Long awaited Canon EOS M firmware update officially released


Canon officially announced a new firmware update 2.0.2 for their mirrorless EOS M camera which significantly improves the sluggish AF. Here is a list of the fixes and improvements:

1. Improves focusing speed in One-Shot AF mode.
2. Now supports EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM.
3. Corrects errors in the Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese and Korean language menus.

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  • deb_ch

    The AF is faster indeed, camera can now be used. But the display still goes black for a couple of seconds inbetween shots.. Canon, Canon.. Not really up to the brand name.

    • peter

      Use a faster card, Ive never noticed this

      • deb_ch

        I am already using a 16gb UHS-I with 95mb/s. Don’t think there’s a faster one. Maybe a better suiting one, though? It’s pretty fast in the Fuji X100s. Besides I have switched off picture preview. Maybe it’s just my impatience, but.. no, even the old X100 is faster inbetween shots.. I shot some frames today, the picture quality with the 22m is excellent.

  • Dave Smith

    Makes a big difference and the a/f performance is now entirely acceptable in single shot which is mostly all I use, a big improvement, and rescues the M’s reputation I think. Why it was not in place on launch must be an interesting Canon story!

  • jan

    does the AF become noisy as it was on the video posted while ago?

    • Jom


  • Jom

    Awesome! Canon just saved the M. If someone’s looking to get one then do it now. There are still some in the shelves and with this update it becomes a BARGAIN.

  • deb_ch

    BTW: this is the blackout time I was talking about in my older post. Does anyone else experience this? In any other camera I am using the same SD Card the time inbetween shots is 2-3 times shorter, hardly a blackout at all! I always format the card in the camera I am about to using it with.. And I am used to have preview switched of..


    Using a fast Sandisk 16GB UHS-I card (95mb/s), preview switched off,
    cont. AF off, CA and vignetting correction off, ALO off, NR off, SF or
    S1 or RAW or whatever, still same lame blackouts inbetween shots.. Doesn’t really matter if this stuff is turned on or off. Any ideas??

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