How to follow PhotoRumors

With the termination of Google Reader on Monday, many of you are probably looking for alternative solutions to follow PhotoRumors. Here are your choices:

RSS Feed


Full text PhotoRumors RSS feeds - just add the RSS feed(s) to your favorite RSS reader and you will get the latest blog posts few minutes after they are published online.


You can also follow PhotoRumors on Facebook - make sure you check the "Show in News Feed" and/or "Get Notifications" options in order to get the latest blog updates:



PhotoRumors on Twitter - I often share addition information on Facebook and Twitter that doesn't make it to the blog.


All PhotoRumors posts are published also on Google+.

Email Subscription

Full text of the latest blog posts on PhotoRumors can also be received via email.

Google Currents


All PhotoRumors articles are also available on Google Currents. A Flipboard edition is coming soon.

Other Social Media

Other PhotoRumors social media accounts:

Thanks for being a reader!

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  • RRockley

    If you have Firefox you can use the Sage reader.

  • FDF

    Or you can just point your browser at when you feel like it. There’s something new almost every day anyway.

    • Yes, I try to post at least one article every day.

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