a cheaper 2nd or 3rd camera for them and the 1st for a possible entry-level user. For me, there is a clear feeling of people not wanting Fuji to leave the niche they were addressing, mainly the old school people, like that indie rock band that goes mainstream.

      I’ve seen people calling Wifi and tiltable just a gimmick – fortunatelly, nobody seem to be complaining about this anymore -, that tiltable screen would make the camera fragile, fearing Fuji could implement this in the future, I mean, if you think it will break or that you dno’t want it, if they put this in a camera, the secret is… just don’t use it in that way! Is that so hard to do? The screen won’t tilt accidentally by itself, just don’t use it. When the rumors about a cheaper camera started, instead of think “oh, this can be a nice smaller body for the X-camera”, people started to say that Fuji should address the entry-level crowd, Fuji has been releasing the lenses in a way no other manufacturer has been able to and even so, there were people cursing Fuji because they wanted the pancake earlier – this was a month ago -, when anyone ask about full manual control in video mode, some people attack saying that this is just a photography camera, which is BS, why would you care if Fuji implement that? Moreover, if Fuji didn’t care about this, why would they create the 1080p60? It really feels more like “it’s OUR camera, we don’t want video people here… this is a photography camera! Photography!”.

      I’m just sick of these people acting like spoiled kids, instead of praise Fuji for doing something unique, they became whiners, but yeah, that’s the Internet. If you are not like that, you don’t have to defend yourself in a personal manner, my criticism is not for you. But I really don’t see how some people are not wanting Fuji to be a niche camera, they clearly do.

      There is nothing to freak out here, if they are making a cheaper camera, why aren’t Fuji supposed to make it so it can be appealing for the masses? Even more when the consumer cameras are not selling well and Fuji shifted their attention and money for high-end cameras. It wouldn’t make sense to keep the dials if this would compromise the size, moreover, Fuji started this with the X-PRO1 and even the X20 has all the dials, why would the change for the X-M1 make people think that Fuji would start to think differently for the X-PRO/X-E line up? People don’t have to fear that, it’s unreasonable to think that. So far, Fuji has been the only one really getting stuff right, they know that entry-level people usually don’t buy anything more than the kit lens and maybe just one more lens.

      I think it’s a shame that they couldn’t keep the aperture ring for the 27mm pancake but I’m pretty sure that you will be able to address that with the command dial or the focus ring, people don’t have to panic. I think that maybe they didn’t keep the aperture ring because in the end they couldn’t do it without making it bigger but I suspect they did so because they wanted to make it cheaper so they could release as a bundle with this new X-M1. But I don’t know how much cheaper taking the aperture ring away would make, if it’s $50, I think they should have kept the aperture ring, if it’s more I think it’s ok and they can release another version in the future. Maybe this will be the cheaper XF lens, around $300~350. And it is f/2.8, the slowest prime for the XF, you can probably achieve that with the 18-55 zoom.

      I just thought that the 16-50 could have been a collapsible one, like the Panasonic and Sony, it would have made more sense since it doesn’t have to be a high quality optics as it’s an entry-level kit lens. That’s the only thing that I wanted differently.

  • Andrew Gray

    Interesting — it looks about the same size as the X20, but with the larger lens (mount) and sensor they couldn’t fit even an optical viewfinder in there.

  • Pat Mann

    As soon as they bring out the 23mm f/1.4 and a 55-300, I’d say their system will be superior to Nikon and Canon APS-C DSLR systems as used by snapshooters. Neither Nikon nor Canon has a 35mm-equivalent fast lens in their APS-C lineup (their 24mm f/1.4 lenses are designed for much wider field than necessary, and therefore way out of the price range), and Fuji has primes at 14mm and 12mm (coming from Zeiss) as well. A very well-rounded system, lacking only the entry-level wildlife lens.

  • BeliTsari

    Rather have touchscreen metering (& faster) focusing than a viewfinder.

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