Adobe’s CEO: “we are evaluating additional options”


A follow up to my post from few days ago: during the Adobe's earnings call yesterday, the company's President and CEO Shantanu Narayen had this to say on their decision to move Photoshop to a cloud based subscription:

"Our decision to discontinue perpetual licensing of new versions of our desktop products has caused concern with some customers. While we will continue to offer CS6 on a perpetual basis, the feedback from our community is important and we are evaluating additional options that will help them with the transition. Our goal is to over-deliver on customer expectations, which we believe will make the entire community ultimately embrace Creative Cloud."

Hopefully Adobe will provide some additional options besides a lifetime cloud subscription.

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  • madmax

    Believe me, Mr Narayen, your resignation is the best option for both: your company and your customers.

    • Plug

      Yes, his company shareholders should “over deliver” and “make” him resign.

  • CJ

    Only way to force them to change back is NOT register !
    Strike them at there they hurts—-money.

    • Manolo P

      “Strike them at there they hurts…”

      How about a strike at English language lessons?

      • yup

        How about you learning a bit of Romanian, as that’s where I’m from. How many languages do you speak?

        Not everybody is a native English speaker… you bloody ignorant grammar nazi.

        Leave people alone…

    • Jayson

      $9.99 a month for PS only is more than reasonable. Heck, I signed up for the promotional offer for a year. $19.99 though is a bit steep, especially since I don’t make money from photography. Hopefully, by the year’s end they will figure out what pricing scheme they want. Subscription models makes sense, frankly.

      • Rick

        You wrote: “Hopefully, by the year’s end they will figure out what pricing scheme they want.”

        Why should they do so if enough people like you fall into the trap and sign up?

      • Calibrator

        > Subscription models makes sense, frankly.

        Yes for the company raking in the cash on a perpetual basis even if you don’t use the product as much.
        As a hobbyist (as somebody who doesn’t earn money with photography) you are the person who makes them smile the most.

  • Global

    I think we should all skip a generation (no one buys for at least 1 year) to show them that we want OPTIONS — not their damn lifetime taxation. Adobe has long said it only wants “professional” users. That is just irresponsible for any leader in the ARTS community. –BOYCOTT ADOBE PURCHASES for at least 1 YEAR– … that’d be my response, unless they provide better pricing for individual applications & a non-cloud option.

  • Dozy Meda

    Everyone… we have the power. Just do not subscribe! Adobes idea of a lifetime tax is BULLSHIT!

  • guasch

    Boycott… ?

  • george

    Solution, buy Adobe stock. This could be a photographer owned company overnight! Then vote the board out. If we subscribe, this will be just like taxes, forever and always going up.

    If you own stock, you are entitled to attend the stockholder meeting (even if it is one share).

    • madmax

      Adobe (and Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple…) shares are clearly overpriced. Buying now is not a good deal 😉

    • fjfjjj

      A hostile takeover of Adobe needs leadership and vision, not a bunch of photographers buying stock in a company they don’t like.

  • BFS

    “additional options that will help them with the transition” Nope, still not buying…

  • Flow

    Mr. Adobe, please fix your bugs first and stop let your paying customers do the Beta-testings of updated software!
    For example: since Adobe CC the scroll-zoom on magicmouse isn’t working anymore on Illustrator 🙁 …Its’s driving me crazy!

  • bjrichus

    At my employer, the budgets for next year are being worked out now. There is no line item for Adobe software which there was for this year. The official word is no new Adobe purchases (and no CC subscriptions), at all except for three people who are doing web media development. We have about 130 seats for Photoshop, and of course, it isn’t going to stop working just because we don’t want to pay an Adobe tax for latest versions of something we already own.

    We are waiting to see what our (usually very embarrassed), Adobe “.edu” rep has to say about new options, but it does look like we can make do for a year or so WITHOUT giving them any more money. Maybe we can add the budget that they would otherwise get, to keep someones job going? A much better use of that money, IMHO…

  • Evitov Resnoc

    Mr. Narayen et al, Americans don’t like putting ourselves in others hands! We are independent SOBs and prefer to own your software and put it on our PCs!

    • E. M. Crawford

      I agree with your general point but hardly think it’s an issue of national identity!

    • E. M. Crawford

      I agree with your general point but hardly think it’s an issue of national identity!

  • Joe CIB

    Adobe has developed a strategy and accept that they will lose a few customers. They are betting that the extra revenue generated will offset those losses. I have been around since Photoshop 6 and have upgraded to every new version up to CS6. It looks like CS6 is the end of the line for me.

  • fjfjjj

    They will “make the entire community ultimately embrace Creative Cloud” eh? I don’t think so. Adobe will not “make” me do anything. This attitude and language is so poor. I am offended. This CEO can fuck off.

    • dclivejazz

      Really, what a bunch of patronizing corporate blah, blah. And I’m a relatively happy CC customer. I just don’t think the CC should be the only option.

    • Gene

      Totally agreed. Sounds like they want to force us to drink their poison by brainwashing us.

  • fjfjjj

    Artists like to buy their tools, not rent them. Wake up, Adobe.

