This is how fast the Canon EOS M autofocus will be with the new firmware


Several videos surfaced online demonstrating the improved autofocus of the upcoming Canon EOS M firmware update. For comparison, the first video shows the AF speed with the current 1.0.6 firmware, while the second video shows the improved AF with the yet to be released 2.0.2 firmware update (both videos shot with the Canon EF-M 22mm lens):

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  • Meanwhile …..

    Is it just me or is focussing virtually silent in the first, but much louder in the second?

    • Jhanken

      Definitely louder. Not surprising if Canon made focus speed absolutely the most important feature in the firmware upgrade. So much for the “silent focus” magic of STM (for now).

      However, this release may save the otherwise doomed Canon M line. BTW, “M”? That naming convention seems a bit tone deaf in the mirrorless space (are they even aware of Leica?).

      The name alone makes me still wonder about the long-term viability of Canon’s mirrorless line, which is a shame. I think for the hobbyists that purchase the largest number of entry-level DSLRs, mirrorless is probably the future.

      I am still rooting for the Canon M, which still has a long-shot potential to be a knockout blow to Son-olta, Pentax, Olympus, and the Samsung mirrorless families if they can nurture it properly. Or, if you are a pessimist, it could ward off the advances of Fujifilm and Son-olta.

      • “The name alone makes me still wonder about the long-term viability of Canon’s mirrorless line”

        Humanity will never understand the atrocities you face as a photographer, Jhanken 😀

        Seriously… when people go to buy a DSLR they don’t go “Do you happen to have the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR”… most people call it “5D three” or “5D mark three”. This particular camera is commonly known as the “Canon mirrorless” and the M works well there if you ask me. Mirrorless, mobile, etc. Yeah be careful it might try to confuse and steal a few Leica M customers… although I don’t think it’s a stretch if they’re Leica buyers in the first place.

        There are lots of weird names out there. Zeiss Touit sounds funny. Voigtländer.. most people can’t even spell that. And Cybershot… sounds like some sort of a finishing move. But they’re all around.

  • looh

    Finally OK-ish performance.

  • Mark James Luzzi

    much quicker in the newer version

  • John Griggs

    But is it really as “much faster” as it seems? Take a look again at the second video and it appears that continuous AF is on and focus starts before the button is 1/2 pressed and the focus boxes appear — whereas it seems to be triggered by the shutter button in the first one? Also a different AF mode apparently. It may be faster, but that comparison doesn’t appear to be apples-to-apples.

    • MB

      It seams you are right … it is however much faster than Coolpix A which moves back and forth at least couple of times no matter continuous AF or not.

      • Pixyst

        Coolpix is not the appropriate comparison, Nikon 1is and that is way faster.

  • Clint

    First Fuji, now Canon…..seriously, what is wrong with these companies? In Fuji’s case at least they were first to the table, heard how people complained about the AF and then tried to fix it. Canon didn’t learn from Fuji? No, let’s put out a half baked camera with slow AF and if people complain maybe we’ll try and fix it with FW later.

    Complete your product THEN put it to market. Really, is that too much to ask? I’m all for FW updates to improve products but these days every camera/Blu-Ray/TV/Game console is released early and then ‘fixed’ later with FW updates.

  • Kynikos

    Don’t care. Average performance, very few lenses.

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