  • FDF

    They’ll come crawling back with the old payment model in a couple of months after they realize almost nobody’s subscribing to their overpriced new model, just wait and see.

    • bjrichus

      Apparently (at least according to Paul Kunert) to the UK’s “The Register” tech/news site; “Adobe’s Q2 sales […] slumped ten per cent”. Link to it is here (admin, by all means delete the link if you like, but I include it here as reference and so others can read it too):

      • madmax

        “…some suspecting the monthly subscription is just a way to extract more money from users who traditionally skip a generation of software at a time.” Interesting…

  • Ric Ettinger

    if cc products don’t sell well enough either Adobe will change its ways or a competitor will emerge in the marketplace.

  • SausalitoDog

    It’s so interesting. In the Adobe earnings call they bragged about how many new CC subscribers they have this last quarter – which clearly didn’t include anything to do with subscription apps. Big deal..most of the CC subscribers just signed up for free Flickr type space and aren’t using it.

    If so many people out there support the CC subscription mode, where are they? Just scour a few photo forums and you will see 1000s of anti subscription posts.

    I think this is the critical point in time for Adobe. For years they have been able to blackmail photographers into updating to the newest version of photoshop just to get a raw converter that supported their latest camera. Now the emperor has no clothes. First of all, Adobe was very very slow to provide support for the new Fuji x series raw files and we were forced to see what else it out there. It turns out that there are quite a few raw converters and a couple of them work much better (at least on Fuji files) than ACR…by a long shot!

    The Adobe clumsily tries to bludgeon us into paying a monthly fee for apps that have very very little improvements…TILT.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Try Capture One, try AccuRaw, go ahead and try SilkyPix. Look at the great feature sets in OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite (that works with PS, Aperture and as a standalone) and they send you monthly free added presets that are great. Wow…they listen to customers and continue to improve their product?

    I’m going to download the trial, but probably won’t subscribe since CS6 works just fine, thankyou and I’ve been upgrading every other version since PS2. And if I do subscribe it will be PS only at the $9.99 rate for one year only while I learn and perfect my skills with other software solutions that I trust more than Adobe

  • 007

    I can’t wait for a competent Adobe Suite contender. Heck No to a cloud based subscription.

  • LarryC

    “Adobe’s CEO: “we are evaluating additional options”

    USER: so am I.

  • sasa208

    Adobe ceo? You mean this Adobe ceo?

    • aeroengineer

      This is a truly terrible Q&A performance. I hope the Adobe BOD has a chance to see it.

  • Ric

    Has anyone made a Hitler in the bunker talking about Creative Cloud yet?

  • Bollox

    That CEO is a proper clown, like most CEOs. Think that the pay of a couple of those turds could move mountains against starvation and other serious problems. Instead, we have starving children and cloud subscriptions.

  • zoetmb

    Adobe’s is seeing ever increasing subscription revenue, but overall revenue/profits appears to be down, because people don’t pay up front for the subscription — they pay it out over time.

    Adobe has backed away in the past from over-strict upgrade policies and I have maintained that they’ll back away from this subscription model if customers are smart enough not to subscribe. But if everyone caves, it’s over.

    It’s not just the pricing that bothers me. It’s the fact that I don’t want to have to be dependent upon access to the Cloud and I’m nervous about the security implications of working in the Cloud. I know advertising agencies who do not want anything they create to be anywhere in the Cloud because they’re nervous about the competition somehow managing to find it or with Adobe exploiting the metadata in some way.

    While I do like Photoshop, if Adobe doesn’t back down, I’ll switch to Aperture with the NIK plug-ins once my CS6 stops working, if ever. It doesn’t have everything Photoshop has, but I don’t use all the features of Photoshop anyway. I’ve been with Adobe since the beginning, buying the first Apple Laser Printer, many font packages and I was a user of Aldus Pagemaker v1.0 which Adobe eventually took over. But I’ll leave Adobe if they don’t change this policy.

    I understand Adobe’s desire to get away from selling physical software. But they still should be selling downloads for those who want to pay once and be able to use the software for an indefinite time period. It’s not like Adobe is selling the app for $50 and isn’t getting enough revenue to support it. And there’s no reason why those users shouldn’t receive the same updates that subscription users receive, although if they want to provide them to those users a bit later, that’s fine with me.

    For those who like the subscription model because they’d rather pay monthly than a large charge up front, that’s fine too. Those users should get special features that would be relevant to those working in a Cloud environment, like document sharing functions, document storage in the Cloud, etc. Other than that, the app should be the same.

  • Cgl


  • E. M. Crawford

    Funny, since the subscription-only thing was announced, I’ve also been “evaluating additional options”!

  • E. M. Crawford

    Funny, since the subscription-only thing was announced, I’ve also been “evaluating additional options”!

  • Tib

    Adobe Business Model: bullshit your end-users

    Just want to point out smth: is it normal that you cannot own an Adobe soft anymore and have to continuously pay to be able to work ? No, definitely no. And no way to upsell/update your 1000’s costed CS6 from Production Premium to Master Collection anymore. Now you have to fight to be able to buy, what’s wrong ??
    Adobe top managers are deeply completely UNRESPECTFUL with their customers and just concentrating on their objectives and related bonus

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